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VA Code in Flight Submission - VA FILEMAN v23. DI*222*22T5
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Submitted by OI&T EPMO Lean Systems Engineering Open Source Coordination Office on 09-27-2016.
This specific patch contains new datatypes for FileMan 22.2 as well as enhancements to the FileMan Meta Data Dictionary.

1. This build introduces the following new data types:

BOOLEAN: A version of the SET data type with only two entry choices - TRUE or FALSE.

MUMPS LABEL: A version of the FREETEXT data type that allows the storage of a tag and routine entry of the format, TAG^ROUTINE.

TIME: Allows the input of date/time entries but will only store the TIME portion of the user input.

YEAR: Allows the input of date/time entries but will only store the YEAR portion of the user input.

FT DATE: Similar to the DATE/TIME DATA TYPE but internally stores the free text that was inputted by the user to determine the date.

FT POINTER: Similar to the POINTER data type but internally stores the external value of the pointed to field.

UNIVERSAL TIME: Allows the input of date/time entries and stores the Greenwich Mean Time in normal date/time format but also includes the offset from the current timezone.

RATIO: Accept two numbers with a colon (":") between the two numbers. It is formatted and stored like a mathematical ratio. When defining a field with a DATA TYPE of RATIO the user will be asked for the minimum and maximum of each number in the ratio.

2. A new Fileman API (UTC^DIUTC) was created that allows the conversion of an internal Fileman date/time into Greenwich Mean Time and offset. The API needs to know the location, which is done by passing the Country and TimeZone as input parameters, passing an Institution as a parameter, which has Country and TimeZone fields definded or using the Institution derived by the default Institution setup for the user.

3. The FileMan Meta Data Dictionary provides each site's specification of the FileMan files, the associated FileMan fields within each of those files, and descriptive metadata about the site data for each individual VistA instance. This patch adds functionality to do partial updates (deltas) to the Meta Data Dictionary.

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