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OSEHRA Patch Module 2.5
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Submitted by Joe Snyder on 08-04-2015.
The Patch Module is a software package that allows users and developers to create, revise, distribute, review, and receive software patches and updates for VistA. Options are provided for systematic entry, revision, and review of patches by developers, review and release of patches by verifiers, and display and distribution of the released patches to the users.

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Peer review by Joe Snyder:

Topic Completed
Compliant - Product Build Checklist
Compliant - Installation and Post-Installation
Functional - Before Patch Installation
Functional - Installation and Post-Installation
Safe - Installation and Post-Installation

Final review by Joe Snyder:

Topic Level
Name/Number Space
Open Source License
Code Review
Test Installation
Regression Testing
Functional Testing
Recommended Certification Level3



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