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VA Code in Flight Submission - VA FILEMAN v23 Patch DI*22.2*5 T4
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Submitted by OI&T EPMO Lean Systems Engineering Open Source Coordination Office on 03-08-2017.
Patch DI*22.2*5 will repair ten (10) VA FileMan 22.2 defects:

1. When calling ^DIR for a BOOLEAN-type field, the field LABEL appears as a prompt.

2. The VERIFY FIELDS option overruns the specified page length.

3. An error is generated when selecting and deselecting a CAPTION-ONLYfield in the ScreenMan Form Editor (END+5^DDGF2 *L).

4. After selecting and deselecting a field, the ScreenMan Form Editor may move the field when quitting without saving changes.

5. The help text for the UNIVERSAL TIME data type causes ScreenMan to scroll off the top of the terminal.

6. The response to '?' and '??' for a UNIVERSAL TIME data type field repeats itself.

7. The help for a YEAR data type field displays the DATE/TIME help text instead of the specific help for the YEAR data type.

8. DD changes to display messages in the Input Transform using EN^DDIOL are not being displayed.

9. Scrolling in a repeating block stops working and causes visual glitches if returned to after saving a record using a different page through branching logic.

10. When adding a field in the ScreenMan Form Editor, the user has to enter E in order to proceed to the Field Properties form. The current menu options of Close or Refresh do not allow the user to proceed to the Field Properties form.

Revision Notes

This revision makes available the inflight code for DI*22.2*2 Test v9.

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