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TfrmDCSumm = class(TfrmHSplit)
  mnuSumms: TMainMenu;
  mnuView: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewChart: TMenuItem;
  mnuChartReports: TMenuItem;
  mnuChartLabs: TMenuItem;
  mnuChartDCSumm: TMenuItem;
  mnuChartCslts: TMenuItem;
  mnuChartSumms: TMenuItem;
  mnuChartOrders: TMenuItem;
  mnuChartMeds: TMenuItem;
  mnuChartProbs: TMenuItem;
  mnuChartCover: TMenuItem;
  Z1: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewDetail: TMenuItem;
  mnuAct: TMenuItem;
  mnuActNew: TMenuItem;
  Z2: TMenuItem;
  mnuActSave: TMenuItem;
  mnuActDelete: TMenuItem;
  mnuActEdit: TMenuItem;
  mnuActSign: TMenuItem;
  mnuActAddend: TMenuItem;
  lblSumms: TOROffsetLabel;
  pnlRead: TPanel;
  lblTitle: TOROffsetLabel;
  memSumm: TRichEdit;
  pnlWrite: TPanel;
  memNewSumm: TRichEdit;
  Z3: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewAll: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewByAuthor: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewByDate: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewUncosigned: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewUnsigned: TMenuItem;
  mnuActSignList: TMenuItem;
  cmdNewSumm: TORAlignButton;
  lblSpace1: TLabel;
  cmdPCE: TORAlignButton;
  popSummMemo: TPopupMenu;
  popSummMemoCut: TMenuItem;
  popSummMemoCopy: TMenuItem;
  popSummMemoPaste: TMenuItem;
  Z10: TMenuItem;
  popSummMemoSignList: TMenuItem;
  popSummMemoDelete: TMenuItem;
  popSummMemoEdit: TMenuItem;
  popSummMemoSave: TMenuItem;
  popSummMemoSign: TMenuItem;
  popSummList: TPopupMenu;
  popSummListAll: TMenuItem;
  popSummListByAuthor: TMenuItem;
  popSummListByDate: TMenuItem;
  popSummListUncosigned: TMenuItem;
  popSummListUnsigned: TMenuItem;
  pnlFields: TORAutoPanel;
  sptVert: TSplitter;
  memPCEShow: TRichEdit;
  mnuActIdentifyAddlSigners: TMenuItem;
  popSummMemoAddlSign: TMenuItem;
  Z11: TMenuItem;
  popSummMemoSpell: TMenuItem;
  popSummMemoGrammar: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewCustom: TMenuItem;
  N1: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewSaveAsDefault: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewReturnToDefault: TMenuItem;
  pnlDrawers: TPanel;
  lstSumms: TORListBox;
  N2: TMenuItem;
  popSummMemoTemplate: TMenuItem;
  mnuOptions: TMenuItem;
  mnuEditTemplates: TMenuItem;
  mnuNewTemplate: TMenuItem;
  splDrawers: TSplitter;
  N3: TMenuItem;
  mnuEditSharedTemplates: TMenuItem;
  mnuNewSharedTemplate: TMenuItem;
  timAutoSave: TTimer;
  cmdChange: TButton;
  lblNewTitle: TStaticText;
  lblVisit: TStaticText;
  lblRefDate: TStaticText;
  lblCosigner: TStaticText;
  lblDictator: TStaticText;
  lblDischarge: TStaticText;
  popSummMemoPaste2: TMenuItem;
  popSummMemoReformat: TMenuItem;
  Z4: TMenuItem;
  mnuActChange: TMenuItem;
  mnuActLoadBoiler: TMenuItem;
  bvlNewTitle: TBevel;
  popSummMemoSaveContinue: TMenuItem;
  N4: TMenuItem;
  mnuEditDialgFields: TMenuItem;
  lvSumms: TCaptionListView;
  sptList: TSplitter;
  N5: TMenuItem;
  popSummListExpandSelected: TMenuItem;
  popSummListExpandAll: TMenuItem;
  popSummListCollapseSelected: TMenuItem;
  popSummListCollapseAll: TMenuItem;
  tvSumms: TORTreeView;
  popSummListCustom: TMenuItem;
  N6: TMenuItem;
  popSummListDetachFromIDParent: TMenuItem;
  mnuActDetachFromIDParent: TMenuItem;
  popSummListAddIDEntry: TMenuItem;
  mnuActAddIDEntry: TMenuItem;
  N7: TMenuItem;
  mnuIconLegend: TMenuItem;
  dlgFindText: TFindDialog;
  popSummMemoFind: TMenuItem;
  dlgReplaceText: TReplaceDialog;
  N8: TMenuItem;
  popSummMemoReplace: TMenuItem;
  mnuChartSurgery: TMenuItem;
  mnuActAttachtoIDParent: TMenuItem;
  popSummListAttachtoIDParent: TMenuItem;
  popSummMemoAddend: TMenuItem;
  N9: TMenuItem;
  popSummMemoPreview: TMenuItem;
  popSummMemoInsTemplate: TMenuItem;
