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Name Inherits Module Comments
 The Class CoContextItem provides a Create and CreateRemote method to          
 create instances of the default interface IContextItem exposed by              
 the CoClass ContextItem. The functions are intended to be used by             
 clients wishing to automate the CoClass objects exposed by the         
 server of this typelibrary.                                            
CoContextItemCollection TObject VERGENCECONTEXTORLib_TLB
 The Class CoContextItemCollection provides a Create and CreateRemote method to          
 create instances of the default interface IContextItemCollection exposed by              
 the CoClass ContextItemCollection. The functions are intended to be used by             
 clients wishing to automate the CoClass objects exposed by the         
 server of this typelibrary.                                            
 The Class CoContextor provides a Create and CreateRemote method to          
 create instances of the default interface IContextor exposed by              
 the CoClass Contextor. The functions are intended to be used by             
 clients wishing to automate the CoClass objects exposed by the         
 server of this typelibrary.                                            
CoContextorParticipant TObject VERGENCECONTEXTORLib_TLB
 The Class CoContextorParticipant provides a Create and CreateRemote method to          
 create instances of the default interface IContextParticipant exposed by              
 the CoClass ContextorParticipant. The functions are intended to be used by             
 clients wishing to automate the CoClass objects exposed by the         
 server of this typelibrary.                                            
 The Class CoResponseDialog provides a Create and CreateRemote method to          
 create instances of the default interface IResponseDialog exposed by              
 the CoClass ResponseDialog. The functions are intended to be used by             
 clients wishing to automate the CoClass objects exposed by the         
 server of this typelibrary.                                            
CoXuDigSigS TObject XuDigSigSC_TLB
 The Class CoXuDigSigS provides a Create and CreateRemote method to          
 create instances of the default interface IXuDigSigS exposed by              
 the CoClass XuDigSigS. The functions are intended to be used by             
 clients wishing to automate the CoClass objects exposed by the         
 server of this typelibrary.                                            
EForcedPromptConflict EAbort uReminders -
EOrderDlgFail Exception uOrders -
ETemplateError Exception uTemplates -
ETemplateImportError Exception uTemplates -
ETemplateXMLImportError EOleSysError uTemplates -
ExposedControl TWinControl uVA508CPRSCompatibility -
TAccessCheckBox TORCheckBox uReminders -
TBACBStsFlagsIN TObject UBAGlobals
