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Problem record



Inherits from



TProbRec = class(TObject)
  fDiagnosis:TKeyVal;        {.01}
  fModDate:TKeyVal;          {.03}
  fNarrative:TKeyVal;        {.05}
  fEntDate:TKeyVal;          {.08}
  fStatus:TKeyVal;           {.12}
  fOnsetDate:TKeyVal;        {.13}
  fProblem:TKeyVal;          {1.01}
  fCondition:TKeyVal;        {1.02}
  fEntBy:TKeyVal;            {1.03}
  fRecBy:TKeyVal;            {1.04}
  fRespProv:TKeyVal;         {1.05}
  fService:TKeyVal;          {1.06}
  fResolveDate:TKeyVal;      {1.07}
  fClinic:TKeyVal;           {1.08}
  fRecordDate:TKeyVal;       {1.09}
  fServCon:TKeyVal;          {1.1}
  fAOExposure:TKeyVal;       {1.11}
  fRadExposure:TKeyVal;      {1.12}
  fGulfExposure:TKeyVal;     {1.13}
  fPriority:TKeyVal;         {1.14}
  fHNC:TKeyVal;              {1.15}
  fMST:TKeyVal;              {1.16}
  fCV:TKeyVal;               {1.17}  // this is not used  value is always NULL
  fSHAD:TKeyVal;             {1.18}
  fSCTConcept:TKeyVal;       {80001}
  fSCTDesignation:TKeyVal;   {80002}
  fNTRTRequested: TKeyVal;   {80101}
  fNTRTComment: TKeyVal;     {80102}
  fCodeDate: TKeyVal;        {80201}
  fCodeSystem: TKeyVal;      {80202}
  fFieldList:TstringList; {list of fields by name and class (TKeyVal or TComment)}
  fCmtIsXHTML: boolean;
  fCmtNoEditReason: string;
  Procedure LoadField(Fldrec:TKeyVal;Id:String;name:string);
  Procedure CreateFields;
  procedure LoadComments;
  procedure SetDate(datefld:TKeyVal;dt:TDateTime);
  function GetModDate:TDateTime;
  procedure SetModDate(value:TDateTime);
  function GetEntDate:TDateTime;
  procedure SetEntDate(value:TDateTime);
  procedure SetOnsetDate(value:TDateTime);
  function GetOnsetDate:TDateTime;
  Function GetSCProblem:String;
  Procedure SetSCProblem(value:String);
  Function GetAOProblem:String;
  Procedure SetAOProblem(value:String);
  Function GetRADProblem:String;
  Procedure SetRADProblem(value:String);
  Function GetENVProblem:String;
  Procedure SetENVProblem(value:String);
  Function GetHNCProblem:String;
  Procedure SetHNCProblem(value:String);
  Function GetMSTProblem:String;
  Procedure SetMSTProblem(value:String);
  Function GetSHADProblem:String;
  Procedure SetSHADProblem(value:String);
  function GetStatus:String;
  procedure SetStatus(value:String);
  function GetPriority:String;
  procedure SetPriority(value:String);
  function GetRESDate:TDateTime;
  procedure SetRESDate(value:TDateTime);
  function GetRECDate:TDateTime;
  procedure SetRECDate(value:TDateTime);
  procedure SetNarrative(value:TKeyVal);
  function GetTDateTime(dt:string):TDateTime;
  function GetFilerObject:TstringList;
  function GetAltFilerObject:TstringList;
  function GetCommentCount:integer;
  Procedure EraseComments(clist:TList);
  function GetModDatstr:string;
  procedure SetModDatStr(value:string);
  function GetEntDatstr:string;
  procedure SetEntDatStr(value:string);
  function GetOnsetDatstr:string;
  procedure SetOnsetDatStr(value:string);
  function GetResDatstr:string;
  procedure SetResDatStr(value:string);
  function GetRecDatstr:string;
  procedure SetRecDatStr(value:string);
  procedure SetDateString(df:TKeyVal;value:string);
  function GetCondition:string;
  procedure SetCondition(value:String);
