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VA Code in Flight Submission - Administrative Data Repository (ADR) Phase II
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Submitted by OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service on 10-29-2013.
The primary effort of the ADR Project is the design and standup of the National ADR instance to supportthe storage of Administrative Data for the VHA Legacy HEC system. It also provides the capability to store Master Patient Index (MPI) Identity data as currently being enumerated by the Person Service Identity Management team.

It has been determined that an Administrative Data Repository (ADR) be established to provide support for those cross cutting administrative data elements relative to multiple categories of a person entity. Although initially focused on the computing needs of VHA, the ADR is positioned to provide identity management and demographics support for all IT systems within the Department of Veterans Affairs. As the authoritative data store for cross cutting administrative person data, the ADR will establish and manage this data as a corporate asset. It will be implemented in a centralized/distributed deployment design which utilizes the central instance as the "gold copy" of data. Geographically distributed instances will facilitate computing performance for end users and continuity of operations in the event
of WAN failure. Data consistency at the distributed instances will be facilitated through programmatic synchronization of data subsets and uniformity of data processing rules as applied by distributed instances of business services. Although physically distributed, users throughout the enterprise will inter‐act with a virtual single person record for a given person entity. State of the art security
methodology will be implemented to insure the integrity and confidentiality of person data administered by the ADR.

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