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Global: ^ICD9

Package: DRG Grouper

Global: ^ICD9


FileMan FileNo FileMan Filename Package


Directly Accessed By Routines, Total: 96

Package Total Routines
DRG Grouper 28 ICD142PT    ICD14PST    ICD15PR    ICD16PR    ICD1811    ICD1824C    ICD1824G    ICD1824N
ICD1827G    ICD1831J    ICD1831T    ICD1831U    ICD1832T    ICD1832U    ICD1849L    ICD186E
^ICDD(83.51    ICDEXD3    ICDEXD6    ICDRGAPI    
Lexicon Utility 21 LEX2027P    LEX2030P    LEX2031P    LEX2033P    LEX2034P    LEX2035P    LEX2036P    LEX2037P
LEX2038P    LEX2039P    LEX2040P    LEX2042P    LEX2043P    LEX2045P    LEX2046P    LEX2048P
LEX2076P    LEX2087P    LEX2109P    LEXQDRG2    LEXQID4    
Integrated Billing 6 IB20PT84    ^IBA(364.7    IB20PT83    IB20PT8A    IBCNES3    ^IBA(362.3    
Automated Information Collection System 5 IBDF18E0    IBDFBK2    IBDFBK3    IBDFN11    IBDFRPC6    
Prosthetics 5 RMPOPF    RMPOPF1    RMPRPCER    RMPRPF2    RMPRSP6    
Registration 4 DGPTAPA1    DGPTAPA3    VAFEOHL2    VAFHCDG    
Scheduling 4 SCCVPCE    SDECEP    SDECPAT3    SDOEDX    
Medicine 2 MCPOS04A    MCPRE06    
Radiology Nuclear Medicine 2 RABWORD    RABWORD1    
Clinical Monitoring System 1 QAMGRP1    
Clinical Reminders 1 PXRMISE    
Lab Service 1 LR132P    
Outpatient Pharmacy 1 PSODIAG    
PCE Patient Care Encounter 1 PX1P94    
Pharmacy Benefits Management 1 PSUDEM3    
Toolkit 1 ^XTV(8989.51    
Utilization Management Rollup 1 IBQL356    

Accessed By FileMan Db Calls, Total: 81

Package Total Routines
DRG Grouper 23 ICD142PT    ICD14PST    ICD161P    ICD1817P    ICD1824C    ICD1824G    ICD1827G    ICD1830G
ICD1831J    ICD1831U    ICD1832U    ICD1849L    ICD1855L    ICD1861L    ICD1862L    ICD1869L
Lexicon Utility 18 LEX2030P    LEX2031P    LEX2033P    LEX2034P    LEX2035P    LEX2036P    LEX2037P    LEX2038P
LEX2039P    LEX2040P    LEX2042P    LEX2043P    LEX2045P    LEX2046P    LEX2048P    LEX2076P
LEX2109P    LEXQDRG2    
Integrated Billing 4 IBCSC4C    IBTRE3    IBTRH5A    IBTRHLI3    
Automated Information Collection System 3 IBDFLST    IBDFUTL    IBDLXDG    
Lab Service 3 LRAPICD    LRBEBA    LRBEBA2    
Scheduling 3 SDAMODO    SDAMODO3    SDECEP    
Mental Health 2 YSDX3UA    YSLXDG    
Order Entry Results Reporting 2 ORWDBA2    ORWDBA4    
Prosthetics 2 RMPOICD1    RMPRHL7B    
Registration 2 DGPTFIC    VAFHLDG1    
Utilization Management Rollup 2 IBQLD4    IBQLR4    
Clinical Case Registries 1 RORRP016    
Clinical Reminders 1 PXRMEXU4    
Event Capture 1 ECUMRPC2    
Hospital Based Home Care 1 HBHCLKU1    
Medicine 1 MCORMN0    
PCE Patient Care Encounter 1 PXDSLK    
Quasar 1 ACKQR3    
Radiology Nuclear Medicine 1 RABWORD    
Surgery 1 SROICD    