  function GetCodeDate: TDateTime;
  procedure SetCodeDate(value: TDateTime);
  function GetCodeDateStr: String;
  procedure SetCodeDateStr(value: String);
  fComments:TList; {comments}
  fCoordExprs:TList; {coordinate expressions}
  procedure AddNewComment(Txt:string);
  procedure AddNewCoordExpr(Txt:string);
  function FieldChanged(fldName:string):Boolean;
  constructor Create(AList:TstringList);
  destructor Destroy;override;
  property RawNewRec:TstringList read fNewRec;
  property RawOrigRec:TStringList read fOrigRec;
  property DateModified:TDateTime read GetModDate write SetModDate;
  property DateModStr:string read GetModDatstr write SetModDatStr;
  property DateEntered:TDateTime read GetEntDate write SetEntDate;
  property DateEntStr:string read GetEntDatstr write SetEntDatStr;
  property DateOnset:TDateTime read GetOnsetDate write SetOnsetDate;
  property DateOnsetStr:string read GetOnsetDatstr write SetOnsetDatStr;
  property SCProblem:String read GetSCProblem write SetSCProblem;
  property AOProblem:String read GetAOProblem write SetAOProblem;
  property RADProblem:String read GetRADProblem write SetRADProblem;
  property ENVProblem:String read GetENVProblem write SetENVProblem;
  property HNCProblem:String read GetHNCProblem write SetHNCProblem;
  property MSTProblem:String read GetMSTProblem write SetMSTProblem;
  property SHADProlem:String read GetSHADProblem write SetSHADProblem;
  property Status:String read GetStatus write SetStatus;
  property Narrative:TKeyVal read fNarrative write SetNarrative;
  property Diagnosis:TKeyVal read fDiagnosis write fDiagnosis;
  property SCTConcept:TKeyVal read fSCTConcept write fSCTConcept;
  property SCTDesignation:TKeyVal read fSCTDesignation write fSCTDesignation;
  property NTRTRequested:TKeyVal read fNTRTRequested write fNTRTRequested;
  property NTRTComment:TKeyVal read fNTRTComment write fNTRTComment;
  property CodeDate: TDateTime read GetCodeDate write SetCodeDate;
  property CodeDateStr: String read GetCodeDateStr write SetCodeDateStr;
  property CodeSystem: TKeyVal read fCodeSystem write fCodeSystem;
  property Problem:TKeyVal read fProblem write fProblem;
  property RespProvider:TKeyVal read fRespProv write fRespProv;
  property EnteredBy:TKeyVal read fEntBy write fEntBy;
  property RecordedBy:TKeyVal read fRecBy write fRecBy;
  property Service:TKeyVal read fService write fService;
  property Clinic:TKeyVal read fClinic write fClinic;
  property DateResolved:TDateTime read GetRESDate write SetRESDate;
  property DateResStr:string read GetResDatstr write SetResDatStr;
  property DateRecorded:TDateTime read GetRECDate write SetRECDate;
  property DateRecStr:string read GetRecDatstr write SetRecDatStr;
  property Priority:string read GetPriority write SetPriority;
  property Comments:TList read fComments write fComments;
  property CoordExprs: TList read fCoordExprs write fCoordExprs;
  property Condition:string read GetCondition write SetCondition;
  property CommentCount:integer read GetCommentCount;
  property FilerObject:TstringList read GetFilerObject;
  property AltFilerObject:TstringList read GetAltFilerObject;
  property PIFN:string read fPIFN write fPIFN;
  property CmtIsXHTML: boolean read fCmtIsXHTML;
  property CmtNoEditReason: string read fCmtNoEditReason;

