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VA Code in Flight Submission - Memorials Eligibility Office Automation (EOA) Capability/Manual PreNeed 9.5 EOAS and 3.3 BOSS/AMAS (code)
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Submitted by OI&T EPMO Lean Systems Engineering Open Source Coordination Office on 02-05-2016.
The Burial Operations Support System (BOSS) provides benefit delivery support to National Cemetery facilities nationwide. In the spring of 2013, the Eligibility Office Automation system was implemented as part of BOSS enterprise. EOA automates the manual, paper-intensive record keeping, information and forms processing associated with determining eligibility for "Time of Need" interments, and the manual input and management of Pre-Need Burial cases.

Under the 2014-2015 MBMS Program, EOA will be modified to provide much needed enhance-ments that will facilitate greater and better use of the EOA system. EOA Capability/Manual Pre-Need enhancements will support the business functions of the Eligibility Office by providing features for faster eligibility determination, case management tracking, improved reporting, and capability to process Pre-Need cases and associate them with Time-of-Need cases.

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9.5 EOAS and 3.3 BOSS/AMAS code in flight submission

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