TBAClearedBillingRec TObject UBAGlobals -
TBAConsultOrderRec TObject UBAGlobals -
TBACopiedOrderFlags TObject UBAGlobals -
TBADxRecord TObject UBAGlobals -
TBAFactorsRec TObject UBAGlobals -
TBAGlobals TObject UBAGlobals -
TBAPLFactorsIN TObject UBAGlobals -
TBAPLPt TObject UBAGlobals
Patient qualifiers
TBAPLRec TObject UBAGlobals
Problem List Record Used To Add New DX From SignOrders Form
TBATreatmentFactorsInRec TObject UBAGlobals -
TBAUnsignedBillingRec TObject UBAGlobals -
TCellObject TObject uReports
Data Object for each Cell in ListView
TChangeItem TObject uCore -
TChanges TObject uCore -
TChildOD TObject fMeds -
TClinProcTitles TObject uConsults -
TCollSamp TObject fODBBank -
TCollSamp TObject fODLab -
TCombatVet TObject uCombatVet -
TCombination TObject fOptionsCombinations -
TComment TObject uProbs -
TConsultTitles TObject uConsults -
TContextItemCollection TOleServer VERGENCECONTEXTORLib_TLB -
TContextorControl TOleControl VERGENCECONTEXTORLib_TLB -
TContextorParticipant TOleServer VERGENCECONTEXTORLib_TLB -
TCoordExpr TObject uProbs -
TCoverSheetList TObject rCover -
TCPRSBaseDialogComponent508Manager TVA508ManagedComponentClass uVA508CPRSCompatibility -
TCPRSBroker TAutoIntfObject uEventHooks -
TCPRSDialogButton TButton uDlgComponents -
TCPRSDialogCheckBox TORCheckBox uDlgComponents -
TCPRSDialogCheckBox508Manager TORCheckBox508Manager uVA508CPRSCompatibility -
TCPRSDialogComboBox TORComboBox uDlgComponents -
TCPRSDialogComponent TInterfacedObject uDlgComponents -
TCPRSDialogDateBox TORDateBox uDlgComponents -
TCPRSDialogDateBox508Manager TCPRSBaseDialogComponent508Manager uVA508CPRSCompatibility -
TCPRSDialogDateCombo TORDateCombo uDlgComponents -
TCPRSDialogDateCombo508Manager TCPRSBaseDialogComponent508Manager uVA508CPRSCompatibility -
TCPRSDialogEdit508Manager TCPRSBaseDialogComponent508Manager uVA508CPRSCompatibility
TCPRSDialogStaticLabel508Manager = class(TVA508StaticTextManager)
    constructor Create; override;
    function GetCaption(Component: TWinControl): string; override;
TCPRSDialogFieldComboBox508Manager TCPRSBaseDialogComponent508Manager uVA508CPRSCompatibility -
TCPRSDialogFieldEdit TEdit uDlgComponents -
TCPRSDialogHyperlink508Manager TCPRSBaseDialogComponent508Manager uVA508CPRSCompatibility -
TCPRSDialogHyperlinkLabel TCPRSTemplateFieldLabel uDlgComponents -
TCPRSDialogLabel508Manager TCPRSBaseDialogComponent508Manager uVA508CPRSCompatibility -
TCPRSDialogNumber TPanel uDlgComponents -
TCPRSDialogNumberComplexManager TVA508ComplexComponentManager uVA508CPRSCompatibility -
TCPRSDialogParentCheckBox TORCheckBox uDlgComponents -
TCPRSDialogRichEdit TRichEdit uDlgComponents -
TCPRSDialogRichEdit508Manager TCPRSBaseDialogComponent508Manager uVA508CPRSCompatibility -
TCPRSDialogStaticLabel TVA508StaticText uDlgComponents -
TCPRSDialogYearEdit TORYearEdit uDlgComponents -
TCPRSDialogYearEdit508Manager TVA508ManagedComponentClass uVA508CPRSCompatibility -
