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VA Code in Flight Submission - Existing Product Intake Program (EPIP) 2.0 PSB*3.0*100
Revision: 2
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Patch PSB*3.0*100 enables Pharmacy personnel to display unresolved missing dose requests for a
single division within a multidivisional site when using the Missing Dose Follow-up [PSB MISSING DOSE
FOLLOWUP] option in VistA. Division selection is enabled when the site is defined as multidivisional in
the MAS PARAMETER (#43) file. If the site is multidivisional, then the user can select one or all divisions
when displaying missing dose requests. If the site is not multidivisional, then there is no change to
existing functionality; reporting procedures and results for single-division sites are not affected by this

If a user at a multidivisional site enters "O" (One) at the "Do you want 'A'll Divisions or just 'O'ne
Division:" prompt, then VistA displays the "Select Division:" prompt. The prompt defaults to the division
used for VistA log in. The user can accept the default or enter "?" to choose from a list of site divisions.
The divisions available for selection are those in the MEDICAL CENTER DIVISION (#40.8) file. If a
multidivisional user selects all divisions, then missing dose requests for all divisions in the MEDICAL
CENTER DIVISION file are displayed.

Currently, the Missing Dose Followup option lists missing dose requests for patients across all divisions
at a multidivisional site. Users must manually search through multiple screens to select patients from
their division who require follow-up. This enhancement adds the new DIVAS cross reference for the
BCMA MISSING DOSE REQUEST (#53.68) file, enabling the Missing Dose Followup option to sort and
present file entries by status
(Unresolved) and division. At the end of the installation process, this file will be re-indexed with the
new cross reference. No user action is required to start the re-indexing operation.

By filtering the display of missing dose requests by division, this modification helps ensure the timely
reporting and administration of missed medication doses.
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2OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office11-10-2017Adding updated code and docs.
1OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office08-09-2017

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