Class Hierarchy


Class Fields

Name Type Scope Comments
fAOExposure TKeyVal Private 1.11
fClinic TKeyVal Private 1.08
fCmtIsXHTML Boolean Private -
fCmtNoEditReason UnicodeString Private -
fCodeDate TKeyVal Private 80201
fCodeSystem TKeyVal Private 80202
fComments TList Public Comments
fCondition TKeyVal Private 1.02
fCoordExprs TList Public Coordinate expressions
fCV TKeyVal Private 1.17} // this is not used value is always NULL
fDiagnosis TKeyVal Private .01
fEntBy TKeyVal Private 1.03
fEntDate TKeyVal Private .08
fFieldList TStringList Private List of fields by name and class (TKeyVal or TComment)
fFilerObj TStringList Private -
fGulfExposure TKeyVal Private 1.13
fHNC TKeyVal Private 1.15
fModDate TKeyVal Private .03
fMST TKeyVal Private 1.16
fNarrative TKeyVal Private .05
fNewrec TStringList Private -
fNTRTComment TKeyVal Private 80102
fNTRTRequested TKeyVal Private 80101
fOnsetDate TKeyVal Private .13
fOrigRec TStringList Private -
fPIFN UnicodeString Private -
fPriority TKeyVal Private 1.14
fProblem TKeyVal Private 1.01
fRadExposure TKeyVal Private 1.12
fRecBy TKeyVal Private 1.04
fRecordDate TKeyVal Private 1.09
fResolveDate TKeyVal Private 1.07
fRespProv TKeyVal Private 1.05
fSCTConcept TKeyVal Private 80001
fSCTDesignation TKeyVal Private 80002
fServCon TKeyVal Private 1.1
fService TKeyVal Private 1.06
fSHAD TKeyVal Private 1.18
fStatus TKeyVal Private .12


Name Type Scope Comments
AltFilerObject TStringList Public -
AOProblem UnicodeString Public -
Clinic TKeyVal Public -
CmtIsXHTML Boolean Public -
CmtNoEditReason UnicodeString Public -
CodeDate TDateTime Public -
CodeDateStr UnicodeString Public -
CodeSystem TKeyVal Public -
CommentCount Integer Public -
Comments TList Public -
Condition UnicodeString Public -
CoordExprs TList Public -
DateEntered TDateTime Public -
DateEntStr UnicodeString Public -
DateModified TDateTime Public -
DateModStr UnicodeString Public -
DateOnset TDateTime Public -
DateOnsetStr UnicodeString Public -
DateRecorded TDateTime Public -
DateRecStr UnicodeString Public -
DateResolved TDateTime Public -
DateResStr UnicodeString Public -
Diagnosis TKeyVal Public -
EnteredBy TKeyVal Public -
ENVProblem UnicodeString Public -
FilerObject TStringList Public -
HNCProblem UnicodeString Public -
MSTProblem UnicodeString Public -
Narrative TKeyVal Public -
NTRTComment TKeyVal Public -
NTRTRequested TKeyVal Public -
PIFN UnicodeString Public -
Priority UnicodeString Public -
Problem TKeyVal Public -
RADProblem UnicodeString Public -
RawNewRec TStringList Public -
RawOrigRec TStringList Public -
RecordedBy TKeyVal Public -
RespProvider TKeyVal Public -
SCProblem UnicodeString Public -
SCTConcept TKeyVal Public -
SCTDesignation TKeyVal Public -
Service TKeyVal Public -
SHADProlem UnicodeString Public -
Status UnicodeString Public -


Name Declaration Scope Comments
Create constructor Create(AList:TstringList); Public ------------------ TProbRec -----------------------