TCPRSEventHookManager TObject uEventHooks -
TCPRSNumberField TEdit uDlgComponents -
TCPRSNumberField508Manager TVA508ManagedComponentClass uVA508CPRSCompatibility -
TCPRSParentDialogCheckBox508Manager TORCheckBox508Manager uVA508CPRSCompatibility -
TCPRSState TAutoIntfObject uEventHooks -
TCPRSTemplateFieldLabel TCPRSDialogStaticLabel uDlgComponents -
TCPRSTimeoutTimer TTimer uInit -
tCryptography TObject XuDsigS -
TCtrlInit TObject fODBase -
TCtrlInits TObject fODBase -
TDCSummPrefs TObject uDCSumm -
TDCSummTitles TObject uDCSumm -
TDialogCtrl TObject fODGen -
TDialogItem TObject fProbEdt
For loading edits & quick orders
TDialogItem TObject rODBase -
TDlgFieldPanel TPanel uDlgComponents
This is the panel associated with child items in template and reminders dialogs
TdmodShared TDataModule dShared -
TECSReport TObject rECS -
TEncounter TObject uCore -
TExposedBtn TButton fBase508Form -
TExposedComponent TControl uReminders -
TExposedListBox TCustomListBox uSignItems -
TFontFriend TFont uDlgComponents -
TFormEvent TObject uFormMonitor -
TFormMonitor TObject uFormMonitor -
TfraCoPayDesc TFrame mCoPayDesc -
TfraEvntDelayList TFrame mEvntDelay -
TfraImgText TFrame mImgText -
TfraTemplateFieldButton TFrame mTemplateFieldButton -
TfraTemplateFieldButton508Manager TVA508ManagedComponentClass uVA508CPRSCompatibility -
TfraTemplateFieldButtonComplexManager TVA508ComplexComponentManager uVA508CPRSCompatibility -
TfraVisitRelated TFrame mVisitRelated -
TFriendWinControl TWinControl fBase508Form -
Tfrm513Print TfrmAutoSz fConsult513Prt -
TfrmAbout TfrmAutoSz fAbout -
TfrmActivateDeactive TfrmAutoSz fActivateDeactivate -
TfrmAddlSigners TfrmBase508Form fAddlSigners -
TfrmAlertForward TfrmBase508Form fAlertForward -
TfrmAlertOrders TfrmAutoSz fOrdersAlert -
TfrmAllgyBox TfrmReportBox fAllgyBox -
TfrmAllgyFind TfrmAutoSz fAllgyFind -
TfrmARTAllergy TfrmOMAction fARTAllgy -
TfrmARTFreeTextMsg TfrmAutoSz fARTFreeTextMsg -
TfrmAutoResize TfrmPage fAResize -
TfrmAutoSz TfrmBase508Form fAutoSz -
TfrmBALocalDiagnoses TfrmAutoSz fBALocalDiagnoses -
TfrmBAOptionsDiagnoses TfrmAutoSz fBAOptionsDiagnoses -
TfrmBase508Form TForm fBase508Form -
TfrmBroker TfrmBase508Form fxBroker -
TfrmChangeEventDisp TfrmAutoSz fODChangeEvtDisp -
TfrmChgEvent TfrmAutoSz fOrdersCV -
TfrmClinicWardMeds TfrmAutoSz fClinicWardMeds -
TfrmCombatVet TfrmBase508Form fCombatVet -
TfrmCompleteOrders TfrmAutoSz fOrdersComplete -
TfrmConsMedRslt TfrmAutoSz fConsMedRslt -
TfrmConsultAction TfrmBase508Form fConsultAct -
TfrmConsultAlertsTo TfrmBase508Form fConsultAlertTo -
TfrmConsults TfrmHSplit fConsults -
TfrmConsultsByDate TfrmBase508Form fConsultBD -
TfrmConsultsByService TfrmBase508Form fConsultBS -
TfrmConsultsByStatus TfrmBase508Form fConsultBSt -
TfrmConsultsView TfrmBase508Form fConsultsView -
TfrmCopyOrders TfrmBase508Form fOrdersCopy -
TfrmCover TfrmPage fCover -
TfrmCsltNote TfrmBase508Form fCsltNote -
TfrmCSRemaining TForm fCSRemaining -
