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Routine: DIT1


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DIT1 ;SFISC/GFT,TKW-TRANSFER DD'S ;30JAN2010 ;;22.2;VA FileMan;;Jan 05, 2016;Build 42 ;;Per VA Directive 6402, this routine should not be modified. ;;Submitted to OSEHRA 5 January 2015 by the VISTA Expertise Network. ;;Based on Medsphere Systems Corporation's MSC FileMan 1051. ;;Licensed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0. ; K A W !! S A=+Y,E=A CHK F V=0:0 S V=$O(^DD(A,"SB",V)) Q:'V S A(V)=0,L(V)=V#1+DHIT S A=$O(A(0)),B=A#1+DHIT I A'="" K A(A) G P:$P(DHIT,".")+1'>B,CHK:'$D(^DD(B)),P:DHIT["." S X=$P(^(B,0),U) S:$D(^DIC(B,0)) X=$P(^(0),U)_" FILE" W $P(^DD(A,0),U)_" WOULD COLLIDE WITH "_X,$C(7),! K L,A Q S A=$O(L(0)) I A S %X="^DIC("_A_",""%D"",",%Y="^DIC("_L(A)_",""%D""," D %XY^%RCR D WAIT^DICD F A="^DIE(","^DIPT(","^DIBT(" F V=0:0 S V=$O(@(A_"V)")) Q:'V I $D(^(V,0)),$P(^(0),U,4)-Y=0 S ^UTILITY("DITR",$J,A,V)=$P(^(0),U) S A="F B=0:0 Q:F=DTO!'$F(W,DTO) S W=$P(W,DTO)_F_$P(W,DTO,2,9)" I $O(^UTILITY("DITR",$J,""))]"" W !,"DO YOU WANT TO COPY '",$P(Y,U,2),"'S TEMPLATES INTO YOUR NEW FILE" D YN^DICN W ! D:%=1 .S E="I DIK=""^DIBT("",%Z=1,$D(L(+W)) S $P(W,U)=L(+W)" .F DIK="^DIE(","^DIPT(","^DIBT(" S V=$P(@(DIK_"0)"),U,3),%X=DIK_"Z,",%Y=DIK_"V," D ^DIT2,IXALL^DIK GO S Y=DLAYGO K ^UTILITY("DITR",$J),^DD(Y,"B"),^(.01),^("IX"),^("RQ"),^(0,"IX"),E S @("V=$P("_DTO_"0),U,2)"),@("^(0)=$P("_DTO(0)_"0),U,1,2)_$P(V,DDF(1),2)_U_U") DD W ! S L=$O(L(L)) Q:L="" S Y=L(L),B=0,V=$O(^DD(L,0,"NM",0)),^DD(Y,0)=^DD(L,0) I V]"",$O(^(0,"NM",0))="" S ^(V)="" S V=-1 I $D(^DD(L,0,"UP")) S ^DD(Y,0,"UP")=^("UP")#1+DHIT ID S V=$O(^DD(L,0,"ID",V)) I V]"",$D(^(V))#2 S W=^(V) X A S ^DD(Y,0,"ID",V)=W G ID F V=0:0 S V=$O(^DD(L,V)) Q:'V W "." D MOVEFLD D IXKEY(.L,DTO,Y,F) S DA(1)=Y,DIK="^DD("_Y_"," D IXALL^DIK K %A,%B,%C,%Z G DD ; MOVEFLD S W=$G(^DD(L,V,0)),D=$P(W,U,2),%Z=0,%A="" Q:W="" I D["C" D Q ;copy COMPUTED FIELD, replacing Y variable with DIT .N DITN .S D=$P(W,U,5,99),^DD(Y,V,0)=$P(W,U,1,4)_"^N DIT "_$$DITRPL(D) .S ^DD(Y,V,9)="^",^DD(Y,V,9.1)=$G(^DD(L,V,9.1)) .F DITN=9.01,9.02 S W=$G(^DD(L,V,DITN)) I W]"" D Y S ^DD(Y,V,DITN)=W .S DITN=9.15 F S DITN=$O(^DD(L,V,DITN)) Q:DITN="" I $D(^(DITN))#2 S ^DD(Y,V,DITN)=$$DITRPL(^(DITN)) MULFLD I D S L(+D)=D#1+DHIT,W=$P(W,U)_U_L(+D)_$P(D,+D,2,9)_U_$P(W,U,3,99) E X A ;D Y ;DO NOT REPLACE NUMBERS IN THE '0' NODE --GFT 1/30/2010 S ^DD(Y,V,0)=W,%B=0 N S %B=$O(@("^DD(L,V,"_%A_"%B)")) G:((%B=5)&(%A="")) N I %B="" Q:'%Z S @("%B="_$P(%A,",",%Z)),%Z=%Z-1,%A=$P(%A,",",1,%Z)_$E(",",%Z>0) G N I @("$D(^DD(L,V,"_%A_"%B))#2") S W=^(%B) D D S @("^DD(Y,V,"_%A_"%B)=W") I @("$D(^DD(L,V,"_%A_"%B))<9") G N S:+%B'=%B %B=""""_%B_"""" S %A=%A_%B_",",%Z=%Z+1,%B="" G N ; DITRPL(W) S W=$$REPLACE(W,"Y("_L_","_V_",","DIT(") D D Q W ; D X A Y ;REPLACE THE NUMBERS; CALLED FROM DIT2 N O F O=0:0 S O=$O(L(O)) Q:'O S W=$$REPLACE(W,O,L(O)) Q ; REPLACE(X,OLD,NEW) ; N %,C S C=$L(NEW)-$L(OLD) F %=0:0 S %=$F(X,OLD,%) Q:%<1 I C+$L(X)<256,$E(X,%)'=".",$E(X,%-$L(OLD)-1)'?1N S X=$E(X,1,%-$L(OLD)-1)_NEW_$E(X,%,9999),%=%+C Q X ; IXKEY(DIFRN,DIFRGBL,DITON,DITOGBL) ; transfer KEY and INDEX file entries ; DIFRN=from file#, DIFRN(DIFRN)=from file list, DIFRGBL=from file global, DITON=to file#, DITOGBL=to file global N A,B,E,F,V,Y N DIFRNAME,DIFRD0,DIG,DITOD0,DIL1,DIL2,DIL3,DIFRPRT,I,X S DIFRNAME="" S DIL1=$L(DIFRGBL) S DIL3=$O(DIFRN("")) S:DIL3 DIL3=$F(DIFRGBL,DIL3) S:DIL3 DIL3=DIL3-1,DIFRPRT=$E(DIFRGBL,1,DIL3) ; INDEX file entries F S DIFRNAME=$O(^DD("IX","BB",DIFRN,DIFRNAME)) Q:DIFRNAME="" D . S DIFRD0=$O(^DD("IX","BB",DIFRN,DIFRNAME,0)) Q:'DIFRD0 . S DITOD0=$O(^DD("IX","BB",DITON,DIFRNAME,0)) I DITOD0 D ERR("IX",DITON,DIFRNAME) Q . S DITOD0=$$NXTNO^DICLIB("^DD(""IX"",","","U") . M ^DD("IX",DITOD0)=^DD("IX",DIFRD0) . K ^DD("IX",DITOD0,11.1,"AC"),^("B"),^("BB") . I DIFRGBL'=DITOGBL!(DIFRN'=DITON) S DIG="^DD(""IX"","_DITOD0_")" D ADJ . S DIK="^DD(""IX"",",DA=DITOD0 D IX1^DIK . Q ; KEY file entries S DIFRNAME="" F S DIFRNAME=$O(^DD("KEY","BB",DIFRN,DIFRNAME)) Q:DIFRNAME="" D . S DIFRD0=$O(^DD("KEY","BB",DIFRN,DIFRNAME,0)) Q:'DIFRD0 . S DITOD0=$O(^DD("KEY","BB",DITON,DIFRNAME,0)) I DITOD0 D ERR("KEY",DITON,DIFRNAME) Q . S DITOD0=$$NXTNO^DICLIB("^DD(""KEY"",","","U") . M ^DD("KEY",DITOD0)=^DD("KEY",DIFRD0) . K ^DD("KEY",DITOD0,2,"B"),^("BB"),^("S") . I DIFRGBL'=DITOGBL!(DIFRN'=DITON) S DIG="^DD(""KEY"","_DITOD0_")" D ADJ . S DIK="^DD(""KEY"",",DA=DITOD0 D IX1^DIK . Q Q ADJ ; Change data to contain new file number and global reference. F S DIG=$Q(@DIG),X=$QS(DIG,2) Q:X'=DITOD0 D . S X=@DIG,I=0 . I DIFRGBL'=DITOGBL F S I=$F(X,DIFRGBL,I) Q:'I D . . S $E(X,I-DIL1,I-1)=DITOGBL,I=I+$L(DITOGBL)-DIL1 . Q:DIFRN=DITON N DIF,DIT . F DIF=0:0 S DIF=$O(DIFRN(DIF)) Q:'DIF S DIT=DIFRN(DIF),DIL2=$L(DIF),I=0 F D Q:'I . . S I=$F(X,DIF,I) Q:'I Q:$E(X,I,999) . . I DIL3,$E(X,(I-DIL3+1),(I-DIL1+DIL3-1))=DIFRPRT Q . . S $E(X,I-DIL2,I-1)=DIT,I=I+$L(DIT)-DIL2 . S @DIG=X Q Q ; ERR(DITYPE,DITON,DIFRNAME) ; ;DITYPE=IX or KEY, DITON=file/subfile#, DIFRNAME=Index/Key name N DIPAR,DIER S DIPAR(1)=$S(DITYPE="IX":"INDEX",1:"KEY") S DIPAR(2)=DIFRNAME,DIPAR(3)=DITON D BLD^DIALOG(9548,.DIPAR),MSG^DIALOG("WE") Q ; ; Error list ;9548 - |1| '|2|' for file |3| already exists. ; Q ; P W $C(7),"FILE #"_+Y_" SHOULD ONLY BE TRANSFERRED TO A FILE WHOSE NUMBER",!?8,"ALSO "_$S(Y#1:"ENDS WITH '"_(Y#1)_"'",1:"IS INTEGER") K L,A Q ;