  popSummMemoEncounter: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewInformation: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewDemo: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewVisits: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewPrimaryCare: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewMyHealtheVet: TMenuItem;
  mnuInsurance: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewFlags: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewReminders: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewRemoteData: TMenuItem;
  mnuViewPostings: TMenuItem;
  imgLblNotes: TVA508ImageListLabeler;
  imgLblImages: TVA508ImageListLabeler;
  procedure mnuChartTabClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure lstSummsClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure pnlRightResize(Sender: TObject);
  procedure cmdNewSummClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure memNewSummChange(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuActNewClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuActAddIDEntryClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuActSaveClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuViewClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuActAddendClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuActDetachFromIDParentClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuActSignListClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuActDeleteClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuActEditClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuActSignClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure cmdOrdersClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure cmdPCEClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure popSummMemoCutClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure popSummMemoCopyClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure popSummMemoPasteClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure popSummMemoPopup(Sender: TObject);
  procedure pnlWriteResize(Sender: TObject);
  procedure FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuViewDetailClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure FormClose(Sender: TObject; var Action: TCloseAction);
  procedure mnuActIdentifyAddlSignersClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure popSummMemoAddlSignClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure popSummMemoSpellClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure popSummMemoGrammarClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuViewSaveAsDefaultClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuViewReturntoDefaultClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure popSummMemoTemplateClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuNewTemplateClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuEditTemplatesClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuOptionsClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuEditSharedTemplatesClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuNewSharedTemplateClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure FormDestroy(Sender: TObject);
  procedure timAutoSaveTimer(Sender: TObject);
  procedure cmdChangeClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure popSummMemoReformatClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuActChangeClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuActLoadBoilerClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure popSummMemoSaveContinueClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuEditDialgFieldsClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure tvSummsChange(Sender: TObject; Node: TTreeNode);
  procedure tvSummsClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure tvSummsCollapsed(Sender: TObject; Node: TTreeNode);
  procedure tvSummsExpanded(Sender: TObject; Node: TTreeNode);
  procedure tvSummsStartDrag(Sender: TObject;
    var DragObject: TDragObject);
  procedure tvSummsDragDrop(Sender, Source: TObject; X, Y: Integer);
  procedure tvSummsDragOver(Sender, Source: TObject; X, Y: Integer;
