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Code in Flight Submission - Identity and Access Management Access Services (IAM AcS) 2.0 Docs only
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Submitted by OI&T EPMO Lean Systems Engineering Open Source Coordination Office on 09-09-2016.
IAM Access Services (AcS) Phase 2 provides enterprise level authentication and authorization services that provide capabilities to automate the granting and removing of electronic permissions that simplify accessing VA technology systems, resources and data.

Authenticate users across the enterprise with internal and trusted external partners. Provide trusted credentials to allow for Single Sign On (SSO). Automate processes for recording, storing, and communicating person proofing status. Automate processes, rules and procedures for approving and granting system access. Consistently enforce access to protected VA information assets. Follow a chain of trust for validating identities and issuing credentials to vetted identities based on assessed assurance levels.

IAM Access Services Phase 2 will ensure that persons of interest to the VA have access to the right information at the right time. This effort strategically supports the following major initiatives: Veteran Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) Core, Veterans Relations Management (VRM), Veterans Benefit Management System (VBMS), Enhance Veteran Experience and Access to Health Care, and many others where interoperability with internal and external partners is enhanced, improved and enabled.

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