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VA Code in Flight Submission - Bed Management Solution v2.0, Source for Build v2.2.13.1.
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Submitted by OI&T EPMO Lean Systems Engineering Open Source Coordination Office on 12-15-2016.
The Bed Management Solution (BMS) v2 project provides a real-time, user-friendly, web-based VistA (Veterans Health Information Systems & Technology Architecture) interface with enhanced functionality to track patient movement, determine bed availability to optimize the flow of patients from admission through discharge, and to improve patients’ safety, quality of care, and customer satisfaction. The goal is to develop an enhanced nationwide bed management solution, which ensures that after admission, patients are placed in beds that meets their medical needs as soon as possible and provides a platform for identifying patient characteristics, not readily available through VistA, which assists staff members with patient care, bed turnover, and transportation requirements in the event of the emergency. It will be an information technology (IT) solution that will be deployed nationwide at all Veterans Heath Administration (VHA) healthcare facilities.

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This revision provides the source for Build v2.2.13.1.

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