    State: TDragState; var Accept: Boolean);
  procedure lvSummsColumnClick(Sender: TObject; Column: TListColumn);
  procedure lvSummsCompare(Sender: TObject; Item1, Item2: TListItem; Data: Integer; var Compare: Integer);
  procedure lvSummsSelectItem(Sender: TObject; Item: TListItem; Selected: Boolean);
  procedure popSummListExpandAllClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure popSummListCollapseAllClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure popSummListExpandSelectedClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure popSummListCollapseSelectedClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure popSummListPopup(Sender: TObject);
  procedure lvSummsResize(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuIconLegendClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure popSummMemoFindClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure dlgFindTextFind(Sender: TObject);
  procedure dlgReplaceTextReplace(Sender: TObject);
  procedure dlgReplaceTextFind(Sender: TObject);
  procedure popSummMemoReplaceClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuActAttachtoIDParentClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure memNewSummKeyUp(Sender: TObject; var Key: Word;
    Shift: TShiftState);
  procedure sptHorzCanResize(Sender: TObject; var NewSize: Integer; var Accept: Boolean);
  procedure popSummMemoPreviewClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure popSummMemoInsTemplateClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure ViewInfo(Sender: TObject);
  procedure mnuViewInformationClick(Sender: TObject);
  FEditingIndex: Integer;                      // index of Summary being currently edited
  FChanged: Boolean;                           // true if any text has changed in the Summary
  FEditCtrl: TCustomEdit;
  FDischargeDate: TFMDateTime;
  FSilent: Boolean;
  FCurrentContext: TTIUContext;
  FDefaultContext: TTIUContext;
  FImageFlag: TBitmap;
  FEditDCSumm: TEditDCSummRec;
  FShowAdmissions: Boolean;
  FVerifySummTitle: Integer;
  FDocList: TStringList;
  FConfirmed: boolean;
  FDeleted: boolean;
  FLastSummID: string;
  function NoSummSelected : Boolean;
  procedure ClearEditControls;
  function StartNewEdit(NewNoteType: integer): Boolean;
  procedure DoAutoSave(Suppress: integer = 1);
  function LacksRequiredForCreate: Boolean;
  function GetTitleText(AnIndex: Integer): string;
  //function MakeTitleText(IsAddendum: Boolean = False): string;
  procedure SetEditingIndex(const Value: Integer);
  procedure DisplayPCE;
  function  LockSumm(AnIEN: Int64): Boolean;
  procedure InsertAddendum;
  procedure InsertNewSumm(IsIDChild: boolean; AnIDParent: integer);
  procedure LoadForEdit(PreserveValues: Boolean);
  procedure RemovePCEFromChanges(IEN: Int64; AVisitStr: string = '');
  procedure SaveEditedSumm(var Saved: Boolean);
  procedure SaveCurrentSumm(var Saved: Boolean);
  procedure ShowPCEControls(ShouldShow: Boolean);
  function  TitleText(AnIndex: Integer): string;
  procedure ProcessNotifications;
  procedure SetViewContext(AContext: TTIUContext);
  function GetDrawers: TfrmDrawers;
  property EditingIndex: Integer read FEditingIndex write SetEditingIndex;
  function VerifySummTitle: Boolean;
  //  added for treeview - see also uDocTree.pas
  procedure LoadSumms;
  procedure UpdateTreeView(DocList: TStringList; Tree: TORTreeView);
  procedure  EnableDisableIDNotes;
  procedure DoAttachIDChild(AChild, AParent: TORTreeNode);
  function SetSummTreeLabel(AContext: TTIUContext): string;
  function  AllowContextChange(var WhyNot: string): Boolean; override;
  procedure ClearPtData; override;
  procedure DisplayPage; override;
  procedure RequestPrint; override;
  procedure RequestMultiplePrint(AForm: TfrmPrintList);
  procedure SetFontSize(NewFontSize: Integer); override;
  procedure SaveSignItem(const ItemID, ESCode: string);
  procedure LstSummsToPrint;
  property Drawers: TfrmDrawers read GetDrawers; // Keep Drawers published

