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VA Code in Flight Submission - VA Inpatient Medication Administration - Transdermal Patches PSS*1*191, PSJ*5*315, PSB*3*83, OR*3*417, PSB*3*87 (code and docs)
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Submitted by OI&T EPMO Lean Systems Engineering Open Source Coordination Office on 02-05-2016.
The Inpatient Medication Administration – Transdermal is to provide a solution to address errors in the transdermal medication administration processes that have led to adverse patient events. The functionality being requested is a patient safety issue and thus has a direct correlation to the quality of Veteran care. The Patient Safety Program Office (PSPO) has analyzed the issue and documented their findings in PSPO 1978 and 885.

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In flight submission for PSS*1*191, PSJ*5*315, PSB*3*83, OR*3*417, PSB*3*87 KIDS builds and associated documentation.

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