TfrmDateRange TfrmAutoSz fDateRange -
TfrmDbgList TfrmBase508Form fxLists -
TfrmDbgServer TfrmBase508Form fxServer -
TfrmDCOrders TfrmBase508Form fOrdersDC -
TfrmDCSumm TfrmHSplit fDCSumm -
TfrmDCSummProperties TfrmBase508Form fDCSummProps -
TfrmDefaultEvent TfrmBase508Form fDefaultEvent -
TfrmDeviceSelect TfrmAutoSz fDeviceSelect -
TfrmDiagnoses TfrmPCEBaseMain fDiagnoses -
TfrmdlgProb TfrmBase508Form fProbEdt -
TfrmDrawers TfrmBase508Form fDrawers -
TfrmDupPts TfrmBase508Form fDupPts -
TfrmEditCslt TfrmAutoSz fEditConsult -
TfrmEditProc TfrmAutoSz fEditProc -
TfrmEffectDate TfrmAutoSz fEffectDate -
TfrmEncounter TfrmBase508Form fEncnt -
TfrmEncounterFrame TfrmBase508Form fEncounterFrame -
TfrmEncVitals TfrmPCEBase fEncVitals -
TfrmExams TfrmPCEBaseMain fExam -
TfrmFindingTemplates TForm fFindingTemplates -
TfrmFlagOrder TfrmAutoSz fOrderFlag -
TfrmFlags TfrmBase508Form fPatientFlagMulti -
TfrmFrame TfrmBase508Form fFrame -
TfrmGAF TfrmPCEBaseGrid fGAF -
TfrmGraphData TfrmBase508Form fGraphData -
TfrmGraphOthers TfrmBase508Form fGraphOthers -
TfrmGraphProfiles TfrmBase508Form fGraphProfiles -
TfrmGraphs TfrmBase508Form fGraphs -
TfrmGraphSettings TfrmBase508Form fGraphSettings -
TfrmHealthFactors TfrmPCEBaseMain fHealthFactor -
TfrmHFSearch TfrmAutoSz fHFSearch -
TfrmHoldOrders TfrmAutoSz fOrdersHold -
TfrmHP TfrmPage fHP -
TfrmHSplit TfrmPage fHSplit -
TfrmIconLegend TfrmAutoSz fIconLegend -
TfrmImmunizations TfrmPCEBaseMain fImmunization -
TfrmInvalidActionList TfrmBase508Form fODValidateAction -
TfrmIVRoutes TfrmAutoSz fIVRoutes -
TfrmLabCollectTimes TfrmBase508Form fLabCollTimes -
TfrmLabInfo TfrmAutoSz fLabInfo -
TfrmLabPrint TfrmBase508Form fLabPrint -
TfrmLabs TfrmHSplit fLabs -
TfrmLabTest TfrmBase508Form fLabTest -
TfrmLabTestGroups TfrmBase508Form fLabTestGroups -
TfrmLabTests TfrmBase508Form fLabTests -
TfrmLkUpLocation TfrmAutoSz fLkUpLocation -
TfrmMedCopy TfrmBase508Form fMedCopy -
TfrmMeds TfrmPage fMeds -
TfrmMHTest TfrmBase508Form fMHTest -
TfrmNoteConsult TfrmAutoSz fNoteCslt -
TfrmNoteCPFields TfrmAutoSz fNoteCPFields -
TfrmNoteDelReason TfrmAutoSz fNoteDR -
TfrmNoteIDParents TfrmAutoSz fNoteIDParents -
TfrmNotePrint TfrmAutoSz fNotePrt -
TfrmNoteProperties TfrmBase508Form fNoteProps -
TfrmNotes TfrmHSplit fNotes -
TfrmNotesBP TfrmAutoSz fNotesBP -
TfrmNotesByAuthor TfrmBase508Form fNoteBA -
TfrmNotesByDate TfrmBase508Form fNoteBD -
TfrmNotesSearchText TfrmAutoSz fNoteST -
TfrmOCAccept TfrmAutoSz fOCAccept -
TfrmOCMonograph TForm fOCMonograph -
TfrmOCSession TfrmAutoSz fOCSession -
TfrmODActive TfrmAutoSz fODActive -
TfrmODAllergy TfrmODBase fODAllgy -
TfrmODAuto TfrmODBase fODAuto -
TfrmODBase TfrmAutoSz fODBase -
TfrmODBBank TfrmODBase fODBBank -
TfrmODChangeUnreleasedRenew TfrmAutoSz fODChangeUnreleasedRenew -
TfrmODChild TfrmAutoSz fODChild -
TfrmODCslt TfrmODBase fODConsult -
TfrmODDiet TfrmODBase fODDiet -
TfrmODDietLT TfrmAutoSz fODDietLT -
TfrmODGen TfrmODBase fODGen -
