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  TfrmPCEBaseMain = class(TfrmPCEBaseGrid)
    lbSection: TORListBox;
    edtComment: TCaptionEdit;
    lblSection: TLabel;
    lblList: TLabel;
    lblComment: TLabel;
    btnRemove: TButton;
    btnOther: TButton;
    bvlMain: TBevel;
    btnSelectAll: TButton;
    lbxSection: TORListBox;
    pnlMain: TPanel;
    pnlLeft: TPanel;
    splLeft: TSplitter;
    procedure lbSectionClick(Sender: TObject);
    procedure btnOtherClick(Sender: TObject);
    procedure edtCommentExit(Sender: TObject);
    procedure edtCommentChange(Sender: TObject);
    procedure btnRemoveClick(Sender: TObject);
    procedure clbListClick(Sender: TObject);
    procedure lbGridSelect(Sender: TObject);
    procedure FormDestroy(Sender: TObject);
    procedure btnSelectAllClick(Sender: TObject);
    procedure FormResize(Sender: TObject); virtual;
    procedure clbListMouseDown(Sender: TObject; Button: TMouseButton;
      Shift: TShiftState; X, Y: Integer);
    procedure lbxSectionClickCheck(Sender: TObject; Index: Integer);
    procedure splLeftMoved(Sender: TObject);
    procedure edtCommentKeyPress(Sender: TObject; var Key: Char);
    procedure lbSectionExit(Sender: TObject);
    procedure btnOtherExit(Sender: TObject);
    procedure lbxSectionExit(Sender: TObject);
    procedure lbGridExit(Sender: TObject);
    procedure FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
    FCommentItem: integer;
    FCommentChanged: boolean;
    FUpdateCount: integer;
    FSectionPopulated: boolean;
    //FUpdatingGrid: boolean;  moved to 'protected' so frmDiagnoses can see it  (RV)
    FUpdatingGrid: boolean;
    FPCEListCodesProc: TPCEListCodesProc;
    FPCEItemClass: TPCEItemClass;
    FPCECode: string;
    FSplitterMove: Boolean;
    FProblems: TStringList;
    function GetCat: string;
    procedure UpdateNewItemStr(var x: string); virtual;
//    procedure UpdateNewItem(APCEItem: TPCEItem); virtual;
    procedure GridChanged; virtual;
    procedure UpdateControls; override;
    procedure BeginUpdate;
    procedure EndUpdate;
    function NotUpdating: boolean;
    procedure CheckOffEntries;
    procedure UpdateTabPos;
    procedure Sync2Grid;
    procedure Sync2Section;
    procedure AllowTabChange(var AllowChange: boolean); override;
    procedure InitTab(ACopyProc: TCopyItemsMethod; AListProc: TListSectionsProc);

DFM Objects

frmPCEBaseMain : TfrmPCEBaseMain
 ├lblSection : TLabel
 ├lblList : TLabel
 ├lblComment : TLabel
 ├bvlMain : TBevel
 ├btnOK : TBitBtn
 ├btnCancel : TBitBtn
 ├pnlGrid : TPanel
 │ ├lbGrid : TORListBox
 │ └hcGrid : THeaderControl
 ├edtComment : TCaptionEdit
 ├btnRemove : TButton
 ├btnSelectAll : TButton
 ├pnlMain : TPanel
 │ ├splLeft : TSplitter
 │ ├lbxSection : TORListBox
 │ └pnlLeft : TPanel
 │   ├lbSection : TORListBox
 │   └btnOther : TButton
 └amgrMain : TVA508AccessibilityManager

Class Hierarchy

Class Fields

Name Type Scope Comments
btnOther TButton Public/Published -
btnRemove TButton Public/Published -
btnSelectAll TButton Public/Published -
bvlMain Simple (unknown) Public/Published -
edtComment Simple (unknown) Public/Published -
FCommentChanged Boolean Private -
FCommentItem Integer Private -
FPCECode UnicodeString Protected -
FPCEItemClass Protected -
FPCEListCodesProc Protected -
FProblems TStringList Protected -
FSectionPopulated Boolean Private -
FSplitterMove Boolean Protected -
FUpdateCount Integer Private -
FUpdatingGrid Boolean Protected -
lblComment TLabel Public/Published -
lblList TLabel Public/Published -
lblSection TLabel Public/Published -
lbSection TORListBox Public/Published -
lbxSection TORListBox Public/Published -
pnlLeft TPanel Public/Published -
pnlMain TPanel Public/Published -
splLeft TSplitter Public/Published -


Name Declaration Scope Comments
AllowTabChange procedure AllowTabChange(var AllowChange: boolean); override; Public -
BeginUpdate procedure BeginUpdate; Protected -
btnOtherClick procedure btnOtherClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published
Procedure TfrmPCEBaseMain.UpdateNewItem(APCEItem: TPCEItem);
btnOtherExit procedure btnOtherExit(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
btnRemoveClick procedure btnRemoveClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
btnSelectAllClick procedure btnSelectAllClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
CheckOffEntries procedure CheckOffEntries; Protected TODO -oRich V. -cCode Set Versioning : Uncomment these lines to prevent acceptance of existing inactive DX codes.
clbListClick procedure clbListClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
clbListMouseDown procedure clbListMouseDown(Sender: TObject; Button: TMouseButton; Shift: TShiftState; X, Y: Integer); Public/Published -
edtCommentChange procedure edtCommentChange(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
edtCommentExit procedure edtCommentExit(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
edtCommentKeyPress procedure edtCommentKeyPress(Sender: TObject; var Key: Char); Public/Published -
EndUpdate procedure EndUpdate; Protected -
FormCreate procedure FormCreate(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
FormDestroy procedure FormDestroy(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
FormResize procedure FormResize(Sender: TObject); virtual; Public/Published -
GetCat function GetCat: string; Protected -
GridChanged procedure GridChanged; virtual; Protected Procedure UpdateNewItem(APCEItem: TPCEItem); virtual;
InitTab procedure InitTab(ACopyProc: TCopyItemsMethod; AListProc: TListSectionsProc); Public -
lbGridExit procedure lbGridExit(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
lbGridSelect procedure lbGridSelect(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
lbSectionClick procedure lbSectionClick(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
lbSectionExit procedure lbSectionExit(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
lbxSectionClickCheck procedure lbxSectionClickCheck(Sender: TObject; Index: Integer); Public/Published -
lbxSectionExit procedure lbxSectionExit(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
NotUpdating function NotUpdating: boolean; Protected -
splLeftMoved procedure splLeftMoved(Sender: TObject); Public/Published -
Sync2Grid procedure Sync2Grid; Protected -
Sync2Section procedure Sync2Section; Protected -
UpdateControls procedure UpdateControls; override; Protected -
UpdateNewItemStr procedure UpdateNewItemStr(var x: string); virtual; Protected -
UpdateTabPos procedure UpdateTabPos; Protected -

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