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VA Code in Flight Submission - VA Eye Injury Data Store (EIDS....Formerly Military Eye Vision Injury Registry) v2. Code and Docs.
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Submitted by OI&T EPMO Lean Systems Engineering Open Source Coordination Office on 09-22-2015.
This project is an effort to enhance the existing VA Eye Injury Registry to ensure the harmonization of VA and DoD ocular and related clinical data and provide the system changes that will improve data entry by data abstractors. Ultimately, the VA and DoD eye injury registries will be used to coordinate care, track longitudinal outcomes, facilitate R&D, adapt best practices and clinical education on eye injuries incurred by service members.

Supports the VA EIR Cross Functional Workgroup enhancement recommendations to provide a foundation for the harmonization of VA and DoD ocular and related clinical data, and provide the system changes that will enhance data entry by the data abstractors. These system improvements ensure that, the same data format is shared between the DoD and VA systems; support is provided for eligibility determinations and relevance of data; number and types of VA data fields and elements are expanded (e.g. pharmacy data) to support harmonization; transmission of data is automated on a regular schedule; and accuracy in reporting is enhanced to support key statistical results.

The MEVIR Enhancements project directly supports Public Law 110-181 requiring data to be collected by VA and DoD on all service members sustaining significant eye injuries and the collected data be shared between DoD and VA to ensure the coordination of the provision of ongoing eye care and visual rehabilitation benefits and services by VA.

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