Pointed To By FileMan Files, Total: 84

Package Total FileMan Files
Medicine 19 ECHO(#691)[#691.19(.01)]    CARDIAC CATHETERIZATION(#691.1)[#691.46(.01)]    ELECTROCARDIOGRAM (EKG)(#691.5)[#691.58(.01)]    HOLTER(#691.6)[#691.69(.01)]    EXERCISE TOLERANCE TEST(#691.7)[#691.704(.01)]    ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY (EP)(#691.8)[#691.806(.01)]    ATRIAL STUDY(#691.9)[#691.9001(.01)]    VENTRICULAR STUDY(#692)[#692.03(.01)]    MEDICAL DESCRIPTION(#693)[2]    HEMATOLOGY(#694)[#694.02(.01)]    MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS/ICD CODES(#697.5)[4#697.51(.01)]    GENERATOR IMPLANT(#698)[#698.02(.01)]    V LEAD IMPLANT(#698.1)[#698.12(.01)]    A LEAD IMPLANT(#698.2)[#698.22(.01)]    PACEMAKER SURVEILLANCE(#698.3)[#698.32(.01)]    ENDOSCOPY/CONSULT(#699)[#699.03(.01)]    GENERALIZED PROCEDURE/CONSULT(#699.5)[#699.54(.01)]    PULMONARY FUNCTION TESTS(#700)[#700.05(.01)]    RHEUMATOLOGY(#701)[#701.01(.01)]    
Integrated Billing 10 BILL/CLAIMS(#399)[65666768215249250251#399.0304(7)]    IB BILL/CLAIMS DIAGNOSIS(#362.3)[.01]    TRANSFER PRICING TRANSACTIONS(#351.61)[#351.612(.01)]    PFSS ACCOUNT(#375)[#375.04(.03)]    PFSS CHARGE CACHE(#373)[#373.04(.03)]    IIV RESPONSE(#365)[#365.29(.03)#365.01(.02)]    IB SITE PARAMETERS(#350.9)[1.297.05]    INSURANCE REVIEW(#356.2)[.14]    HCS REVIEW TRANSMISSION(#356.22)[#356.223(.02)]    INPATIENT DIAGNOSIS(#356.9)[.01]    
DRG Grouper 6 ICD DIAGNOSIS(#80)[#80.01(.01)#80.02(.01)#80.03(.01)]
DRG CC EXCLUSIONS(#82.13)[#82.131(.01)]    DRG DIAGNOSIS(#83.5)[.01]    DRG PDX EXCLUSION GROUPS(#83.51)[.02]    DRG HAC(#80.6)[#80.62(.01)]    DRG DIAGNOSIS CODE COMBINATIONS(#82.12)[#82.1211(.01)#82.1212(.01)#82.1213(.01)#82.1214(.01)#82.1215(.01)]    
Registration 6 INPATIENT CPT CODE(#46)[.]    CATASTROPHIC DISABILITY REASONS(#27.17)[3]    INPATIENT POV(#46.1)[.01]    PTF(#45)[7979.1679.1779.1879.1979.20179.2179.2279.2379.2479.24179.24279.24379.24479.24579.24679.24779.24879.24979.249179.2491179.2491279.2491379.2491479.2491580#45.02(5)#45.02(6)#45.02(7)#45.02(8)#45.02(9)#45.02(11)#45.02(12)#45.02(13)#45.02(14)#45.02(15)#45.02(81.01)#45.02(81.02)#45.02(81.03)#45.02(81.04)#45.02(81.05)#45.02(81.06)#45.02(81.07)#45.02(81.08)#45.02(81.09)#45.02(81.1)#45.02(81.11)#45.02(81.12)#45.02(81.13)#45.02(81.14)#45.02(81.15)#45.06(.04)]    PTF EXPANDED CODE(#45.89)[.02]    PATIENT(#2)[#2.3229(.03)#2.31211(.02)]    
Lab Service 5 LAB NLT/CPT CODES(#64.81)[#64.811718(.01)]    LAB SEARCH/EXTRACT(#69.5)[#69.54(.01)]    WKLD CODE(#64)[#64.018(.01)]    LAB DATA(#63)[#63.203(.01)#63.808(.01)#63.88(.01)#63.901(.01)]    LAB ORDER ENTRY(#69)[#69.05(.01)]    
PCE Patient Care Encounter 5 V IMMUNIZATION DELETED(#9000080.11)[12131304#9000080.113(.01)]
V CPT(#9000010.18)[.]    V IMMUNIZATION(#9000010.11)[12131304#9000010.113(.01)]
V POV(#9000010.07)[.01]    V SKIN TEST(#9000010.12)[801802803804805806807808]    
Fee Basis 4 FEE BASIS UNAUTHORIZED CLAIMS(#162.7)[5.1]    FEE BASIS PATIENT(#161)[#161.01(.087)]    FEE BASIS PAYMENT(#162)[#162.03(28)]    FEE BASIS INVOICE(#162.5)[30313233343535.135.235.335.435.535.635.735.835.93636.136.236.336.436.536.636.736.836.939]    
Prosthetics 4 HOME OXYGEN TRANSACTIONS FILE(#665.72)[#665.723191(9)]    RECORD OF PROS APPLIANCE/REPAIR(#660)[8.830313233]    PROSTHETICS PATIENT(#665)[#665.193(30)#665.193(31)#665.193(32)#665.193(33)#665.194(7)]    PROSTHETIC SUSPENSE(#668)[1.630313233]    
Hospital Based Home Care 2 HBHC PATIENT(#631)[1846]    HBHC VISIT(#632)[#632.033(.01)]    
Mental Health 2 MEDICAL RECORD(#90)[113113.6#90.1(.01)#90.16(.01)#90.17(.01)]    DIAGNOSTIC RESULTS - MENTAL HEALTH(#627.8)[1]    
Oncology 2 ONCOLOGY PATIENT(#160)[192525.125.225.325.425.525.625.725.825.925.9125.9225.9325.9425.9525.9625.9725.9825.9925.9901#160.075(8)]    ONCOLOGY PRIMARY(#165.5)[14001400.11400.21400.31400.41400.514261426.11426.21426.31426.415711571.11571.21571.31571.41571.515791579.11579.21579.31579.4]    
Outpatient Pharmacy 2 PENDING OUTPATIENT ORDERS(#52.41)[#52.41311(.01)]    PRESCRIPTION(#52)[#52.052311(.01)]    
Scheduling 2 HOSPITAL LOCATION(#44)[#44.11(.01)]    OUTPATIENT DIAGNOSIS(#409.43)[.01]    
Surgery 2 SURGERY(#130)[32.566253286343344392489#130.13(4)#130.17(3)#130.18(3)#130.22(6)]    SURGERY PROCEDURE/DIAGNOSIS CODES(#136)[.03#136.02(.01)#136.04(.01)#136.32(.01)]    
Toolkit 2 LOCAL KEYWORD(#8984.1)[.02]    LOCAL SHORTCUT(#8984.2)[.02]    
Clinical Case Registries 1 ROR ICD SEARCH(#798.5)[#798.51(.01)]    
Clinical Reminders 1 REMINDER DIALOG(#801.41)[18]    
Emergency Department Integration Software 1 ED LOG(#230)[#230.04(.02)]    
Event Capture 1 EVENT CAPTURE PATIENT(#721)[20#721.038(.01)]    
HINQ 1 DISABILITY CONDITION(#31)[#31.01(.01)]    
Kernel 1 NEW PERSON(#200)[#200.0351(.01)]    
Order Entry Results Reporting 1 ORDER(#100)[#100.051(.01)]    
Problem List 1 PROBLEM(#9000011)[.01]    
Quasar 1 A&SP DIAGNOSTIC CONDITION(#509850.1)[.01]    
Radiology Nuclear Medicine 1 RAD/NUC MED ORDERS(#75.1)[91#75.13(.01)]    
Text Integration Utility 1 TIU PROBLEM LINK(#8925.9)[.06]    

Pointer To FileMan Files, Total: 6

Package Total FileMan Files
DRG Grouper 6 DRG(#80.2)[#80.711(.01)]    ICD DIAGNOSIS(#80)[#80.01(.01)#80.02(.01)#80.03(.01)]
DRG CC EXCLUSIONS(#82.13)[1.11]    DRG DIAGNOSIS IDENTIFIER CODES(#82)[#80.073(.01)]    ICD CODING SYSTEMS(#80.4)[1.1]    MAJOR DIAGNOSTIC CATEGORY(#80.3)[#80.072(1)]    

Fields, Total: 24

Field # Name Loc Type Details
************************REQUIRED FIELD************************

  • INPUT TRANSFORM:  K:$L(X)>8!($L(X)<1) X
  • LAST EDITED:  FEB 22, 2012
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Answer must be 1-8 characters in length.
    ICD-9 or ICD-10 Code
  • TECHNICAL DESCR:  ICD-9 Code Pattern Match
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    - - - - - - -
    N N N . N N Numeric
    n n
    U N N N . N N E codes
    n n
    U N N . N N V codes
    n n
    "U" Uppercase
    "N" Numeric
    "n" Character
    ICD-10 Code Pattern Match
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    - - - - - - - -
    U N U . U U N U
    X N N N X N
    X X n n
    n n
    "U" Uppercase
    "X" In the first position - Category
    Right of the decimal - Placeholder
    "N" Numeric
    "." Decimal
    "n" Null
  • LAYGO TEST:  1,0)= I 1
    1)= D SAHC^ICDIDX2(80)
    2)= D KAHC^ICDIDX2(80)
    ^ICD9("ACT",(CODE_" "),STA,EF,IEN1,IEN2) ^ICD9("ACTS",SYS,(CODE_" "),STA,EF,IEN1,IEN2) Where CODE is the ICD code, STA is either 1 (active) or 0 (inactive), EF is the effective date of the status, IEN1 is the internal
    entry number in file #80 and IEN2 is the internal entry number on the STATUS multiple sub-file 80.066 where the status is stored. The subscript SYS is added to the ACTS cross reference to create a coding system specific
    Short Descr: AB Code Cross-Reference
    Description: ^ICD9("AB",(CODE_" "),IEN) - Where CODE is the ICD code and IEN is the internal entry number in file #80. Appending a space character to CODE forces the code to be regarded as a string, thus disallowing the dropping of
    leading '0's.
    Set Logic: S ^ICD9("AB",$E(X,1,30),DA)=""
    Set Cond: S X=$S(+($$GET1^DIQ(80,(+DA_","),1.8))'>0:1,1:0)
    Kill Logic: K ^ICD9("AB",$E(X,1,30),DA)
    Whole Kill: K ^ICD9("AB")
    X(1): CODE NUMBER (80,.01) (Subscr 1) (Len 30) (forwards)
    Transform (Storage): S X=(X_" ")
    Short Descr: AEXC Exclusion Cross-Reference for all Coding Systems
    Description: ^ICD9("AEXC",(CODE_" "),IEN) - Where CODE is an ICD code and IEN is the internal entry number in file #80 where the code is stored. This cross-reference is used to track those records that were either entered or edited in
    error. When a record is either entered or edited in error, it cannot be deleted because there may be applications pointing to the record. Instead the record is retired from lookup so future lookups will not find or
    return the errant record. This is done by leaving the code and descriptive text in place and removing the activation history. The lookup (either Fileman or Special Lookup) acts as if the record was never active, thus
    preventing the users from accessing the record.
    Set Logic: S ^ICD9("AEXC",$E(X,1,30),DA)=""
    Set Cond: S X=$S(($O(^ICD9(+DA,66,0))'>0&($O(^ICD9(+DA,68,0))>0)):1,1:0)
    Kill Logic: K ^ICD9("AEXC",$E(X,1,30),DA)
    Whole Kill: K ^ICD9("AEXC")
    X(1): CODE NUMBER (80,.01) (Subscr 1) (Len 30) (forwards)
    Transform (Storage): S X=(X_" ")
    Short Descr: BA Cross-Reference for all Coding Systems
    Description: ^ICD9("BA",(CODE_" "),IEN) - Where CODE is an ICD code and IEN is the internal entry number in file #80 where the code is stored. Appending a space character to CODE forces the code to be regarded as a string, thus
    disallowing the dropping of leading '0's. The BA cross-references is used by Fileman during unassisted lookups when DIC(0) contains "I"
    Set Logic: S ^ICD9("BA",$E(X,1,30),DA)=""
    Set Cond: S X=$S(+($$GET1^DIQ(80,(+DA_","),1.8))'>0:1,1:0)
    Kill Logic: K ^ICD9("BA",$E(X,1,30),DA)
    Whole Kill: K ^ICD9("BA")
    X(1): CODE NUMBER (80,.01) (Subscr 1) (Len 30) (forwards)
    Transform (Storage): S X=(X_" ")
  • RECORD INDEXES:  ABA (#1126), AN (#1128), AVA (#1129)

