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VA Code in Flight Submission - Existing Product Intake Program (EPIP) Intake Program 2.0 RA*5.0*132
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Submitted by OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service on 08-01-2017.
RA*5.0*132 provides the following enhancements to VistA:

RA*5.0*132 modifies the VistA Radiology package to display a patient's height and weight when scheduling exams. It is important for a provider to know a patient's height and weight prior to a Radiology procedure; however, that data is not currently available in the VistA Radiology package when scheduling exams. Based on this data, alternative arrangements might need to be made prior to a patient's arrival. Additionally, calculating Body Mass Index (BMI) is integral to reporting dose metrics for radiation exposures. The exposure servers use the BMI calculation to create models and calculate the organ dose per exam and the cumulative doses. Currently, Radiology staff must obtain the patient’s height and weight in order to calculate BMI. This patch adds the height and weight from the Patient (#2) file to the patient demographics that display when using the REGISTER PATIENT FOR EXAMS [RA REG] and ADD EXAMS TO LAST VISIT [RA ADDEXAM] options in VistA.

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