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PXRMEPED ; SLC/PJH - Extract Definition Editor ;01/28/2013 ;;2.0;CLINICAL REMINDERS;**4,26**;Feb 04, 2005;Build 404 ; ;Main entry point for PXRM EXTRACT DEFINITION EDIT/DISPLAY START(IEN) ; N PXRMDONE,VALMBCK,VALMCNT,VALMSG,X,XMZ,XQORM,XQORNOD S X="IORESET" D ENDR^%ZISS S VALMCNT=0 D EN^VALM("PXRM EXTRACT DEFINITION EDIT") Q ; BLDLIST(IEN) ;Build workfile N FLDS,GBL,PXRMROOT S FLDS="[PXRM EXTRACT DEFINITION]" S GBL="^TMP(""PXRMEPED"",$J)" S GBL=$NA(@GBL) S PXRMROOT="^PXRM(810.2," K ^TMP("PXRMLRED",$J) D DIP^PXRMUTIL(GBL,IEN,PXRMROOT,FLDS) S VALMCNT=$O(^TMP("PXRMEPED",$J,""),-1) Q ; ENTRY ;Entry code D BLDLIST(IEN) Q ; EXIT ;Exit code K ^TMP("PXRMEPED",$J) K ^TMP("PXRMEPEDH",$J) D CLEAN^VALM10 D FULL^VALM1 S VALMBCK="Q" Q ; HDR ; Header code S VALMHDR(1)="" S VALMSG="+ Next Screen - Prev Screen ?? More Actions" Q ; HLP ;Help code N ORU,ORUPRMT,SUB,XQORM S SUB="PXRMEPEDH" D EN^VALM("PXRM EXTRACT HELP") Q ; INIT ;Init S VALMCNT=0 Q ; PEXIT ;Protocol exit code S VALMSG="+ Next Screen - Prev Screen ?? More Actions" ;Reset after page up/down etc Q ; ADD ;Add Rule N DA,DIC,DONE,DTOUT,DUOUT,DLAYGO,HED,Y S HED="ADD EXTRACT DEFINITION",DONE=0 W IORESET,! F D Q:$D(DTOUT) Q:DONE .S DIC="^PXRM(810.2," .;Set the starting place for additions. .D SETSTART^PXRMCOPY(DIC) .S DIC(0)="AELMQ",DLAYGO=810.2 .S DIC("A")="Select EXTRACT DEFINITION to add: " .D ^DIC .I $D(DUOUT) S DTOUT=1 .I ($D(DTOUT))!($D(DUOUT)) Q .I Y=-1 K DIC S DTOUT=1 Q .I $P(Y,U,3)'=1 W !,"This extract definition name already exists" Q .S DA=$P(Y,U,1) .;Edit Extract Definition .D EDIT(DA) .S:$D(DA) DONE=1 Q ; EDIT(DA) ;Edit Rule I '$$VEDIT^PXRMUTIL("^PXRM(810.2,",DA) D Q .W !!,?5,"VA- and national class rules may not be edited" H 2 .S VALMBCK="R" ; Q:'$$LOCK(DA) W IORESET N CS1,CS2,DIC,DIDEL,DIE,DR,DTOUT,DUOUT,ODA,Y ;Save checksum S CS1=$$FILE^PXRMEXCS(810.2,DA) ; S DIE="^PXRM(810.2,",DIDEL=810.2,ODA=DA,DR="[PXRM EXTRACT DEFINITION]" ; ;Edit extract definition then unlock D ^DIE,UNLOCK(ODA) ;Deleted ??? I '$D(DA) S VALMBCK="Q" Q ; ;Update edit history D .S CS2=$$FILE^PXRMEXCS(810.2,DA) Q:CS2=CS1 Q:+CS2=0 .D SEHIST^PXRMUTIL(810.2,DIC,DA) ; S VALMBCK="R" Q ; EPEDIT ;Edit Rule D EDIT(IEN) Q:VALMBCK="Q" ; ;Rebuild Workfile D BLDLIST(IEN) Q ; LOCK(DA) ;Lock the record L +^PXRM(810.2,DA):DILOCKTM I Q 1 E W !!,?5,"Another user is editing this file, try later" H 2 Q 0 ; SCREEN ;validate rule type Q ; UNLOCK(DA) ;Unlock the record L -^PXRM(810.2,DA) Q