  • INPUT TRANSFORM:  I $P($G(^ICDS(+Y,0)),"^",4)=80 D ^DIC K DIC S DIC=$G(DIE),X=+Y K:Y<0 X
  • LAST EDITED:  OCT 05, 2011
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Enter a coding system.
    This is the coding system to which the code belongs.
  • SCREEN:  I $P($G(^ICDS(+Y,0)),"^",4)=80
  • EXPLANATION:  The screen limits the coding system to those allowed in file 80.
    1)= D SAHCS^ICDIDX2(80)
    2)= D KAHCS^ICDIDX2(80)
    ^ICD9("ACT",(CODE_" "),STA,EF,IEN1,IEN2) ^ICD9("ACTS",SYS,(CODE_" "),STA,EF,IEN1,IEN2) where CODE is the ICD code, STA is either 1 (active) or 0 (inactive), EF is the effective date of the status, IEN1 is the internal
    entry number in file #80 and IEN2 is the internal entry number on the STATUS multiple sub-file 80.066 where the status is stored. The subscript SYS is added to the ACTS cross-reference to create a coding system specific
    1)= D SAD2^ICDIDX(80)
    2)= D KAD2^ICDIDX(80)
    ^ICD9("AD",SYS,WORD,IEN1,DATE,IEN2) - Where SYS is the coding system in file 80, WORD is a single word extracted from the description, IEN1 is the internal entry number in file #80 where the description is stored, DATE is
    the effective date of the description and IEN2 is the internal entry number of the DESCRIPTION multiple, sub-file #80.068 where the description containing the extracted word is stored. This is a modification of a Fileman
    KWIC (Key Word In Context) cross-reference. Like the Fileman KWIC cross-reference, each word in the description is indexed. Unlike the KWIC cross-reference the index contains the effective date of the description. This
    is done to allow date sensitive keyword searches of the Diagnosis file.
    1)= D SASTS2^ICDIDX(80)
    2)= D KASTS2^ICDIDX(80)
    ^ICD9("ASTS",SYS,(CODE_" "),EFF,IEN1,IEN2) - Where SYS is the coding system, CODE is the ICD Diagnosis code, EFF is the effective date for the diagnosis (short text), IEN1 is the internal entry number in the ICD Diagnosis
    file (#80) and IEN2 is the internal entry number in the DIAGNOSIS multiple (#80.067) where the short text is stored.
    1)= D SADSS2^ICDIDX(80)
    2)= D KADSS2^ICDIDX(80)
    ^ICD9("ADSS",SYS,(CODE_" "),EFF,IEN1,IEN2) - Where SYS is the coding system, CODE is the ICD Diagnosis code, EFF is the effective date for the description (long text), IEN1 is the internal entry number in the ICD Diagnosis
    file (#80) and IEN2 is the internal entry number in the DESCRIPTION multiple (#80.068) where the description text is stored.
  • RECORD INDEXES:  ABA (#1126), AN (#1128)

  • LAST EDITED:  JUL 02, 2012
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Enter a Primary Diagnosis (PDX) Exclusion Code.
  • DESCRIPTION:  This is a Primary Diagnosis Exclusion Code (file #82.13) containing a list of Diagnosis codes that, when used as the primary diagnosis code with this code will cause the CC (Complication/Comorbidity) to be zero (meaning
    "no CC").

  • INPUT TRANSFORM:  K:$L(X)>10!($L(X)<1) X
  • LAST EDITED:  SEP 13, 2011
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Answer must be 1-10 characters in length.
    This field contains Identifier codes providing more detail on the DRG.
    DRG Flags
  • '1' FOR YES;

  • LAST EDITED:  OCT 04, 2011
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Is this code unacceptable as a Principal DX?
    This field contains a flag indicating that this code is unacceptable as the principal diagnosis.
1.4 MDC13 1;4 NUMBER

  • INPUT TRANSFORM:  K:+X'=X!(X>13)!(X<13)!(X?.E1"."1.N) X
  • LAST EDITED:  SEP 13, 2011
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Set to 13 if MDC equals 13 (Female Reproductive System)
    Field is set to 13 when the Major Diagnostic Code (MDC) equals 13 (Female Reproductive System)
1.5 MDC24 1;5 SET
  • '1' FOR HEAD;
  • '2' FOR CHEST;
  • '3' FOR ABDOMEN;
  • '4' FOR KIDNEY;
  • '5' FOR URINARY;
  • '6' FOR PELVIS;

  • LAST EDITED:  OCT 04, 2011
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Enter Code to reflect Multiple Significant Trauma body site.
    Code entry of body site of Multiple Significant Trauma.
1.6 MDC25 1;6 SET

  • LAST EDITED:  OCT 04, 2011
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Enter code to reflect HIV DX or Related Condition.
    Set of codes refers to type of HIV code or related condition.
  • '1' FOR YES;
  • '0' FOR NO;

  • LAST EDITED:  OCT 05, 2011
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Was the ICD code expanded by the VA?
    This field is a flag indicating that the ICD code was expanded by the VA (local code).
  • RECORD INDEXES:  AVA (#1129)

  • MUMPS CODE:  S X=$S((($O(^ICD9(+D0,66,0))'>0)&($O(^ICD9(+D0,68,0))>0))!($P($G(^ICD9(+D0,1)),"^",7)>0):1,1:0)
  • ALGORITHM:  S X=$S((($O(^ICD9(+D0,66,0))'>0)&($O(^ICD9(+D0,68,0))>0))!($P($G(^ICD9(+D0,1)),"^",7)>0):1,1:0)
  • LAST EDITED:  OCT 05, 2011
  • DESCRIPTION:  This is a computed field to indicate if a record in the Diagnosis file #80 should be excluded from lookup. Records excluded from lookup either have no activation history (sub-file 80.066) or have been modified by the VA
    (ICD EXPANDED field 1.7). If this computed field returns a 1, then it should not be used for lookup or included in lookup cross-references.
  • '0' FOR Not POA Exempt;
  • '1' FOR POA Exempt;

  • LAST EDITED:  MAY 04, 2012
  • HELP-PROMPT:  Enter 1 if this code is exempt from POA or 0 if not exempt.
    The value in this field is used to determine whether Present On Admission (POA) processing applies to this code.
10 SEX 5;0 DATE Multiple #80.04 80.04

    This is a history of the Sex designation (Male/Female) for the diagnosis and includes the Sex with the date it became effective.
11 AGE LOW 6;0 DATE Multiple #80.011 80.011

    This is a history of lowest age reasonable for a procedure and includes the lowest age and the date it became effective.
12 AGE HIGH 7;0 DATE Multiple #80.012 80.012

