OTJ is a publication intended to serve the community of practice surrounding OSEHRA. The goal of OTJ is to capture innovative ideas and methodologies and to drive this innovation into practical implementations that can be integrated into the OSEHRA platform for the benefit of a larger community.

OTJ is not an academic journal. It is instead modeled after practical publications such as Dr. Dobbs and The Linux Journal. The specific style of OTJ is derived from The Insight Journal (http://www.insight-journal.org) which is the publishing venue of the open source Insight Toolkit community.

OTJ articles follow the format of a "Technical Report" where a software practitioner will describe to peers the details of practical implementations that address exiting problems and limitations of the OSEHRA platform. OTJ is open for the general public to make contributions, as long as they follow the practical format of technical report, and that they include the source code of their implementations.

The unique characteristics of the "OSEHRA Technical Journal" include: 

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