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Patch XU*8.0*10001: Better VistA support for running on GT.M
Revision: Still T12
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This patch provides the following features:

* Many bug fixes to Kernel Routines that work with GT.M, including many speed optimizations.
* IPv6 Support for GT.M.
* Better and faster System Status report.
* Support for GT.M on macOS and GT.M on Cygwin x86-32.
* Implementation of previously redacted code for cryptography in XUSHSH.
* Broker Multi-threaded Listener for GT.M.

Full feature list can be found at:

Unit Tests should provide close to 100% coverage for GT.M related Kernel Routines and 100% coverage for the PORTIONS of the code in X* routines that were modified to better support GT.M.
Revision Version
Submitted By
Submission Date
Still T12Samuel Habiel11-13-2017I forgot to push my changes to Github for some of the documentation.
T12-Really really finalSamuel Habiel10-30-2017No GT.M/YottaDB related changes. Readacted code in XUSHSH for Cache is now fully reconstructed. Same XUSHSH will work on both GTM/YDB and Cache.
T11-FinalSamuel Habiel10-30-2017This revision provides the final code - which is T11.
1Samuel Habiel01-09-2017

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