The OSEHRA Technical Journal is an Open Access, on-line publication covering technical topics related to open source software for management of electronic health records. The goal of the Journal is to foster innovation and to channel this innovation in the form of concrete working pieces of software that can later be integrated into the OSEHRA open source platform.

The unique characteristics of the "OSEHRA Technical Journal" include:
  • Open Access: all material is freely distributed under open licenses
    • Source code: Apache 2.0 License
    • Documents: Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0 License
    • Data: Open Data License (by science commons)
  • Open peer-review: inviting discussions and exchange of ideas. reviewers are also publicly rated, creating a public system of checks and balances.
  • Reproducibility: all contributions are required to include the source code of working implementations. These are tested in an automated build system.
  • All materials are made available to readers, enabling them also to experiment with the contributions and to improve upon them.
  • Contributed source code is directly put in a sandbox repository where it can evolve and mature, with the final goal of being incorporated into the OSEHRA platform, if vetted by the community.
  • Support for continuous revisions: the technical reports, and associated source code contributions can be revised by the authors at any time. In this way the reports are corrected, improved and extended as needed, in response to the online discussions with the community.

VA Code in Flight Submission - Mental Health Clinical Reminders - SDD/VDD
No opinion
The Office of Mental Health Services (OMHS) has requested the development of clinical reminder dialog templates that will be used for Evidence Based Therapy (EBT) protocols for the treatment of mental health conditions including, but not limited to, [...]

VA Code in Flight Submission - VistA Fee- Separation of Duties - RSD/SDD
No opinion
According to the 2008 VistA / HealtheVet Monograph, the Fee Basis package…“supports VHA’s Non-VA Medical Care Program (NVC) (Fee for Service) program, which is care authorized for Veterans who are eligible and are in need of care that cannot feasibly be [...]

VA Code in Flight Submission - CPRS v31 Available Documentation (no code).
No opinion
This submission is only for the available documentation for CPRS v31 as of April 9, 2014. Additional documentation will be submitted once it is availabe. CPRS (Computerized Patient Record System) provides an integrated patient record system for clinicians, [...]

VA Code in Flight Submission - VistA Evolutions VistA API Exposure 1.0
No opinion
On February 5, 2013, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that the VA would use Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA), the VA’s open source Electronic Health Record (EHR), in its “API Exposure” to an [...]

VA Code in Flight Submission - CPRS v31 T1
No opinion
CPRS v31 is very early in development and at this time, there is little code and no RSD/SDD is available. CPRS (Computerized Patient Record System) provides an integrated patient record system for clinicians, managers, QA (Quality Assurance) staff, and [...]

Health eTime: A VA Scheduling Solution
No opinion
The Health eTime submission for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ 21st Century Medical Scheduling America Competes Contest ( represents the result of a highly successful agile software development collaboration effort between MedRed LLC and [...]

VA Code in Flight Submission - Missing Patient Record Flag (MPRF) - BRD/RSD/SDD
No opinion
In the early 1990s, the Government Accountability Office mandated that a mechanism be developed to identify missing patients. This request is to utilize the Missing Patient Record Flag (MPRF), to replace the Missing Patient Registry software system, which is [...]

VA Code in Flight Submission - CPRS v29 follow up maintenance patches OR*3*374 and PSS*1*183
No opinion
These National Patch Module patches OR*3*374 and PSS*1*183 consist of the product build produced to date by the CPRS and Pharmacy Development Teams for the VistA system. The included VDD contains the change record reports for defects and enhancements that [...]

VA Code in Flight Submission - VistA Service Assembler (VSA) - RSD
No opinion
The majority of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare computing involves Veterans Health Information System and Technology Architecture (VistA) and applications integrated with VistA. The increasing need to integrate VA computing systems across [...]

VA Code in Flight Submission - CPRS v30 T53
No opinion
The Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) computer application. CPRS enables you to enter, review, and continuously update information connected [...]

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