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TUser = class(TObject)
  FDUZ:             Int64;                      // User DUZ (IEN in New Person file)
  FName:            string;                     // User Name (mixed case)
  FUserClass:       Integer;                    // User Class (based on OR keys for now)
  FCanSignOrders:   Boolean;                    // Has ORES key
  FIsProvider:      Boolean;                    // Has VA Provider key
  FOrderRole:       Integer;
  FNoOrdering:      Boolean;
  FEnableVerify:    Boolean;
  FDTIME:           Integer;
  FCountDown:       Integer;
  FCurrentPrinter:  string;
  FNotifyAppsWM:    Boolean;
  FDomain:          string;
  FPtMsgHang:       Integer;
  FService:         Integer;
  FAutoSave:        Integer;
  FInitialTab:      Integer;
  FUseLastTab:      Boolean;
  FWebAccess:       Boolean;
  FIsRPL:           string;
  FRPLList:         string;
  FHasCorTabs:      Boolean;
  FHasRptTab:       Boolean;
  FIsReportsOnly:   Boolean;
  FToolsRptEdit:    Boolean;
  FDisableHold:     Boolean;
  FGECStatus:       Boolean;
  FStationNumber:   string;
  FIsProductionAccount: boolean;
  constructor Create;
  function HasKey(const KeyName: string): Boolean;
  procedure SetCurrentPrinter(Value: string);
  property DUZ:             Int64   read FDUZ;
  property Name:            string  read FName;
  property UserClass:       Integer read FUserClass;
  property CanSignOrders:   Boolean read FCanSignOrders;
  property IsProvider:      Boolean read FIsProvider;
  property OrderRole:       Integer read FOrderRole;
  property NoOrdering:      Boolean read FNoOrdering;
  property EnableVerify:    Boolean read FEnableVerify;
  property DTIME:           Integer read FDTIME;
  property CountDown:       Integer read FCountDown;
  property PtMsgHang:       Integer read FPtMsgHang;
  property Service:         Integer read FService;
  property AutoSave:        Integer read FAutoSave;
  property InitialTab:      Integer read FInitialTab;
  property UseLastTab:      Boolean read FUseLastTab;
  property WebAccess:       Boolean read FWebAccess;
  property DisableHold:     Boolean read FDisableHold;
  property IsRPL:           string  read FIsRPL;
  property RPLList:         string  read FRPLList;
  property HasCorTabs:      Boolean read FHasCorTabs;
  property HasRptTab:       Boolean read FHasRptTab;
  property IsReportsOnly:   Boolean read FIsReportsOnly;
  property ToolsRptEdit:    Boolean read FToolsRptEdit;
  property CurrentPrinter:  string  read FCurrentPrinter write SetCurrentPrinter;
  property GECStatus:       Boolean read FGECStatus;
  property StationNumber:   string  read FStationNumber;
  property IsProductionAccount: boolean read FIsProductionAccount;

Class Hierarchy


Class Fields

Name Type Scope Comments
FAutoSave Integer Private -
FCanSignOrders Boolean Private Has ORES key
FCountDown Integer Private -
FCurrentPrinter UnicodeString Private -
FDisableHold Boolean Private -
FDomain UnicodeString Private -
FDTIME Integer Private -
FDUZ Int64 Private User DUZ (IEN in New Person file)
FEnableVerify Boolean Private -
FGECStatus Boolean Private -
FHasCorTabs Boolean Private -
FHasRptTab Boolean Private -
FInitialTab Integer Private -
FIsProductionAccount Boolean Private -
FIsProvider Boolean Private Has VA Provider key
FIsReportsOnly Boolean Private -
FIsRPL UnicodeString Private -
FName UnicodeString Private User Name (mixed case)
FNoOrdering Boolean Private -
FNotifyAppsWM Boolean Private -
FOrderRole Integer Private -
FPtMsgHang Integer Private -
FRPLList UnicodeString Private -
FService Integer Private -
FStationNumber UnicodeString Private -
FToolsRptEdit Boolean Private -
FUseLastTab Boolean Private -
FUserClass Integer Private User Class (based on OR keys for now)
FWebAccess Boolean Private -


Name Type Scope Comments
AutoSave Integer Public -
CanSignOrders Boolean Public -
CountDown Integer Public -
CurrentPrinter UnicodeString Public -
DisableHold Boolean Public -
DTIME Integer Public -
DUZ Int64 Public -
EnableVerify Boolean Public -
GECStatus Boolean Public -
HasCorTabs Boolean Public -
HasRptTab Boolean Public -
InitialTab Integer Public -
IsProductionAccount Boolean Public -
IsProvider Boolean Public -
IsReportsOnly Boolean Public -
IsRPL UnicodeString Public -
Name UnicodeString Public -
NoOrdering Boolean Public -
OrderRole Integer Public -
PtMsgHang Integer Public -
RPLList UnicodeString Public -
Service Integer Public -
StationNumber UnicodeString Public -
ToolsRptEdit Boolean Public -
UseLastTab Boolean Public -
UserClass Integer Public -
WebAccess Boolean Public -


Name Declaration Scope Comments
Create constructor Create; Public
TUser methods ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

 create the User object for the currently logged in user


Name Declaration Scope Comments
HasKey function HasKey(const KeyName: string): Boolean; Public Returns true if the current user has the given security key
SetCurrentPrinter procedure SetCurrentPrinter(Value: string); Public -

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fFrame (784) - Read
uCore (392) EmptySaved Read