    This is a history of highest age reasonable for a procedure and includes the highest age and the date it became effective.
20 ICD CODES NOT TO USE WITH N;0 POINTER Multiple #80.01 80.01

  • LAST EDITED:  SEP 17, 2011
    This is a listing of ICD codes that cannot be used in conjunction with this code.
30 ICD CODES REQUIRED WITH R;0 POINTER Multiple #80.02 80.02

  • LAST EDITED:  SEP 17, 2011
    This is a listing of ICD codes required when this code is used.
40 ICD CODES NOT CC WITH 2;0 POINTER Multiple #80.03 80.03

  • LAST EDITED:  SEP 30, 2011
    This is a listing of codes not considered as Complication/comorbidity with this code.
66 STATUS 66;0 DATE Multiple #80.066 80.066

  • LAST EDITED:  SEP 13, 2011
    This multiple contains versioned information for an ICD code. A new entry is created whenever an ICD code's status is changed.
67 DIAGNOSIS 67;0 DATE Multiple #80.067 80.067

  • LAST EDITED:  SEP 13, 2011
    This is a history of the Diagnosis (short text) to include the date the text was first used along with the text.
68 DESCRIPTION 68;0 DATE Multiple #80.068 80.068

  • LAST EDITED:  SEP 13, 2011
    This is a history of the descriptive text to include the date the text was first used and the text used.
71 DRG GROUPER 3;0 DATE Multiple #80.071 80.071

  • LAST EDITED:  SEP 13, 2011
  • DESCRIPTION:  This field sets the effective date for the DRGs for a given fiscal year. It should normally be the first day of October of the fiscal year. Each year a new entry will be created and the DRG's hierachy will reside within
    this field.
72 MAJOR DIAGNOSTIC CATEGORY 4;0 DATE Multiple #80.072 80.072

  • LAST EDITED:  SEP 13, 2011
    This is a listing of Major Diagnostic Categories (MDC) associated with this ICD Diagnosis by fiscal year.
73 DRG DIAGNOSIS IDENTIFIER CODES 73;0 POINTER Multiple #80.073 80.073

  • LAST EDITED:  MAY 30, 2012
    This is a listing of identifier codes used in the DRG rules processing to determine DRG.
103 COMPLICATION/COMORBIDITY 69;0 DATE Multiple #80.0103 80.0103

  • LAST EDITED:  SEP 13, 2011
    This is a history of the Complication/Comorbidity (CC) designation for the diagnosis and includes the CC designation with the date it became effective.