DFM Objects

frmDCSumm : TfrmDCSumm
 ├shpPageBottom : TShape
 ├sptHorz : TSplitter
 ├pnlLeft : TPanel
 │ ├lblSumms : TOROffsetLabel
 │ ├lblSpace1 : TLabel
 │ ├cmdNewSumm : TORAlignButton
 │ ├cmdPCE : TORAlignButton
 │ └pnlDrawers : TPanel
 │   ├splDrawers : TSplitter
 │   ├lstSumms : TORListBox
 │   └tvSumms : TORTreeView
 ├pnlRight : TPanel
 │ ├sptVert : TSplitter
 │ ├memPCEShow : TRichEdit
 │ ├pnlWrite : TPanel
 │ │ ├memNewSumm : TRichEdit
 │ │ └pnlFields : TORAutoPanel
 │ │   ├bvlNewTitle : TBevel
 │ │   ├lblNewTitle : TStaticText
 │ │   ├lblVisit : TStaticText
 │ │   ├lblRefDate : TStaticText
 │ │   ├lblCosigner : TStaticText
 │ │   ├lblDictator : TStaticText
 │ │   ├lblDischarge : TStaticText
 │ │   └cmdChange : TButton
 │ └pnlRead : TPanel
 │   ├lblTitle : TOROffsetLabel
 │   ├sptList : TSplitter
 │   ├memSumm : TRichEdit
 │   └lvSumms : TCaptionListView
 ├amgrMain : TVA508AccessibilityManager
 ├mnuSumms : TMainMenu
 │ ├mnuView : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuViewChart : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ ├mnuChartCover : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ ├mnuChartProbs : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ ├mnuChartMeds : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ ├mnuChartOrders : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ ├mnuChartSumms : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ ├mnuChartCslts : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ ├mnuChartSurgery : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ ├mnuChartDCSumm : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ ├mnuChartLabs : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ └mnuChartReports : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuViewInformation : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ ├mnuViewDemo : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ ├mnuViewVisits : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ ├mnuViewPrimaryCare : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ ├mnuViewMyHealtheVet : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ ├mnuInsurance : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ ├mnuViewFlags : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ ├mnuViewRemoteData : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ ├mnuViewReminders : TMenuItem
 │ │ │ └mnuViewPostings : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├Z3 : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuViewAll : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuViewByAuthor : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuViewByDate : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuViewUncosigned : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuViewUnsigned : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuViewCustom : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├N1 : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuViewSaveAsDefault : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuViewReturnToDefault : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├Z1 : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuViewDetail : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├N7 : TMenuItem
 │ │ └mnuIconLegend : TMenuItem
 │ ├mnuAct : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuActNew : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuActAddend : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuActAddIDEntry : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuActAttachtoIDParent : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuActDetachFromIDParent : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├Z2 : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuActChange : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuActLoadBoiler : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├Z4 : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuActSignList : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuActDelete : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuActEdit : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuActSave : TMenuItem
 │ │ ├mnuActSign : TMenuItem
 │ │ └mnuActIdentifyAddlSigners : TMenuItem
 │ └mnuOptions : TMenuItem
 │   ├mnuEditTemplates : TMenuItem
 │   ├mnuNewTemplate : TMenuItem
 │   ├N3 : TMenuItem
 │   ├mnuEditSharedTemplates : TMenuItem
 │   ├mnuNewSharedTemplate : TMenuItem
 │   ├N4 : TMenuItem
 │   └mnuEditDialgFields : TMenuItem
 ├popSummMemo : TPopupMenu
 │ ├popSummMemoCut : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoCopy : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoPaste : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoPaste2 : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoReformat : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoSaveContinue : TMenuItem
 │ ├Z11 : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoFind : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoReplace : TMenuItem
 │ ├N8 : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoGrammar : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoSpell : TMenuItem
 │ ├N2 : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoTemplate : TMenuItem
 │ ├Z10 : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoSignList : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoDelete : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoEdit : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoAddend : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoSave : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoSign : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoAddlSign : TMenuItem
 │ ├N9 : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoPreview : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummMemoInsTemplate : TMenuItem
 │ └popSummMemoEncounter : TMenuItem
 ├popSummList : TPopupMenu
 │ ├popSummListAll : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummListByAuthor : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummListByDate : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummListUncosigned : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummListUnsigned : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummListCustom : TMenuItem
 │ ├N5 : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummListExpandSelected : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummListExpandAll : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummListCollapseSelected : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummListCollapseAll : TMenuItem
 │ ├N6 : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummListAddIDEntry : TMenuItem
 │ ├popSummListAttachtoIDParent : TMenuItem
 │ └popSummListDetachFromIDParent : TMenuItem
 ├timAutoSave : TTimer
 ├dlgFindText : TFindDialog
 ├dlgReplaceText : TReplaceDialog
 ├imgLblNotes : TVA508ImageListLabeler
 └imgLblImages : TVA508ImageListLabeler

