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M-Unit Test
Revision: 18
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The M-Unit package provides the ability to run unit tests on M code for a program.
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Submission Date
18Joel Ivey07-10-2017Level 4This is an updated version of the previous submission in February for certification.
17Joel Ivey02-12-2017This version includes a number of changes
recognition of Cache system even if computer name begins with digits
addition of verbosity value to give execution times in fractional milliseconds - in GT.M this requires versions 6.3 and above
for COV^%ut and COVERAGE^%ut the first argument is now passed by reference and may be used to produce coverage on multiple namespaces, or specify specific routines to be analyzed
M-Unit no longer depends on the presence of VistA components, and can be run in Cache or GT.M by itself
If the BREAK (optional third argument for EN^%ut) is true, on breaking the type of error or cause for breaking is specified before the BREAK occurs
16Joel Ivey04-11-2016Level 4This version (thanks to Sam Habiel) adds the ability to list the execution time (in milliseconds) for each of the unit tests by setting the VERBOSE argument to a value of 2. It also corrects a potential problem on some Cache systems in setting the namespace for %ut global and routines to the current account. It removes some excess display that is not necessary from installations on GT.M systems.
15Joel Ivey12-17-2015Level 4
14Joel Ivey12-13-2015
13Joel Ivey10-08-2015Level 4
12Joel Ivey09-21-2015
11Joel Ivey09-14-2015
10Joel Ivey09-14-2015
9Joel Ivey08-10-2015
8Joel Ivey09-18-2014Level 4
7Joel Ivey09-11-2014
6Joel Ivey09-10-2014
5Joel Ivey09-08-2014
4Joel Ivey08-31-2014
3Joel Ivey08-14-2014
2Joel Ivey08-14-2014
1Joel Ivey08-06-2014

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