TfrmODLab TfrmODBase fODLab -
TfrmODLabImmedColl TfrmBase508Form fODLabImmedColl -
TfrmODLabOthCollSamp TfrmBase508Form fODLabOthCollSamp -
TfrmODLabOthSpec TfrmBase508Form fODLabOthSpec -
TfrmODMedComplex TfrmAutoSz fODMedComplex -
TfrmODMedFA TfrmAutoSz fODMedFA -
TfrmODMedIn TfrmODBase fODMedIn -
TfrmODMedIV TfrmODBase fODMedIV -
TfrmODMedNVA TfrmODBase fODMedNVA -
TfrmODMedOIFA TfrmBase508Form fODMedOIFA -
TfrmODMedOut TfrmODBase fODMedOut -
TfrmODMeds TfrmODBase fODMeds -
TfrmODMessage TfrmBase508Form fODMessage -
TfrmODMisc TfrmODBase fODMisc -
TfrmODProc TfrmODBase fODProc -
TfrmODQuick TfrmAutoSz fODSaveQuick -
TfrmODRad TfrmODBase fODRad -
TfrmODRadApproval TfrmBase508Form fODRadApproval -
TfrmODRadConShRes TfrmBase508Form fODRadConShRes -
TfrmODRadImType TfrmBase508Form fODRadImType -
TfrmODText TfrmODBase fODText -
TfrmODVitals TfrmODBase fODVitals -
TfrmOMAction TfrmAutoSz fOMAction -
TfrmOMNavA TfrmBase508Form fOMNavA -
TfrmOMProgress TfrmAutoSz fOMProgress -
TfrmOMSet TfrmBase508Form fOMSet -
TfrmOMVerify TfrmAutoSz fOMVerify -
TfrmOnChartOrders TfrmAutoSz fOrdersOnChart -
TfrmOptions TfrmAutoSz fOptions -
TfrmOptionsCombinations TfrmBase508Form fOptionsCombinations -
TfrmOptionsDays TfrmBase508Form fOptionsDays -
TfrmOptionsLists TfrmBase508Form fOptionsLists -
TfrmOptionsNewList TfrmBase508Form fOptionsNewList -
TfrmOptionsNotes TfrmBase508Form fOptionsNotes -
TfrmOptionsOther TfrmBase508Form fOptionsOther -
TfrmOptionsPatientSelection TfrmBase508Form fOptionsPatientSelection -
TfrmOptionsPrimaryList TfrmBase508Form fOptionsPrimaryList -
TfrmOptionsReminders TfrmBase508Form fOptionsReminders -
TfrmOptionsReportsCustom TfrmBase508Form fOptionsReportsCustom -
TfrmOptionsReportsDefault TfrmBase508Form fOptionsReportsDefault -
TfrmOptionsSubscribe TfrmBase508Form fOptionsSubscribe -
TfrmOptionsSurrogate TfrmBase508Form fOptionsSurrogate -
TfrmOptionsTeams TfrmBase508Form fOptionsTeams -
TfrmOptionsTitles TfrmBase508Form fOptionsTitles -
TfrmOrders TfrmHSplit fOrders -
TfrmOrdersEvntRelease TfrmAutoSz fOrdersEvntRelease -
TfrmOrdersPrint TfrmBase508Form fOrdersPrint -
TfrmOrdersReleaseEvent TfrmBase508Form fODReleaseEvent -
TfrmOrdersTS TfrmAutoSz fOrdersTS -
TfrmOrderView TfrmAutoSz fOrderVw -
TfrmOtherSchedule TfrmAutoSz fOtherSchedule -
TfrmPage TfrmBase508Form fPage -
TfrmPatientEd TfrmPCEBaseMain fPatientEd -
TfrmPCEBase TfrmAutoSz fPCEBase -
TfrmPCEBaseGrid TfrmPCEBase fPCEBaseGrid -
TfrmPCEBaseMain TfrmPCEBaseGrid fPCEBaseMain -
TfrmPCEEdit TfrmBase508Form fPCEEdit -
TfrmPCELex TfrmBase508Form fPCELex -
TfrmPCEOther TfrmAutoSz fPCEOther -
TfrmPCEProvider TfrmBase508Form fPCEProvider -
TfrmPINPrompt TForm fPINPrompt -
TfrmPLLex TfrmBase508Form fProbLex -
TfrmPlVuFilt TfrmBase508Form fProbflt -
TfrmPostings TfrmBase508Form fPostings -
TfrmPrerequisites TfrmBase508Form fPreReq -
TfrmPrintList TfrmAutoSz fPrintList -
TfrmPrintLocation TfrmAutoSz fPrintLocation -