Name Declaration Scope Comments
Destroy destructor Destroy;override; Public -


Name Declaration Scope Comments
AddNewComment procedure AddNewComment(Txt:string); Public -
AddNewCoordExpr procedure AddNewCoordExpr(Txt:string); Public -
CreateFields Procedure CreateFields; Private -
EraseComments Procedure EraseComments(clist:TList); Private -
FieldChanged function FieldChanged(fldName:string):Boolean; Public -
GetAltFilerObject function GetAltFilerObject:TstringList; Private
Return array for filing in dhcp via UPDATE^GMPLUTL
  - leave narrative out, looks like inclusion causes new entry
  - Date recorded (1.09) is non-editable, causes error if present
GetAOProblem Function GetAOProblem:String; Private -
GetCodeDate function GetCodeDate: TDateTime; Private -
GetCodeDateStr function GetCodeDateStr: String; Private -
GetCommentCount function GetCommentCount:integer; Private -
GetCondition function GetCondition:string; Private -
GetEntDate function GetEntDate:TDateTime; Private -
GetEntDatstr function GetEntDatstr:string; Private -
GetENVProblem Function GetENVProblem:String; Private -
GetFilerObject function GetFilerObject:TstringList; Private
--------------------------------- Filer Objects -------------------------

return array for filing in dhcp
GetHNCProblem Function GetHNCProblem:String; Private -
GetModDate function GetModDate:TDateTime; Private -
GetModDatstr function GetModDatstr:string; Private -
GetMSTProblem Function GetMSTProblem:String; Private -
GetOnsetDate function GetOnsetDate:TDateTime; Private -
GetOnsetDatstr function GetOnsetDatstr:string; Private -
GetPriority function GetPriority:String; Private -
GetRADProblem Function GetRADProblem:String; Private -
GetRECDate function GetRECDate:TDateTime; Private -
GetRecDatstr function GetRecDatstr:string; Private -
GetRESDate function GetRESDate:TDateTime; Private -
GetResDatstr function GetResDatstr:string; Private -
GetSCProblem Function GetSCProblem:String; Private -
GetSHADProblem Function GetSHADProblem:String; Private -
GetStatus function GetStatus:String; Private -
GetTDateTime function GetTDateTime(dt:string):TDateTime; Private -
LoadComments procedure LoadComments; Private -
LoadField Procedure LoadField(Fldrec:TKeyVal;Id:String;name:string); Private -
SetAOProblem Procedure SetAOProblem(value:String); Private -
SetCodeDate procedure SetCodeDate(value: TDateTime); Private -
SetCodeDateStr procedure SetCodeDateStr(value: String); Private -
SetCondition procedure SetCondition(value:String); Private -
SetDate procedure SetDate(datefld:TKeyVal;dt:TDateTime); Private -
SetDateString procedure SetDateString(df:TKeyVal;value:string); Private
SetEntDate procedure SetEntDate(value:TDateTime); Private -
SetEntDatStr procedure SetEntDatStr(value:string); Private -
SetENVProblem Procedure SetENVProblem(value:String); Private -
SetHNCProblem Procedure SetHNCProblem(value:String); Private -
SetModDate procedure SetModDate(value:TDateTime); Private -
SetModDatStr procedure SetModDatStr(value:string); Private -
SetMSTProblem Procedure SetMSTProblem(value:String); Private -
SetNarrative procedure SetNarrative(value:TKeyVal); Private -
SetOnsetDate procedure SetOnsetDate(value:TDateTime); Private -
SetOnsetDatStr procedure SetOnsetDatStr(value:string); Private -
SetPriority procedure SetPriority(value:String); Private -
SetRADProblem Procedure SetRADProblem(value:String); Private -
SetRECDate procedure SetRECDate(value:TDateTime); Private -
SetRecDatStr procedure SetRecDatStr(value:string); Private -
SetRESDate procedure SetRESDate(value:TDateTime); Private -
SetResDatStr procedure SetResDatStr(value:string); Private -
SetSCProblem Procedure SetSCProblem(value:String); Private -
SetSHADProblem Procedure SetSHADProblem(value:String); Private -
SetStatus procedure SetStatus(value:String); Private -

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