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Help Frame: XQ-USER-JUMP

Package: Kernel

Help Frame: XQ-USER-JUMP

Source Information

Name Value
If you know the name or synonymn of an option, you can 'jump' to
You need only enter enough characters to uniquely identify the option.
If what you've entered matches with other options, you will be prompted for
a choice.  
You may occasionally see a message about 'rebuilding-menus'.  In such a
case, a menu has been changed and the system must take a few moments to
rebuild some internal structures.  In such cases, you may access the option
through the menu tree.
it directly by using the '^'.  This means that you do not need to
Entering '^?' will display all options in your tree.
step thru several levels of menus to get to an option.
In response to the 'Select ... Option' prompt,
enter ^OPTION NAME, where OPTION NAME is the name or synonym of the
option you wish to jump to.  Enter ^^OPTION NAME to jump out to the option
and back again (as a rubber band jump).  Or just enter ^^ to return to
the menu that is presented when you first sign on (your primary menu).
DATE ENTERED 1992-04-15 14:52:00
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