Class Hierarchy

Class Fields

Name Type Scope Comments
bvlNewTitle TBevel Public/Published -
cmdChange TButton Public/Published -
cmdNewSumm Simple (unknown) Public/Published -
cmdPCE Simple (unknown) Public/Published -
dlgFindText TFindDialog Public/Published -
dlgReplaceText TReplaceDialog Public/Published -
FChanged Boolean Private True if any text has changed in the Summary
FConfirmed Boolean Private -
FCurrentContext Private -
FDefaultContext Private -
FDeleted Boolean Private -
FDischargeDate TFMDateTime Private -
FDocList TStringList Private -
FEditCtrl Simple (unknown) Private -
FEditDCSumm Private -
FEditingIndex Integer Private Index of Summary being currently edited
FImageFlag TBitmap Private -
FLastSummID UnicodeString Private -
FShowAdmissions Boolean Private -
FSilent Boolean Private -
FVerifySummTitle Integer Private -
imgLblImages Simple (unknown) Public/Published -
imgLblNotes Simple (unknown) Public/Published -
lblCosigner TStaticText Public/Published -
lblDictator TStaticText Public/Published -
lblDischarge TStaticText Public/Published -
lblNewTitle TStaticText Public/Published -
lblRefDate TStaticText Public/Published -
lblSpace1 TLabel Public/Published -
lblSumms TOROffsetLabel Public/Published -
lblTitle TOROffsetLabel Public/Published -
lblVisit TStaticText Public/Published -
lstSumms TORListBox Public/Published -
lvSumms Simple (unknown) Public/Published -
memNewSumm TRichEdit Public/Published -
memPCEShow TRichEdit Public/Published -
memSumm TRichEdit Public/Published -
mnuAct TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuActAddend TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuActAddIDEntry TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuActAttachtoIDParent TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuActChange TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuActDelete TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuActDetachFromIDParent TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuActEdit TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuActIdentifyAddlSigners TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuActLoadBoiler TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuActNew TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuActSave TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuActSign TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuActSignList TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuChartCover TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuChartCslts TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuChartDCSumm TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuChartLabs TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuChartMeds TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuChartOrders TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuChartProbs TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuChartReports TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuChartSumms TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuChartSurgery TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuEditDialgFields TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuEditSharedTemplates TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuEditTemplates TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuIconLegend TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuInsurance TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuNewSharedTemplate TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuNewTemplate TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuOptions TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuSumms Simple (unknown) Public/Published -
mnuView TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewAll TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewByAuthor TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewByDate TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewChart TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewCustom TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewDemo TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewDetail TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewFlags TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewInformation TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewMyHealtheVet TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewPostings TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewPrimaryCare TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewReminders TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewRemoteData TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewReturnToDefault TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewSaveAsDefault TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewUncosigned TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewUnsigned TMenuItem Public/Published -
mnuViewVisits TMenuItem Public/Published -
N1 TMenuItem Public/Published -
N2 TMenuItem Public/Published -
N3 TMenuItem Public/Published -
N4 TMenuItem Public/Published -
N5 TMenuItem Public/Published -
N6 TMenuItem Public/Published -
N7 TMenuItem Public/Published -
N8 TMenuItem Public/Published -
N9 TMenuItem Public/Published -
pnlDrawers TPanel Public/Published -
pnlFields TORAutoPanel Public/Published -
pnlRead TPanel Public/Published -
pnlWrite TPanel Public/Published -
popSummList TPopupMenu Public/Published -
popSummListAddIDEntry TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummListAll TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummListAttachtoIDParent TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummListByAuthor TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummListByDate TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummListCollapseAll TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummListCollapseSelected TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummListCustom TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummListDetachFromIDParent TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummListExpandAll TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummListExpandSelected TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummListUncosigned TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummListUnsigned TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemo TPopupMenu Public/Published -
popSummMemoAddend TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoAddlSign TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoCopy TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoCut TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoDelete TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoEdit TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoEncounter TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoFind TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoGrammar TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoInsTemplate TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoPaste TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoPaste2 TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoPreview TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoReformat TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoReplace TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoSave TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoSaveContinue TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoSign TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoSignList TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoSpell TMenuItem Public/Published -
popSummMemoTemplate TMenuItem Public/Published -
splDrawers TSplitter Public/Published -
sptList TSplitter Public/Published -
sptVert TSplitter Public/Published -
timAutoSave TTimer Public/Published -
tvSumms TORTreeView Public/Published -
Z1 TMenuItem Public/Published -
Z10 TMenuItem Public/Published -
Z11 TMenuItem Public/Published -
Z2 TMenuItem Public/Published -
Z3 TMenuItem Public/Published -
Z4 TMenuItem Public/Published -