TfrmProbCmt TfrmBase508Form fProbCmt -
TfrmProbFreetext TfrmBase508Form fProbFreetext -
TfrmProblems TfrmHSplit fProbs -
TfrmProcedures TfrmPCEBaseMain fProcedure -
TfrmPtCWAD TfrmAutoSz fPtCWAD -
TfrmPtDemo TfrmBase508Form fPtDemo -
TfrmPtSel TfrmBase508Form fPtSel -
TfrmPtSelDemog TfrmBase508Form fPtSelDemog -
TfrmPtSelMsg TfrmBase508Form fPtSelMsg -
TfrmPtSelOptns TfrmBase508Form fPtSelOptns -
TfrmPtSelOptSave TfrmBase508Form fPtSelOptSave -
TfrmPtSens TfrmBase508Form fPtSens -
TfrmRefillOrders TfrmAutoSz fOrdersRefill -
TfrmReleaseOrders TfrmAutoSz fOrdersRelease -
TfrmRemCoverPreview TfrmBase508Form fRemCoverPreview -
TfrmRemCoverSheet TfrmBase508Form fRemCoverSheet -
TfrmRemDlg TfrmBase508Form fReminderDialog -
TfrmReminderTree TfrmBase508Form fReminderTree -
TfrmRemVisitInfo TfrmBase508Form fRemVisitInfo -
TfrmRename TfrmAutoSz fRename -
TfrmRenewOrders TfrmAutoSz fOrdersRenew -
TfrmRenewOutMed TfrmBase508Form fRenewOutMed -
TfrmReportBox TfrmBase508Form fRptBox -
TfrmReportPrt TfrmBase508Form fReportsPrint -
TfrmReports TfrmHSplit fReports -
TfrmReportsAdhocComponent1 TfrmAutoSz fReportsAdhocComponent1 -
TfrmReportsAdhocSubItem1 TfrmAutoSz fReportsAdhocSubItem1 -
TfrmReview TfrmBase508Form fReview -
TfrmSaveQuickOrder TfrmAutoSz fOrderSaveQuick -
TfrmSearchStop TfrmAutoSz fNoteSTStop -
TfrmSignItem TfrmBase508Form fSignItem -
TfrmSignOrders TfrmBase508Form fOrdersSign -
TfrmSkinTests TfrmPCEBaseMain fSkinTest -
TfrmSpellNotify TForm fSpellNotify -
TfrmSplash TfrmBase508Form fSplash -
TfrmSurgery TfrmHSplit fSurgery -
TfrmSurgeryView TfrmBase508Form fSurgeryView -
TfrmTemplateAutoGen TfrmBase508Form fTemplateAutoGen -
TfrmTemplateDialog TfrmBase508Form fTemplateDialog -
TfrmTemplateEditor TfrmBase508Form fTemplateEditor -
TfrmTemplateFieldEditor TfrmBase508Form fTemplateFieldEditor -
TfrmTemplateFields TfrmBase508Form fTemplateFields -
TfrmTemplateImport TfrmBase508Form fTemplateImport -
TfrmTemplateObjects TfrmBase508Form fTemplateObjects -
TfrmTemplateView TfrmBase508Form fTemplateView -
TfrmTimeout TfrmAutoSz fTimeout -
TfrmTIUView TfrmBase508Form fTIUView -
TfrmUnflagOrder TfrmAutoSz fOrderUnflag -
TfrmUnholdOrders TfrmAutoSz fOrdersUnhold -
TfrmVerifyOrders TfrmAutoSz fOrdersVerify -
TfrmVisit TfrmBase508Form fVisit -
TfrmVisitType TfrmPCEBase fVisitType -
TfrmVit TfrmAutoSz fvit -
TfrmVitals TfrmBase508Form fVitals -
TfrmVitalsDate TfrmBase508Form fVitalsDate -
TfrmWardComments TfrmAutoSz fOrderComment -
TGraphActivity TObject uGraphs -
TGraphItem TObject fGraphs -
TGraphSetting TObject uGraphs -
TGrdLab508Manager TVA508ComponentManager fLabs -
THelpManager TObject uHelpManager -
THSCompRec - fReportsAdhocComponent1 -
TIntStruc TObject uTemplateFields -
TIVComponent TObject fODMedIV -
TKeyVal TObject uProbs
Key/value -internal/external pairs
TLabRowObject TObject uReports
List of Row objects for Labs Tab ListView
TLabTest TObject fODBBank -
TLabTest TObject fODLab -
