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Package: Uncategorized




VA documentation in the VistA Documentation Library

Dependent Graph

Package Dependent List, Total: 41

Format:   package[# of caller routines(R) -> # of called routines(R): # of global-accessing routines(R) -> # of called globals(G): # of caller fileman files(F) -> # of called fileman files(F): # of caller routines(R) -> # of fileman files accessed via db call(F): # of package components accessing routines(PC) -> # of called routines(R): # of caller globals(G) -> # of called routines (R): # of caller globals(G) -> # of called globals (G):

National Drug File [150(R)->(G)11:1(G)->(G)1]   Inpatient Medications [30(R)->(G)2:1(G)->(G)1]   Kernel [2(R)->(R)5:20(R)->(G)26:5(G)->(R)11:1(G)->(G)1]   Text Integration Utility [15(R)->(G)4]   National Online Information Sharing [10(R)->(G)2]   Imaging [8(R)->(R)2:2(R)->(G)2:2(G)->(R)1]   
Integrated Billing [1(R)->(R)1:5(R)->(G)9]   MailMan [2(R)->(R)2:4(R)->(G)3]   Adverse Reaction Tracking [5(R)->(G)4]   Scheduling [5(R)->(G)5]   Barcode Medication Administration [4(R)->(R)4]   Outpatient Pharmacy [4(R)->(G)1]   
Order Entry Results Reporting [2(R)->(R)2:1(R)->(G)2:1(G)->(R)1]   VA FileMan [1(R)->(R)1:2(R)->(G)2:1(G)->(R)1]   Registration [2(R)->(R)1:1(R)->(G)1]   RPC Broker [2(R)->(G)2]   My HealtheVet [2(R)->(G)2]   Health Level Seven [2(R)->(R)2]   
Health Summary [2(R)->(G)2]   Web Services Client [1(R)->(R)1:1(R)->(G)1]   PCE Patient Care Encounter [1(R)->(R)1:1(R)->(G)1:1(G)->(R)1:1(G)->(G)6]   Toolkit [2(R)->(G)2:1(G)->(G)1]   Consult Request Tracking [2(R)->(G)1]   Pharmacy Data Management [2(R)->(G)1]   
Health Data and Informatics [1(R)->(G)1]   Pharmacy Prescription Practice [1(R)->(G)1]   VISN 20 [1(R)->(G)2]   VistA System Monitor [1(R)->(R)1]   Foundations [1(R)->(G)1]   Quality Assurance Integration [1(R)->(G)1]   
Womens Health [1(R)->(G)19]   Controlled Substances [1(R)->(G)1]   Clinical Procedures [1(R)->(G)1]   Incident Reporting [1(R)->(G)1]   Capacity Management Tools [1(R)->(G)2]   IFCAP [1(R)->(G)1]   
DSS Extracts [1(R)->(G)1]   Library [1(R)->(G)1]   General Medical Record - Vitals [1(R)->(G)4]   National VistA Support [1(R)->(G)1]   Run Time Library [1(R)->(R)1]   

Non-FileMan Globals, Total: 118

^$DI(    ^$E("WINDOW"    ^$EVENT("ELEMENT"    ^$EVENT("OK"    ^$EVENT("WINDOW"    ^$JOB(    ^$R(    ^$ROUTINE(    
^$W("MESSAGE"    ^$W("ZISGDEV"    ^$W("ZISGHFS"    ^$W("ZISGMT"    ^$W("ZISGSDP"    ^$W("ZISGSPL"    ^$W("ZISGTRM"    ^$WINDOW("ZISGDEV"    
^%IS(    ^%IS(0    ^AKF("FAX"    ^AKF("FAXG"    ^AKF("FAXR"    ^ANUSB(626140    ^APCCCTRL(0    ^APMM(99.3    
^BWNOTP    ^BWNOTT    ^BWP    ^BWPCD    ^BWPLOG    ^BWPN    ^BWPR    ^BWRADX    
^BWSITE    ^BWSNAP    ^DSIPPOA(    ^DSIPPOA("B"    ^DSIPPRV    ^DSIPPRV("B"    ^DTGHD("A"    ^FILE(100    
^FILE(101.41    ^FILTERS("B"    ^GEK("SETVAL"    ^GMR(    ^GMR(120.83    ^GMR(121    ^GMR(121.1    ^GMR(121.2    
^GMR(121.99    ^GMR(128    ^IMV(301.93    ^JADREJ(    ^JADUTIL("AWP UPDATE"    ^KUMDG3    ^KUMDG4    ^NDFK(    
^NDFK(5000    ^NDFK(5000.2    ^NDFK(5000.506    ^NDFK(5000.508    ^NDFK(5000.509    ^NDFK(5000.56    ^NDFK(5000.561    ^NDFK(5000.93    
^NTS(2050    ^NTS(2050.2    ^POLCCOM(    ^POLCOM(    ^PS(    ^PS("52."    ^PS(50.9    ^PS(53.35    
^PSTRAN("B"    ^QA(    ^QA(752.5    ^REM("M2MCL"    ^ROUTINE(    ^ROUTINE(""    ^ROUTINE("R1ACSX"    ^RWF("PATCH"    
^RWF($J    ^SPOOL(    ^SPOOL(0    ^STATS(    ^SYS(    ^SYS("BLKCOL"    ^SYS("CONFIG"    ^SYS("UCI"    
^SYS(0    ^TRAX(    ^TRAX("A"    ^TRAX("B"    ^TRAX("C"    ^UTILTIY($J    ^UTL("STPCODE"    ^XBD(9.6    
^XHLP("D"    ^XLM(8993    ^XOB(    ^XOB(18.08    ^ZCONV(    ^ZLX(    

Routines, Total: 56

$&ZLIB.%PARSE    $&ZLIB.%SETSYM    $&ZLIB.%SPAWN    %CLOSE    %ET    %apiOBJ    %dsselect    @(    
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