Name Type Scope Comments
Drawers TfrmDrawers Published Keep Drawers published
EditingIndex Integer Private -


Name Declaration Scope Comments
AllowContextChange function AllowContextChange(var WhyNot: string): Boolean; override; Public TPage common methods ---------------------------------------------------------------------
ClearEditControls procedure ClearEditControls; Private
General procedures ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 

 resets controls used for entering a new Discharge Summary
ClearPtData procedure ClearPtData; override; Public Clear all controls that contain patient specific information
cmdChangeClick procedure cmdChangeClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
cmdNewSummClick procedure cmdNewSummClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published Maps 'New Summ' button to the New Discharge Summary menu item
cmdOrdersClick procedure cmdOrdersClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
cmdPCEClick procedure cmdPCEClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
DisplayPage procedure DisplayPage; override; Public Causes page to be visible and conditionally executes initialization code
DisplayPCE procedure DisplayPCE; Private Displays PCE information if appropriate & enables/disabled editing of PCE data
dlgFindTextFind procedure dlgFindTextFind(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
dlgReplaceTextFind procedure dlgReplaceTextFind(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
dlgReplaceTextReplace procedure dlgReplaceTextReplace(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
DoAttachIDChild procedure DoAttachIDChild(AChild, AParent: TORTreeNode); Private -
DoAutoSave procedure DoAutoSave(Suppress: integer = 1); Private -
EnableDisableIDNotes procedure EnableDisableIDNotes; Private -
FormClose procedure FormClose(Sender: TObject; var Action: TCloseAction); Public/Published -
FormCreate procedure FormCreate(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
FormDestroy procedure FormDestroy(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
GetDrawers function GetDrawers: TfrmDrawers; Private -
GetTitleText function GetTitleText(AnIndex: Integer): string; Private Returns non-tabbed text for the title of a note given the ItemIndex in lstSumms
InsertAddendum procedure InsertAddendum; Private Sets up fields of pnlWrite to write an addendum for the selected Summary
InsertNewSumm procedure InsertNewSumm(IsIDChild: boolean; AnIDParent: integer); Private Creates the editing context for a new Discharge Summary & inserts stub into top of view list
LacksRequiredForCreate function LacksRequiredForCreate: Boolean; Private
Function TfrmDCSumm.MakeTitleText(IsAddendum: Boolean = False): string;
{returns display text for list box based on FEditNote }
  Result := FormatFMDateTime('mmm dd,yy', FEditDCSumm.DischargeDateTime) + U;
  if IsAddendum and (CompareText(Copy(FEditDCSumm.TitleName, 1, 8), 'Addendum') <> 0)
    then Result := Result + 'Addendum to ';
  Result := Result + FEditDCSumm.TitleName + ', ' + FEditDCSumm.LocationName + ', ' +