Found Entries, Total: 7128

CODE NUMBER: A04.71    CODE NUMBER: A04.72    CODE NUMBER: A92.5    CODE NUMBER: C43.111    CODE NUMBER: C43.112    CODE NUMBER: C43.121    CODE NUMBER: C43.122    CODE NUMBER: C44.1021    
CODE NUMBER: C44.1022    CODE NUMBER: C44.1091    CODE NUMBER: C44.1092    CODE NUMBER: C44.1121    CODE NUMBER: C44.1122    CODE NUMBER: C44.1191    CODE NUMBER: C44.1192    CODE NUMBER: C44.1221    
CODE NUMBER: C44.1222    CODE NUMBER: C44.1291    CODE NUMBER: C44.1292    CODE NUMBER: C44.131    CODE NUMBER: C44.1321    CODE NUMBER: C44.1322    CODE NUMBER: C44.1391    CODE NUMBER: C44.1392    
CODE NUMBER: C44.1921    CODE NUMBER: C44.1922    CODE NUMBER: C44.1991    CODE NUMBER: C44.1992    CODE NUMBER: C49.A0    CODE NUMBER: C49.A1    CODE NUMBER: C49.A2    CODE NUMBER: C49.A3    
CODE NUMBER: C96.21    CODE NUMBER: C96.22    CODE NUMBER: C96.29    CODE NUMBER: D03.111    CODE NUMBER: D03.112    CODE NUMBER: D03.121    CODE NUMBER: D03.122    CODE NUMBER: D04.111    
CODE NUMBER: D04.112    CODE NUMBER: D04.121    CODE NUMBER: D04.122    CODE NUMBER: D22.111    CODE NUMBER: D22.112    CODE NUMBER: D22.121    CODE NUMBER: D22.122    CODE NUMBER: D23.111    
CODE NUMBER: D23.112    CODE NUMBER: D23.121    CODE NUMBER: D23.122    CODE NUMBER: D47.01    CODE NUMBER: D47.02    CODE NUMBER: D47.09    CODE NUMBER: D47.Z2    CODE NUMBER: D49.511    
CODE NUMBER: D49.512    CODE NUMBER: D49.519    CODE NUMBER: D49.59    CODE NUMBER: D75.A    CODE NUMBER: D78.31    CODE NUMBER: D78.32    CODE NUMBER: D78.33    CODE NUMBER: D78.34    
CODE NUMBER: D81.30    CODE NUMBER: D81.31    CODE NUMBER: D81.32    CODE NUMBER: D81.39    CODE NUMBER: D89.40    CODE NUMBER: D89.41    CODE NUMBER: D89.42    CODE NUMBER: D89.43    
CODE NUMBER: D89.49    CODE NUMBER: E08.3211    CODE NUMBER: E08.3212    CODE NUMBER: E08.3213    CODE NUMBER: E08.3219    CODE NUMBER: E08.3291    CODE NUMBER: E08.3292    CODE NUMBER: E08.3293    
CODE NUMBER: E08.3299    CODE NUMBER: E08.3311    CODE NUMBER: E08.3312    CODE NUMBER: E08.3313    CODE NUMBER: E08.3319    CODE NUMBER: E08.3391    CODE NUMBER: E08.3392    CODE NUMBER: E08.3393    
CODE NUMBER: E08.3399    CODE NUMBER: E08.3411    CODE NUMBER: E08.3412    CODE NUMBER: E08.3413    CODE NUMBER: E08.3419    CODE NUMBER: E08.3491    CODE NUMBER: E08.3492    CODE NUMBER: E08.3493    
CODE NUMBER: E08.3499    CODE NUMBER: E08.3511    CODE NUMBER: E08.3512    CODE NUMBER: E08.3513    CODE NUMBER: E08.3519    CODE NUMBER: E08.3521    CODE NUMBER: E08.3522    CODE NUMBER: E08.3523    
CODE NUMBER: E08.3529    CODE NUMBER: E08.3531    CODE NUMBER: E08.3532    CODE NUMBER: E08.3533    CODE NUMBER: E08.3539    CODE NUMBER: E08.3541    CODE NUMBER: E08.3542    CODE NUMBER: E08.3543    
CODE NUMBER: E08.3549    CODE NUMBER: E08.3551    CODE NUMBER: E08.3552    CODE NUMBER: E08.3553    CODE NUMBER: E08.3559    CODE NUMBER: E08.3591    CODE NUMBER: E08.3592    CODE NUMBER: E08.3593    
CODE NUMBER: E08.3599    CODE NUMBER: E08.37X1    CODE NUMBER: E08.37X2    CODE NUMBER: E08.37X3    CODE NUMBER: E08.37X9    CODE NUMBER: E09.3211    CODE NUMBER: E09.3212    CODE NUMBER: E09.3213    
CODE NUMBER: E09.3219    CODE NUMBER: E09.3291    CODE NUMBER: E09.3292    CODE NUMBER: E09.3293    CODE NUMBER: E09.3299    CODE NUMBER: E09.3311    CODE NUMBER: E09.3312    CODE NUMBER: E09.3313    
CODE NUMBER: E09.3319    CODE NUMBER: E09.3391    CODE NUMBER: E09.3392    CODE NUMBER: E09.3393    CODE NUMBER: E09.3399    CODE NUMBER: E09.3411    CODE NUMBER: E09.3412    CODE NUMBER: E09.3413    
CODE NUMBER: E09.3419    CODE NUMBER: E09.3491    CODE NUMBER: E09.3492    CODE NUMBER: E09.3493    CODE NUMBER: E09.3499    CODE NUMBER: E09.3511    CODE NUMBER: E09.3512    CODE NUMBER: E09.3513    
CODE NUMBER: E09.3519    CODE NUMBER: E09.3521    CODE NUMBER: E09.3522    CODE NUMBER: E09.3523    CODE NUMBER: E09.3529    CODE NUMBER: E09.3531    CODE NUMBER: E09.3532    CODE NUMBER: E09.3533    
CODE NUMBER: E09.3539    CODE NUMBER: E09.3541    CODE NUMBER: E09.3542    CODE NUMBER: E09.3543    CODE NUMBER: E09.3549    CODE NUMBER: E09.3551    CODE NUMBER: E09.3552    CODE NUMBER: E09.3553    
CODE NUMBER: E09.3559    CODE NUMBER: E09.3591    CODE NUMBER: E09.3592    CODE NUMBER: E09.3593    CODE NUMBER: E09.3599    CODE NUMBER: E09.37X1    CODE NUMBER: E09.37X2    CODE NUMBER: E09.37X3    
CODE NUMBER: E09.37X9    CODE NUMBER: E10.3211    CODE NUMBER: E10.3212    CODE NUMBER: E10.3213    CODE NUMBER: E10.3219    CODE NUMBER: E10.3291    CODE NUMBER: E10.3292    CODE NUMBER: E10.3293    
CODE NUMBER: E10.3299    CODE NUMBER: E10.3311    CODE NUMBER: E10.3312    CODE NUMBER: E10.3313    CODE NUMBER: E10.3319    CODE NUMBER: E10.3391    CODE NUMBER: E10.3392    CODE NUMBER: E10.3393    
CODE NUMBER: E10.3399    CODE NUMBER: E10.3411    CODE NUMBER: E10.3412    CODE NUMBER: E10.3413    CODE NUMBER: E10.3419    CODE NUMBER: E10.3491    CODE NUMBER: E10.3492    CODE NUMBER: E10.3493    
CODE NUMBER: E10.3499    CODE NUMBER: E10.3511    CODE NUMBER: E10.3512    CODE NUMBER: E10.3513    CODE NUMBER: E10.3519    CODE NUMBER: E10.3521    CODE NUMBER: E10.3522    CODE NUMBER: E10.3523    
CODE NUMBER: E10.3529    CODE NUMBER: E10.3531    CODE NUMBER: E10.3532    CODE NUMBER: E10.3533    CODE NUMBER: E10.3539    CODE NUMBER: E10.3541    CODE NUMBER: E10.3542    CODE NUMBER: E10.3543    
CODE NUMBER: E10.3549    CODE NUMBER: E10.3551    CODE NUMBER: E10.3552    CODE NUMBER: E10.3553    CODE NUMBER: E10.3559    CODE NUMBER: E10.3591    CODE NUMBER: E10.3592    CODE NUMBER: E10.3593    
CODE NUMBER: E10.3599    CODE NUMBER: E10.37X1    CODE NUMBER: E10.37X2    CODE NUMBER: E10.37X3    CODE NUMBER: E10.37X9    CODE NUMBER: E11.10    CODE NUMBER: E11.11    CODE NUMBER: E11.3211    
CODE NUMBER: E11.3212    CODE NUMBER: E11.3213    CODE NUMBER: E11.3219    CODE NUMBER: E11.3291    CODE NUMBER: E11.3292    CODE NUMBER: E11.3293    CODE NUMBER: E11.3299    CODE NUMBER: E11.3311    
CODE NUMBER: E11.3312    CODE NUMBER: E11.3313    CODE NUMBER: E11.3319    CODE NUMBER: E11.3391    CODE NUMBER: E11.3392    CODE NUMBER: E11.3393    CODE NUMBER: E11.3399    CODE NUMBER: E11.3411    
