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TLabTest = class(TObject)
  TestID: Integer;                      { IEN of Lab Test }
  TestName: string;                     { Name of Lab Test }
  LabSubscript: string ;                { which section of Lab? }
  CollSamp: Integer;                    { index into CollSampList }
  Specimen: Integer;                    { IEN of specimen }
  Urgency: Integer;                     { IEN of urgency }
  Comment: TStringList;                 { text of comment }
  TestReqComment: string;               { Name of required comment }
  CurReqComment: string;                { name of required comment }
  CurWardComment: TStringList;          { WP of Ward Comment }
  UniqueCollSamp: Boolean;              { true if not prompt CollSamp }
  CollSampList: TList;                  { collection sample objects }
  CollSampCount: integer;               { count of original contents of CollSampList}
  SpecimenList: TStringList;            { Strings: IEN^Specimen Name }
  SpecListCount: integer;               { count of original contents of SpecimenList}
  UrgencyList: TStringList;             { Strings: IEN^Urgency Name }
  ForceUrgency: Boolean;                { true if not prompt Urgency }
  QuickOrderResponses: TResponses;      { if created as a result of a quick order selection}
  { functions & procedures }
  constructor Create(const LabTestIEN: string; Responses: TResponses);
  destructor Destroy; override ;
  function IndexOfCollSamp(CollSampIEN: Integer): Integer;
  procedure FillCollSampList(LoadData: TStringList; DfltCollSamp: Integer);
  procedure LoadAllSamples;
  procedure SetCollSampDflts;
  procedure ChangeCollSamp(CollSampIEN: Integer);
  procedure ChangeSpecimen(const SpecimenIEN: string);
  procedure ChangeUrgency(const UrgencyIEN: string);
  procedure ChangeComment(const CommentText: string);
  function  LabCanCollect: Boolean;
  procedure LoadCollSamp(AComboBox: TORComboBox);
  procedure LoadSpecimen(AComboBox: TORComboBox);
  procedure LoadUrgency(CollType: string; AComboBox:TORComboBox);
  function NameOfCollSamp: string;
  function NameOfSpecimen: string;
  function NameOfUrgency: string;
  function ObtainCollSamp: Boolean;
  function ObtainSpecimen: Boolean;
  function ObtainUrgency: Boolean;
  function ObtainComment: Boolean;

Class Hierarchy


Class Fields

Name Type Scope Comments
CollSamp Integer Public/Published Index into CollSampList
CollSampCount Integer Public/Published Count of original contents of CollSampList
CollSampList TList Public/Published Collection sample objects
Comment TStringList Public/Published Text of comment
CurReqComment UnicodeString Public/Published Name of required comment
CurWardComment TStringList Public/Published WP of Ward Comment
ForceUrgency Boolean Public/Published True if not prompt Urgency
LabSubscript UnicodeString Public/Published Which section of Lab?
QuickOrderResponses TResponses Public/Published If created as a result of a quick order selection
Specimen Integer Public/Published IEN of specimen
SpecimenList TStringList Public/Published Strings: IEN^Specimen Name
SpecListCount Integer Public/Published Count of original contents of SpecimenList
TestID Integer Public/Published IEN of Lab Test
TestName UnicodeString Public/Published Name of Lab Test
TestReqComment UnicodeString Public/Published Name of required comment
UniqueCollSamp Boolean Public/Published True if not prompt CollSamp
Urgency Integer Public/Published IEN of urgency
UrgencyList TStringList Public/Published Strings: IEN^Urgency Name


Name Declaration Scope Comments
Create constructor Create(const LabTestIEN: string; Responses: TResponses); Public/Published
Functions & procedures
dialog specific event procedures follow here ----------------------------------------------


Name Declaration Scope Comments
Destroy destructor Destroy; override ; Public/Published -


Name Declaration Scope Comments
ChangeCollSamp procedure ChangeCollSamp(CollSampIEN: Integer); Public/Published -
ChangeComment procedure ChangeComment(const CommentText: string); Public/Published -
ChangeSpecimen procedure ChangeSpecimen(const SpecimenIEN: string); Public/Published -
ChangeUrgency procedure ChangeUrgency(const UrgencyIEN: string); Public/Published -
FillCollSampList procedure FillCollSampList(LoadData: TStringList; DfltCollSamp: Integer); Public/Published
1  2        3         4       5         6          7         8          9               10   
IndexOfCollSamp function IndexOfCollSamp(CollSampIEN: Integer): Integer; Public/Published -
LabCanCollect function LabCanCollect: Boolean; Public/Published -
LoadAllSamples procedure LoadAllSamples; Public/Published -
LoadCollSamp procedure LoadCollSamp(AComboBox: TORComboBox); Public/Published Loads the collection sample combo box, expects CollSamp to already be set to default
LoadSpecimen procedure LoadSpecimen(AComboBox: TORComboBox); Public/Published Loads specimen combo box, if SpecimenList is empty, use 'E' xref on 61 ??
LoadUrgency procedure LoadUrgency(CollType: string; AComboBox:TORComboBox); Public/Published -
NameOfCollSamp function NameOfCollSamp: string; Public/Published -
NameOfSpecimen function NameOfSpecimen: string; Public/Published -
NameOfUrgency function NameOfUrgency: string; Public/Published -
ObtainCollSamp function ObtainCollSamp: Boolean; Public/Published -
ObtainComment function ObtainComment: Boolean; Public/Published -
ObtainSpecimen function ObtainSpecimen: Boolean; Public/Published -
ObtainUrgency function ObtainUrgency: Boolean; Public/Published -
SetCollSampDflts procedure SetCollSampDflts; Public/Published -

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