 determines if the fields required to create the note are present
LoadForEdit procedure LoadForEdit(PreserveValues: Boolean); Private Retrieves an existing Summ and places the data in the fields of pnlWrite
LoadSumms procedure LoadSumms; Private
Added for treeview - see also uDocTree.pas
===================  Added for sort/search enhancements ======================
LockSumm function LockSumm(AnIEN: Int64): Boolean; Private Returns true if summ successfully locked
lstSummsClick procedure lstSummsClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published
Left panel (selector) events ------------------------------------------------------------- 

 loads the text for the selected Summ or displays the editing panel for the selected Summ
LstSummsToPrint procedure LstSummsToPrint; Public -
lvSummsColumnClick procedure lvSummsColumnClick(Sender: TObject; Column: TListColumn); Public/Published -
lvSummsCompare procedure lvSummsCompare(Sender: TObject; Item1, Item2: TListItem; Data: Integer; var Compare: Integer); Public/Published -
lvSummsResize procedure lvSummsResize(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
lvSummsSelectItem procedure lvSummsSelectItem(Sender: TObject; Item: TListItem; Selected: Boolean); Public/Published -
memNewSummChange procedure memNewSummChange(Sender: TObject); Public/Published
Right panel (editor) events -------------------------------------------------------------- 

 sets FChanged to record that the Summ has really been edited
memNewSummKeyUp procedure memNewSummKeyUp(Sender: TObject; var Key: Word; Shift: TShiftState); Public/Published -
mnuActAddendClick procedure mnuActAddendClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published Make an addendum to an existing Summ
mnuActAddIDEntryClick procedure mnuActAddIDEntryClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published Switches to current new note or creates a new note if none is being edited already
mnuActAttachtoIDParentClick procedure mnuActAttachtoIDParentClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
mnuActChangeClick procedure mnuActChangeClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
mnuActDeleteClick procedure mnuActDeleteClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published Delete the selected progress note & remove from the Encounter object if necessary
mnuActDetachFromIDParentClick procedure mnuActDetachFromIDParentClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
mnuActEditClick procedure mnuActEditClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published Load the selected Discharge Summary for editing
mnuActIdentifyAddlSignersClick procedure mnuActIdentifyAddlSignersClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
mnuActLoadBoilerClick procedure mnuActLoadBoilerClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
mnuActNewClick procedure mnuActNewClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published Switches to current new Summ or creates a new Summ if none is being edited already
mnuActSaveClick procedure mnuActSaveClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published Saves the Summ that is currently being edited
mnuActSignClick procedure mnuActSignClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published Sign the currently selected Summ, save first if necessary
mnuActSignListClick procedure mnuActSignListClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published Add the Summ to the Encounter object, see mnuActSignClick - copied
mnuChartTabClick procedure mnuChartTabClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published Reroute to Chart Tab menu of the parent form: frmFrame
mnuEditDialgFieldsClick procedure mnuEditDialgFieldsClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
mnuEditSharedTemplatesClick procedure mnuEditSharedTemplatesClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
mnuEditTemplatesClick procedure mnuEditTemplatesClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
mnuIconLegendClick procedure mnuIconLegendClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
mnuNewSharedTemplateClick procedure mnuNewSharedTemplateClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
mnuNewTemplateClick procedure mnuNewTemplateClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
mnuOptionsClick procedure mnuOptionsClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
mnuViewClick procedure mnuViewClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published
View menu events ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

 changes the list of Summs available for viewing
mnuViewDetailClick procedure mnuViewDetailClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
mnuViewInformationClick procedure mnuViewInformationClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
mnuViewReturntoDefaultClick procedure mnuViewReturntoDefaultClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
mnuViewSaveAsDefaultClick procedure mnuViewSaveAsDefaultClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
NoSummSelected function NoSummSelected : Boolean; Private
Returns True & Displays a Message if Currently No D/C Summary is Selected,
 Otherwise returns false and does not display a message.
pnlRightResize procedure pnlRightResize(Sender: TObject); Public/Published
Form events ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 