CODE NUMBER: E11.3412    CODE NUMBER: E11.3413    CODE NUMBER: E11.3419    CODE NUMBER: E11.3491    CODE NUMBER: E11.3492    CODE NUMBER: E11.3493    CODE NUMBER: E11.3499    CODE NUMBER: E11.3511    
CODE NUMBER: E11.3512    CODE NUMBER: E11.3513    CODE NUMBER: E11.3519    CODE NUMBER: E11.3521    CODE NUMBER: E11.3522    CODE NUMBER: E11.3523    CODE NUMBER: E11.3529    CODE NUMBER: E11.3531    
CODE NUMBER: E11.3532    CODE NUMBER: E11.3533    CODE NUMBER: E11.3539    CODE NUMBER: E11.3541    CODE NUMBER: E11.3542    CODE NUMBER: E11.3543    CODE NUMBER: E11.3549    CODE NUMBER: E11.3551    
CODE NUMBER: E11.3552    CODE NUMBER: E11.3553    CODE NUMBER: E11.3559    CODE NUMBER: E11.3591    CODE NUMBER: E11.3592    CODE NUMBER: E11.3593    CODE NUMBER: E11.3599    CODE NUMBER: E11.37X1    
CODE NUMBER: E11.37X2    CODE NUMBER: E11.37X3    CODE NUMBER: E11.37X9    CODE NUMBER: E13.3211    CODE NUMBER: E13.3212    CODE NUMBER: E13.3213    CODE NUMBER: E13.3219    CODE NUMBER: E13.3291    
CODE NUMBER: E13.3292    CODE NUMBER: E13.3293    CODE NUMBER: E13.3299    CODE NUMBER: E13.3311    CODE NUMBER: E13.3312    CODE NUMBER: E13.3313    CODE NUMBER: E13.3319    CODE NUMBER: E13.3391    
CODE NUMBER: E13.3392    CODE NUMBER: E13.3393    CODE NUMBER: E13.3399    CODE NUMBER: E13.3411    CODE NUMBER: E13.3412    CODE NUMBER: E13.3413    CODE NUMBER: E13.3419    CODE NUMBER: E13.3491    
CODE NUMBER: E13.3492    CODE NUMBER: E13.3493    CODE NUMBER: E13.3499    CODE NUMBER: E13.3511    CODE NUMBER: E13.3512    CODE NUMBER: E13.3513    CODE NUMBER: E13.3519    CODE NUMBER: E13.3521    
CODE NUMBER: E13.3522    CODE NUMBER: E13.3523    CODE NUMBER: E13.3529    CODE NUMBER: E13.3531    CODE NUMBER: E13.3532    CODE NUMBER: E13.3533    CODE NUMBER: E13.3539    CODE NUMBER: E13.3541    
CODE NUMBER: E13.3542    CODE NUMBER: E13.3543    CODE NUMBER: E13.3549    CODE NUMBER: E13.3551    CODE NUMBER: E13.3552    CODE NUMBER: E13.3553    CODE NUMBER: E13.3559    CODE NUMBER: E13.3591    
CODE NUMBER: E13.3592    CODE NUMBER: E13.3593    CODE NUMBER: E13.3599    CODE NUMBER: E13.37X1    CODE NUMBER: E13.37X2    CODE NUMBER: E13.37X3    CODE NUMBER: E13.37X9    CODE NUMBER: E72.81    
CODE NUMBER: E72.89    CODE NUMBER: E75.26    CODE NUMBER: E78.00    CODE NUMBER: E78.01    CODE NUMBER: E78.41    CODE NUMBER: E78.49    CODE NUMBER: E85.81    CODE NUMBER: E85.82    
CODE NUMBER: E85.89    CODE NUMBER: E88.02    CODE NUMBER: E89.820    CODE NUMBER: E89.821    CODE NUMBER: E89.822    CODE NUMBER: E89.823    CODE NUMBER: F10.11    CODE NUMBER: F11.11    
CODE NUMBER: F12.11    CODE NUMBER: F12.23    CODE NUMBER: F12.93    CODE NUMBER: F13.11    CODE NUMBER: F14.11    CODE NUMBER: F15.11    CODE NUMBER: F16.11    CODE NUMBER: F18.11    
CODE NUMBER: F19.11    CODE NUMBER: F32.81    CODE NUMBER: F32.89    CODE NUMBER: F34.81    CODE NUMBER: F34.89    CODE NUMBER: F42.2    CODE NUMBER: F42.3    CODE NUMBER: F42.4    
CODE NUMBER: F42.8    CODE NUMBER: F42.9    CODE NUMBER: F50.81    CODE NUMBER: F50.82    CODE NUMBER: F50.89    CODE NUMBER: F53.0    CODE NUMBER: F53.1    CODE NUMBER: F64.0    
CODE NUMBER: F68.A    CODE NUMBER: F80.82    CODE NUMBER: G12.23    CODE NUMBER: G12.24    CODE NUMBER: G12.25    CODE NUMBER: G51.31    CODE NUMBER: G51.32    CODE NUMBER: G51.33    
CODE NUMBER: G51.39    CODE NUMBER: G56.03    CODE NUMBER: G56.13    CODE NUMBER: G56.23    CODE NUMBER: G56.33    CODE NUMBER: G56.43    CODE NUMBER: G56.83    CODE NUMBER: G56.93    
CODE NUMBER: G57.03    CODE NUMBER: G57.13    CODE NUMBER: G57.23    CODE NUMBER: G57.33    CODE NUMBER: G57.43    CODE NUMBER: G57.53    CODE NUMBER: G57.63    CODE NUMBER: G57.73    
CODE NUMBER: G57.83    CODE NUMBER: G57.93    CODE NUMBER: G61.82    CODE NUMBER: G71.00    CODE NUMBER: G71.01    CODE NUMBER: G71.02    CODE NUMBER: G71.09    CODE NUMBER: G97.61    
CODE NUMBER: G97.62    CODE NUMBER: G97.63    CODE NUMBER: G97.64    CODE NUMBER: H01.00A    CODE NUMBER: H01.00B    CODE NUMBER: H01.01A    CODE NUMBER: H01.01B    CODE NUMBER: H01.02A    
CODE NUMBER: H01.02B    CODE NUMBER: H02.151    CODE NUMBER: H02.152    CODE NUMBER: H02.153    CODE NUMBER: H02.154    CODE NUMBER: H02.155    CODE NUMBER: H02.156    CODE NUMBER: H02.159    
CODE NUMBER: H02.20A    CODE NUMBER: H02.20B    CODE NUMBER: H02.20C    CODE NUMBER: H02.21A    CODE NUMBER: H02.21B    CODE NUMBER: H02.21C    CODE NUMBER: H02.22A    CODE NUMBER: H02.22B    
CODE NUMBER: H02.22C    CODE NUMBER: H02.23A    CODE NUMBER: H02.23B    CODE NUMBER: H02.23C    CODE NUMBER: H02.881    CODE NUMBER: H02.882    CODE NUMBER: H02.883    CODE NUMBER: H02.884    
CODE NUMBER: H02.885    CODE NUMBER: H02.886    CODE NUMBER: H02.889    CODE NUMBER: H02.88A    CODE NUMBER: H02.88B    CODE NUMBER: H10.821    CODE NUMBER: H10.822    CODE NUMBER: H10.823    
CODE NUMBER: H10.829    CODE NUMBER: H34.8110    CODE NUMBER: H34.8111    CODE NUMBER: H34.8112    CODE NUMBER: H34.8120    CODE NUMBER: H34.8121    CODE NUMBER: H34.8122    CODE NUMBER: H34.8130    
CODE NUMBER: H34.8131    CODE NUMBER: H34.8132    CODE NUMBER: H34.8190    CODE NUMBER: H34.8191    CODE NUMBER: H34.8192    CODE NUMBER: H34.8310    CODE NUMBER: H34.8311    CODE NUMBER: H34.8312    
CODE NUMBER: H34.8320    CODE NUMBER: H34.8321    CODE NUMBER: H34.8322    CODE NUMBER: H34.8330    CODE NUMBER: H34.8331    CODE NUMBER: H34.8332    CODE NUMBER: H34.8390    CODE NUMBER: H34.8391    
CODE NUMBER: H34.8392    CODE NUMBER: H35.3110    CODE NUMBER: H35.3111    CODE NUMBER: H35.3112    CODE NUMBER: H35.3113    CODE NUMBER: H35.3114    CODE NUMBER: H35.3120    CODE NUMBER: H35.3121    
CODE NUMBER: H35.3122    CODE NUMBER: H35.3123    CODE NUMBER: H35.3124    CODE NUMBER: H35.3130    CODE NUMBER: H35.3131    CODE NUMBER: H35.3132    CODE NUMBER: H35.3133    CODE NUMBER: H35.3134    
CODE NUMBER: H35.3190    CODE NUMBER: H35.3191    CODE NUMBER: H35.3192    CODE NUMBER: H35.3193    CODE NUMBER: H35.3194    CODE NUMBER: H35.3210    CODE NUMBER: H35.3211    CODE NUMBER: H35.3212    
