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TfrmPtSelOptns = class(TfrmBase508Form)
  orapnlMain: TORAutoPanel;
  bvlPtList: TORAutoPanel;
  lblPtList: TLabel;
  lblDateRange: TLabel;
  cboList: TORComboBox;
  cboDateRange: TORComboBox;
  calApptRng: TORDateRangeDlg;
  radDflt: TRadioButton;
  radProviders: TRadioButton;
  radTeams: TRadioButton;
  radSpecialties: TRadioButton;
  radClinics: TRadioButton;
  radWards: TRadioButton;
  radAll: TRadioButton;
  procedure radHideSrcClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure radShowSrcClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure radLongSrcClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure cboListExit(Sender: TObject);
  procedure cboListKeyPause(Sender: TObject);
  procedure cboListMouseClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure cboListNeedData(Sender: TObject; const StartFrom: String;
    Direction, InsertAt: Integer);
  procedure cboDateRangeExit(Sender: TObject);
  procedure cboDateRangeMouseClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  FLastTopList: string;
  FLastDateIndex: Integer;
  FSrcType: Integer;
  FSetCaptionTop: TSetCaptionTopProc;
  FSetPtListTop: TSetPtListTopProc;
  procedure HideDateRange;
  procedure ShowDateRange;
  function IsLast5(x: string): Boolean;
  function IsFullSSN(x: string): Boolean;
  procedure cmdSaveListClick(Sender: TObject);
  procedure SetDefaultPtList(Dflt: string);
  procedure UpdateDefault;
  property LastTopList: string read FLastTopList write FLastTopList;
  property SrcType: Integer read FSrcType write FSrcType;
  property SetCaptionTopProc: TSetCaptionTopProc read FSetCaptionTop write FSetCaptionTop;
  property SetPtListTopProc: TSetPtListTopProc   read FSetPtListTop  write FSetPtListTop;

DFM Objects

frmPtSelOptns : TfrmPtSelOptns
 ├orapnlMain : TORAutoPanel
 │ ├lblPtList : TLabel
 │ ├lblDateRange : TLabel
 │ ├bvlPtList : TORAutoPanel
 │ │ ├radAll : TRadioButton
 │ │ ├radWards : TRadioButton
 │ │ ├radClinics : TRadioButton
 │ │ ├radSpecialties : TRadioButton
 │ │ ├radTeams : TRadioButton
 │ │ ├radProviders : TRadioButton
 │ │ └radDflt : TRadioButton
 │ ├cboList : TORComboBox
 │ └cboDateRange : TORComboBox
 ├amgrMain : TVA508AccessibilityManager
 └calApptRng : TORDateRangeDlg

Class Hierarchy

Class Fields

Name Type Scope Comments
bvlPtList TORAutoPanel Public/Published -
calApptRng Simple (unknown) Public/Published -
cboDateRange TORComboBox Public/Published -
cboList TORComboBox Public/Published -
FLastDateIndex Integer Private -
FLastTopList UnicodeString Private -
FSetCaptionTop Private -
FSetPtListTop Private -
FSrcType Integer Private -
lblDateRange TLabel Public/Published -
lblPtList TLabel Public/Published -
orapnlMain TORAutoPanel Public/Published -
radAll TRadioButton Public/Published -
radClinics TRadioButton Public/Published -
radDflt TRadioButton Public/Published -
radProviders TRadioButton Public/Published -
radSpecialties TRadioButton Public/Published -
radTeams TRadioButton Public/Published -
radWards TRadioButton Public/Published -


Name Type Scope Comments
LastTopList UnicodeString Public -
SetCaptionTopProc Public -
SetPtListTopProc Public -
SrcType Integer Public -


Name Declaration Scope Comments
cboDateRangeExit procedure cboDateRangeExit(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
cboDateRangeMouseClick procedure cboDateRangeMouseClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
cboListExit procedure cboListExit(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
cboListKeyPause procedure cboListKeyPause(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
cboListMouseClick procedure cboListMouseClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
cboListNeedData procedure cboListNeedData(Sender: TObject; const StartFrom: String; Direction, InsertAt: Integer); Public/Published
CQ6363 Notes: This procedure was altered for CQ6363, but then changed back to its original form, as it is now.

The problem is that in LOM1T, there are numerous entries in the HOSPITAL LOCATION file (44) that are lower-case,
resulting in a "B" xref that looks like this:

^SC("B","module 1x",2897) = 
^SC("B","pt",3420) = 
^SC("B","read",3146) = 
^SC("B","zz GIM/WONG NEW",2902) = 
^SC("B","zz bhost/arm",3076) = 
^SC("B","zz bhost/day",2698) = 
^SC("B","zz bhost/eve/ornelas",2885) = 
^SC("B","zz bhost/resident",2710) = 
^SC("B","zz bhost/sws",2946) = 
^SC("B","zz c&P ortho/patel",3292) = 
^SC("B","zz mhc md/kelley",320) = 
^SC("B","zz/mhc/p",1076) = 
^SC("B","zzMHC MD/THRASHER",1018) = 
^SC("B","zztest clinic",3090) = 
^SC("B","zzz-hbpc-phone-jung",1830) = 
^SC("B","zzz-hbpcphone cocohran",1825) = 
^SC("B","zzz-home service",1428) = 
^SC("B","zzz-phone-deloye",1834) = 
^SC("B","zzz/gmonti impotence",2193) =

ASCII sort mode puts those entries at the end of the "B" xref, but when retrieved by CPRS and upper-cased, it
messes up the logic of the combo box.  This problem has been around since there was a CPRS GUI, and the best
possible fix is to require those entries to either be in all uppercase or be removed.  If that's cleaned up,
the logic below will work correctly.
cmdSaveListClick procedure cmdSaveListClick(Sender: TObject); Public -
FormCreate procedure FormCreate(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
HideDateRange procedure HideDateRange; Private -
IsFullSSN function IsFullSSN(x: string): Boolean; Public -
IsLast5 function IsLast5(x: string): Boolean; Public Returns true if string matchs patterns: A9999 or 9999 (BS & BS5 xrefs for patient lookup)
radHideSrcClick procedure radHideSrcClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published Called by radDflt & radAll - hides list source combo box and refreshes patient list
radLongSrcClick procedure radLongSrcClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published Called by radProviders, radClinics - switches to long list & shows items for the list source
radShowSrcClick procedure radShowSrcClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published Called by radTeams, radSpecialties, radWards - shows items for the list source
SetDefaultPtList procedure SetDefaultPtList(Dflt: string); Public -
ShowDateRange procedure ShowDateRange; Private -
UpdateDefault procedure UpdateDefault; Public -

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