 memSumm (TRichEdit) doesn't repaint appropriately unless its parent panel is refreshed
pnlWriteResize procedure pnlWriteResize(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummListCollapseAllClick procedure popSummListCollapseAllClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummListCollapseSelectedClick procedure popSummListCollapseSelectedClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummListExpandAllClick procedure popSummListExpandAllClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummListExpandSelectedClick procedure popSummListExpandSelectedClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummListPopup procedure popSummListPopup(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummMemoAddlSignClick procedure popSummMemoAddlSignClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummMemoCopyClick procedure popSummMemoCopyClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummMemoCutClick procedure popSummMemoCutClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummMemoFindClick procedure popSummMemoFindClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummMemoGrammarClick procedure popSummMemoGrammarClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummMemoInsTemplateClick procedure popSummMemoInsTemplateClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummMemoPasteClick procedure popSummMemoPasteClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummMemoPopup procedure popSummMemoPopup(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummMemoPreviewClick procedure popSummMemoPreviewClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummMemoReformatClick procedure popSummMemoReformatClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummMemoReplaceClick procedure popSummMemoReplaceClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummMemoSaveContinueClick procedure popSummMemoSaveContinueClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummMemoSpellClick procedure popSummMemoSpellClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
popSummMemoTemplateClick procedure popSummMemoTemplateClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
ProcessNotifications procedure ProcessNotifications; Private -
RemovePCEFromChanges procedure RemovePCEFromChanges(IEN: Int64; AVisitStr: string = ''); Private -
RequestMultiplePrint procedure RequestMultiplePrint(AForm: TfrmPrintList); Public -
RequestPrint procedure RequestPrint; override; Public -
SaveCurrentSumm procedure SaveCurrentSumm(var Saved: Boolean); Private Called whenever a Summ should be saved - uses IEN to call appropriate save logic
SaveEditedSumm procedure SaveEditedSumm(var Saved: Boolean); Private Validates fields and sends the updated Summ to the server
SaveSignItem procedure SaveSignItem(const ItemID, ESCode: string); Public Saves and optionally signs a Discharge Summary or addendum
SetEditingIndex procedure SetEditingIndex(const Value: Integer); Private Function MakeTitleText(IsAddendum: Boolean = False): string;
SetFontSize procedure SetFontSize(NewFontSize: Integer); override; Public Adjusts the font size of any controls that don't have ParentFont = True
SetSummTreeLabel function SetSummTreeLabel(AContext: TTIUContext): string; Private -
SetViewContext procedure SetViewContext(AContext: TTIUContext); Private -
ShowPCEControls procedure ShowPCEControls(ShouldShow: Boolean); Private -
sptHorzCanResize procedure sptHorzCanResize(Sender: TObject; var NewSize: Integer; var Accept: Boolean); Public/Published -
StartNewEdit function StartNewEdit(NewNoteType: integer): Boolean; Private
Action menu events ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 

 if currently editing a note, returns TRUE if the user wants to start a new one
timAutoSaveTimer procedure timAutoSaveTimer(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
TitleText function TitleText(AnIndex: Integer): string; Private Returns non-tabbed text for the title of a Summ given the ItemIndex in lstSumms
tvSummsChange procedure tvSummsChange(Sender: TObject; Node: TTreeNode); Public/Published -
tvSummsClick procedure tvSummsClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
tvSummsCollapsed procedure tvSummsCollapsed(Sender: TObject; Node: TTreeNode); Public/Published -
tvSummsDragDrop procedure tvSummsDragDrop(Sender, Source: TObject; X, Y: Integer); Public/Published -
tvSummsDragOver procedure tvSummsDragOver(Sender, Source: TObject; X, Y: Integer; State: TDragState; var Accept: Boolean); Public/Published -
tvSummsExpanded procedure tvSummsExpanded(Sender: TObject; Node: TTreeNode); Public/Published -
tvSummsStartDrag procedure tvSummsStartDrag(Sender: TObject; var DragObject: TDragObject); Public/Published -
UpdateTreeView procedure UpdateTreeView(DocList: TStringList; Tree: TORTreeView); Private -
VerifySummTitle function VerifySummTitle: Boolean; Private -
ViewInfo procedure ViewInfo(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -

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