CODE NUMBER: H35.3213    CODE NUMBER: H35.3220    CODE NUMBER: H35.3221    CODE NUMBER: H35.3222    CODE NUMBER: H35.3223    CODE NUMBER: H35.3230    CODE NUMBER: H35.3231    CODE NUMBER: H35.3232    
CODE NUMBER: H35.3233    CODE NUMBER: H35.3290    CODE NUMBER: H35.3291    CODE NUMBER: H35.3292    CODE NUMBER: H35.3293    CODE NUMBER: H40.1110    CODE NUMBER: H40.1111    CODE NUMBER: H40.1112    
CODE NUMBER: H40.1113    CODE NUMBER: H40.1114    CODE NUMBER: H40.1120    CODE NUMBER: H40.1121    CODE NUMBER: H40.1122    CODE NUMBER: H40.1123    CODE NUMBER: H40.1124    CODE NUMBER: H40.1130    
CODE NUMBER: H40.1131    CODE NUMBER: H40.1132    CODE NUMBER: H40.1133    CODE NUMBER: H40.1134    CODE NUMBER: H40.1190    CODE NUMBER: H40.1191    CODE NUMBER: H40.1192    CODE NUMBER: H40.1193    
CODE NUMBER: H40.1194    CODE NUMBER: H40.1410    CODE NUMBER: H40.1411    CODE NUMBER: H40.1412    CODE NUMBER: H40.1413    CODE NUMBER: H40.1414    CODE NUMBER: H40.1420    CODE NUMBER: H40.1421    
CODE NUMBER: H40.1422    CODE NUMBER: H40.1423    CODE NUMBER: H40.1424    CODE NUMBER: H40.1430    CODE NUMBER: H40.1431    CODE NUMBER: H40.1432    CODE NUMBER: H40.1433    CODE NUMBER: H40.1434    
CODE NUMBER: H40.1490    CODE NUMBER: H40.1491    CODE NUMBER: H40.1492    CODE NUMBER: H40.1493    CODE NUMBER: H40.1494    CODE NUMBER: H40.151    CODE NUMBER: H40.152    CODE NUMBER: H40.153    
CODE NUMBER: H40.159    CODE NUMBER: H44.2A1    CODE NUMBER: H44.2A2    CODE NUMBER: H44.2A3    CODE NUMBER: H44.2A9    CODE NUMBER: H44.2B1    CODE NUMBER: H44.2B2    CODE NUMBER: H44.2B3    
CODE NUMBER: H44.2B9    CODE NUMBER: H44.2C1    CODE NUMBER: H44.2C2    CODE NUMBER: H44.2C3    CODE NUMBER: H44.2C9    CODE NUMBER: H44.2D1    CODE NUMBER: H44.2D2    CODE NUMBER: H44.2D3    
CODE NUMBER: H44.2D9    CODE NUMBER: H44.2E1    CODE NUMBER: H44.2E2    CODE NUMBER: H44.2E3    CODE NUMBER: H44.2E9    CODE NUMBER: H53.041    CODE NUMBER: H53.042    CODE NUMBER: H53.043    
CODE NUMBER: H53.049    CODE NUMBER: H54.0X33    CODE NUMBER: H54.0X34    CODE NUMBER: H54.0X35    CODE NUMBER: H54.0X43    CODE NUMBER: H54.0X44    CODE NUMBER: H54.0X45    CODE NUMBER: H54.0X53    
CODE NUMBER: H54.0X54    CODE NUMBER: H54.0X55    CODE NUMBER: H54.1131    CODE NUMBER: H54.1132    CODE NUMBER: H54.1141    CODE NUMBER: H54.1142    CODE NUMBER: H54.1151    CODE NUMBER: H54.1152    
CODE NUMBER: H54.1213    CODE NUMBER: H54.1214    CODE NUMBER: H54.1215    CODE NUMBER: H54.1223    CODE NUMBER: H54.1224    CODE NUMBER: H54.1225    CODE NUMBER: H54.2X11    CODE NUMBER: H54.2X12    
CODE NUMBER: H54.2X21    CODE NUMBER: H54.2X22    CODE NUMBER: H54.413A    CODE NUMBER: H54.414A    CODE NUMBER: H54.415A    CODE NUMBER: H54.42A3    CODE NUMBER: H54.42A4    CODE NUMBER: H54.42A5    
CODE NUMBER: H54.511A    CODE NUMBER: H54.512A    CODE NUMBER: H54.52A1    CODE NUMBER: H54.52A2    CODE NUMBER: H57.811    CODE NUMBER: H57.812    CODE NUMBER: H57.813    CODE NUMBER: H57.819    
CODE NUMBER: H57.89    CODE NUMBER: H59.331    CODE NUMBER: H59.332    CODE NUMBER: H59.333    CODE NUMBER: H59.339    CODE NUMBER: H59.341    CODE NUMBER: H59.342    CODE NUMBER: H59.343    
CODE NUMBER: H59.349    CODE NUMBER: H59.351    CODE NUMBER: H59.352    CODE NUMBER: H59.353    CODE NUMBER: H59.359    CODE NUMBER: H59.361    CODE NUMBER: H59.362    CODE NUMBER: H59.363    
CODE NUMBER: H59.369    CODE NUMBER: H81.4    CODE NUMBER: H90.A11    CODE NUMBER: H90.A12    CODE NUMBER: H90.A21    CODE NUMBER: H90.A22    CODE NUMBER: H90.A31    CODE NUMBER: H90.A32    
CODE NUMBER: H93.A1    CODE NUMBER: H93.A2    CODE NUMBER: H93.A3    CODE NUMBER: H93.A9    CODE NUMBER: H95.51    CODE NUMBER: H95.52    CODE NUMBER: H95.53    CODE NUMBER: H95.54    
CODE NUMBER: I16.0    CODE NUMBER: I16.1    CODE NUMBER: I16.9    CODE NUMBER: I21.9    CODE NUMBER: I21.A1    CODE NUMBER: I21.A9    CODE NUMBER: I26.93    CODE NUMBER: I26.94    
CODE NUMBER: I27.20    CODE NUMBER: I27.21    CODE NUMBER: I27.22    CODE NUMBER: I27.23    CODE NUMBER: I27.24    CODE NUMBER: I27.29    CODE NUMBER: I27.83    CODE NUMBER: I48.11    
CODE NUMBER: I48.19    CODE NUMBER: I48.20    CODE NUMBER: I48.21    CODE NUMBER: I50.810    CODE NUMBER: I50.811    CODE NUMBER: I50.812    CODE NUMBER: I50.813    CODE NUMBER: I50.814    
CODE NUMBER: I50.82    CODE NUMBER: I50.83    CODE NUMBER: I50.84    CODE NUMBER: I50.89    CODE NUMBER: I60.2    CODE NUMBER: I63.013    CODE NUMBER: I63.033    CODE NUMBER: I63.113    
CODE NUMBER: I63.133    CODE NUMBER: I63.213    CODE NUMBER: I63.233    CODE NUMBER: I63.313    CODE NUMBER: I63.323    CODE NUMBER: I63.333    CODE NUMBER: I63.343    CODE NUMBER: I63.413    
CODE NUMBER: I63.423    CODE NUMBER: I63.433    CODE NUMBER: I63.443    CODE NUMBER: I63.513    CODE NUMBER: I63.523    CODE NUMBER: I63.533    CODE NUMBER: I63.543    CODE NUMBER: I63.81    
CODE NUMBER: I63.89    CODE NUMBER: I67.850    CODE NUMBER: I67.858    CODE NUMBER: I69.010    CODE NUMBER: I69.011    CODE NUMBER: I69.012    CODE NUMBER: I69.013    CODE NUMBER: I69.014    
CODE NUMBER: I69.015    CODE NUMBER: I69.018    CODE NUMBER: I69.019    CODE NUMBER: I69.110    CODE NUMBER: I69.111    CODE NUMBER: I69.112    CODE NUMBER: I69.113    CODE NUMBER: I69.114    
CODE NUMBER: I69.115    CODE NUMBER: I69.118    CODE NUMBER: I69.119    CODE NUMBER: I69.210    CODE NUMBER: I69.211    CODE NUMBER: I69.212    CODE NUMBER: I69.213    CODE NUMBER: I69.214    
CODE NUMBER: I69.215    CODE NUMBER: I69.218    CODE NUMBER: I69.219    CODE NUMBER: I69.310    CODE NUMBER: I69.311    CODE NUMBER: I69.312    CODE NUMBER: I69.313    CODE NUMBER: I69.314    
CODE NUMBER: I69.315    CODE NUMBER: I69.318    CODE NUMBER: I69.319    CODE NUMBER: I69.810    CODE NUMBER: I69.811    CODE NUMBER: I69.812    CODE NUMBER: I69.813    CODE NUMBER: I69.814    
CODE NUMBER: I69.815    CODE NUMBER: I69.818    CODE NUMBER: I69.819    CODE NUMBER: I69.910    CODE NUMBER: I69.911    CODE NUMBER: I69.912    CODE NUMBER: I69.913    CODE NUMBER: I69.914    
CODE NUMBER: I69.915    CODE NUMBER: I69.918    CODE NUMBER: I69.919    CODE NUMBER: I72.5    CODE NUMBER: I72.6    CODE NUMBER: I77.70    CODE NUMBER: I77.75    CODE NUMBER: I77.76    