TLBSectionManager TORListBox508Manager fPCEBaseMain -
TLexTreeNode TTreeNode mTreeGrid -
TMedListRec TObject rMeds -
TMentalHealthMemo TMemo uDlgComponents -
TMentalHealthMemo508Manager TVA508ManagedComponentClass uVA508CPRSCompatibility -
TMenuPath TObject fOMNavA -
TMHQuestion TObject fMHTest -
TMSWordThread TThread uSpell -
TNoteTitles TObject uTIU -
TNotifications TObject uCore -
TNotifyAppsThread TThread uCore -
TNotifyItem TObject uCore -
TOCRec TObject fOCSession -
TOrder TObject rOrders -
TOrderMenu TObject rOrders -
TOrderMenuItem TObject rOrders -
TOrderRenewFields TObject rOrders -
TOrderView TObject rOrders -
TORExposedWinControl TWinControl uReminders -
TPageState TObject fOMHTML -
TParentEvent TObject rOrders -
TPatient TObject uCore -
TPatientFlag TObject uOrPtf -
TPCEData TObject uPCE
Modified: 6/9/99
By: Robert Bott
Location: ISL
Purpose: Changed to allow capture of multiple providers.
TPCEHealth TPCEItem uPCE -
TPCEItem TObject uPCE -
TPCEProviderList TORStringList uPCE -
TPLFilters TObject uProbs
Filter lists
TPLPt TObject uProbs
Patient qualifiers
TPLUserParams TObject uProbs
User params
TPRFActions TObject fNoteProps
This object holds a List of Actions as Returned VIA the RPCBroker
TPRFNotes TObject fPatientFlagMulti
This object holds a List of Notes Linked to a PRF as Returned VIA the RPCBroker
TProbRec TObject uProbs
Problem record
TPrompt TObject rODBase -
TRemData TObject uReminders -
TRemDlgElement TObject uReminders -
TReminder TReminderDialog uReminders -
TReminderDialog TObject uReminders -
TRemoteReport TObject uCore -
TRemoteReportList TObject uCore -
TRemoteSite TObject uCore -
TRemoteSiteList TObject uCore -
TRemPCERoot TObject uReminders -
TRemPrompt TObject uReminders -
TResponse TObject rODBase -
TResponses TObject fODBase -
TRowObject TObject uReports
List of Row objects for ReportsTab ListView
TRule TObject fOptions -
TSelectedOrder TObject rOrders -
TSetItem TObject fOMSet -
TSigItems TComponent uSignItems -
TSizeHolder TObject rMisc
An Object of this Class is Created to Hold the Sizes of Controls(Forms)
   while the app is running, thus reducing calls to RPCs SAVESIZ and LOADSIZ
TSizeRatio TObject fAResize
Records relative sizes and positions for resizing logic
TSizeRatio TObject fAutoSz
Records relative sizes and positions for resizing logic
TSurgeryTitles TObject uSurgery -
TSurrogate TObject uOptions -
TTemplate TObject uTemplates -
TTemplateDialogEntry TObject uTemplateFields -
TTemplateField TObject uTemplateFields -
TTFProduct TObject fODDiet -
TTIUPrefs TObject uTIU -
TToolMenuItem TObject rMisc -
TTreeGridFrame TFrame mTreeGrid -
TtvRem508Manager TVA508ComponentManager fReminderTree -
TUser TObject uCore -
TVA508RegistrationScreenReader TVA508ScreenReader uVA508CPRSCompatibility -
TVitalComboBox TComboBox uDlgComponents -
TVitalEdit TEdit uDlgComponents -
TWHCheckBox TCPRSDialogCheckBox uReminders -
TWinControlFriend TWinControl mTemplateFieldButton -