CODE NUMBER: I77.77    CODE NUMBER: I80.241    CODE NUMBER: I80.242    CODE NUMBER: I80.243    CODE NUMBER: I80.249    CODE NUMBER: I80.251    CODE NUMBER: I80.252    CODE NUMBER: I80.253    
CODE NUMBER: I80.259    CODE NUMBER: I82.451    CODE NUMBER: I82.452    CODE NUMBER: I82.453    CODE NUMBER: I82.459    CODE NUMBER: I82.461    CODE NUMBER: I82.462    CODE NUMBER: I82.463    
CODE NUMBER: I82.469    CODE NUMBER: I82.551    CODE NUMBER: I82.552    CODE NUMBER: I82.553    CODE NUMBER: I82.559    CODE NUMBER: I82.561    CODE NUMBER: I82.562    CODE NUMBER: I82.563    
CODE NUMBER: I82.569    CODE NUMBER: I97.620    CODE NUMBER: I97.621    CODE NUMBER: I97.622    CODE NUMBER: I97.630    CODE NUMBER: I97.631    CODE NUMBER: I97.638    CODE NUMBER: I97.640    
CODE NUMBER: I97.641    CODE NUMBER: I97.648    CODE NUMBER: J95.860    CODE NUMBER: J95.861    CODE NUMBER: J95.862    CODE NUMBER: J95.863    CODE NUMBER: J98.51    CODE NUMBER: J98.59    
CODE NUMBER: K04.01    CODE NUMBER: K04.02    CODE NUMBER: K05.211    CODE NUMBER: K05.212    CODE NUMBER: K05.213    CODE NUMBER: K05.219    CODE NUMBER: K05.221    CODE NUMBER: K05.222    
CODE NUMBER: K05.223    CODE NUMBER: K05.229    CODE NUMBER: K05.311    CODE NUMBER: K05.312    CODE NUMBER: K05.313    CODE NUMBER: K05.319    CODE NUMBER: K05.321    CODE NUMBER: K05.322    
CODE NUMBER: K05.323    CODE NUMBER: K05.329    CODE NUMBER: K06.010    CODE NUMBER: K06.011    CODE NUMBER: K06.012    CODE NUMBER: K06.013    CODE NUMBER: K06.020    CODE NUMBER: K06.021    
CODE NUMBER: K06.022    CODE NUMBER: K06.023    CODE NUMBER: K06.3    CODE NUMBER: K08.81    CODE NUMBER: K08.82    CODE NUMBER: K08.89    CODE NUMBER: K35.20    CODE NUMBER: K35.21    
CODE NUMBER: K35.30    CODE NUMBER: K35.31    CODE NUMBER: K35.32    CODE NUMBER: K35.33    CODE NUMBER: K35.890    CODE NUMBER: K35.891    CODE NUMBER: K52.21    CODE NUMBER: K52.22    
CODE NUMBER: K52.29    CODE NUMBER: K52.3    CODE NUMBER: K52.831    CODE NUMBER: K52.832    CODE NUMBER: K52.838    CODE NUMBER: K52.839    CODE NUMBER: K55.011    CODE NUMBER: K55.012    
CODE NUMBER: K55.019    CODE NUMBER: K55.021    CODE NUMBER: K55.022    CODE NUMBER: K55.029    CODE NUMBER: K55.031    CODE NUMBER: K55.032    CODE NUMBER: K55.039    CODE NUMBER: K55.041    
CODE NUMBER: K55.042    CODE NUMBER: K55.049    CODE NUMBER: K55.051    CODE NUMBER: K55.052    CODE NUMBER: K55.059    CODE NUMBER: K55.061    CODE NUMBER: K55.062    CODE NUMBER: K55.069    
CODE NUMBER: K55.30    CODE NUMBER: K55.31    CODE NUMBER: K55.32    CODE NUMBER: K55.33    CODE NUMBER: K56.50    CODE NUMBER: K56.51    CODE NUMBER: K56.52    CODE NUMBER: K56.600    
CODE NUMBER: K56.601    CODE NUMBER: K56.609    CODE NUMBER: K56.690    CODE NUMBER: K56.691    CODE NUMBER: K56.699    CODE NUMBER: K58.1    CODE NUMBER: K58.2    CODE NUMBER: K58.8    
CODE NUMBER: K59.03    CODE NUMBER: K59.04    CODE NUMBER: K59.31    CODE NUMBER: K59.39    CODE NUMBER: K61.31    CODE NUMBER: K61.39    CODE NUMBER: K61.5    CODE NUMBER: K82.A1    
CODE NUMBER: K82.A2    CODE NUMBER: K83.01    CODE NUMBER: K83.09    CODE NUMBER: K85.00    CODE NUMBER: K85.01    CODE NUMBER: K85.02    CODE NUMBER: K85.10    CODE NUMBER: K85.11    
CODE NUMBER: K85.12    CODE NUMBER: K85.20    CODE NUMBER: K85.21    CODE NUMBER: K85.22    CODE NUMBER: K85.30    CODE NUMBER: K85.31    CODE NUMBER: K85.32    CODE NUMBER: K85.80    
CODE NUMBER: K85.81    CODE NUMBER: K85.82    CODE NUMBER: K85.90    CODE NUMBER: K85.91    CODE NUMBER: K85.92    CODE NUMBER: K86.81    CODE NUMBER: K86.89    CODE NUMBER: K90.41    
CODE NUMBER: K90.49    CODE NUMBER: K91.30    CODE NUMBER: K91.31    CODE NUMBER: K91.32    CODE NUMBER: K91.870    CODE NUMBER: K91.871    CODE NUMBER: K91.872    CODE NUMBER: K91.873    
CODE NUMBER: L03.213    CODE NUMBER: L76.31    CODE NUMBER: L76.32    CODE NUMBER: L76.33    CODE NUMBER: L76.34    CODE NUMBER: L89.006    CODE NUMBER: L89.016    CODE NUMBER: L89.026    
CODE NUMBER: L89.106    CODE NUMBER: L89.116    CODE NUMBER: L89.126    CODE NUMBER: L89.136    CODE NUMBER: L89.146    CODE NUMBER: L89.156    CODE NUMBER: L89.206    CODE NUMBER: L89.216    
CODE NUMBER: L89.226    CODE NUMBER: L89.306    CODE NUMBER: L89.316    CODE NUMBER: L89.326    CODE NUMBER: L89.46    CODE NUMBER: L89.506    CODE NUMBER: L89.516    CODE NUMBER: L89.526    
CODE NUMBER: L89.606    CODE NUMBER: L89.616    CODE NUMBER: L89.626    CODE NUMBER: L89.816    CODE NUMBER: L89.896    CODE NUMBER: L89.96    CODE NUMBER: L97.105    CODE NUMBER: L97.106    
CODE NUMBER: L97.108    CODE NUMBER: L97.115    CODE NUMBER: L97.116    CODE NUMBER: L97.118    CODE NUMBER: L97.125    CODE NUMBER: L97.126    CODE NUMBER: L97.128    CODE NUMBER: L97.205    
CODE NUMBER: L97.206    CODE NUMBER: L97.208    CODE NUMBER: L97.215    CODE NUMBER: L97.216    CODE NUMBER: L97.218    CODE NUMBER: L97.225    CODE NUMBER: L97.226    CODE NUMBER: L97.228    
CODE NUMBER: L97.305    CODE NUMBER: L97.306    CODE NUMBER: L97.308    CODE NUMBER: L97.315    CODE NUMBER: L97.316    CODE NUMBER: L97.318    CODE NUMBER: L97.325    CODE NUMBER: L97.326    
CODE NUMBER: L97.328    CODE NUMBER: L97.405    CODE NUMBER: L97.406    CODE NUMBER: L97.408    CODE NUMBER: L97.415    CODE NUMBER: L97.416    CODE NUMBER: L97.418    CODE NUMBER: L97.425    
CODE NUMBER: L97.426    CODE NUMBER: L97.428    CODE NUMBER: L97.505    CODE NUMBER: L97.506    CODE NUMBER: L97.508    CODE NUMBER: L97.515    CODE NUMBER: L97.516    CODE NUMBER: L97.518    
CODE NUMBER: L97.525    CODE NUMBER: L97.526    CODE NUMBER: L97.528    CODE NUMBER: L97.805    CODE NUMBER: L97.806    CODE NUMBER: L97.808    CODE NUMBER: L97.815    CODE NUMBER: L97.816    
CODE NUMBER: L97.818    CODE NUMBER: L97.825    CODE NUMBER: L97.826    CODE NUMBER: L97.828    CODE NUMBER: L97.905    CODE NUMBER: L97.906    CODE NUMBER: L97.908    CODE NUMBER: L97.915    
For the entire list of entries see: Here

ICR, Total: 2

ICR LINK Subscribing Package(s) Fields Referenced Description
ICR #2435
  • Clinical Reminders
  • ICR #3482
  • Dental
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