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PHIX - Personal Health Information eXchange.
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Submitted by Matt Mccall on 12-05-2013.
Amida Technology Solutions has been developing the 'PHIX,' or Personal Health Information eXchange. This code has been developed as a prototype, and will continue to be developed into a production-ready solution. It is now available under the Apache 2.0 license.

For full details, please see the documentation in the github repository.

Additionally, there are two related projects at the links below, which provide ansible deployment scripts for the PHIX and the related DIRECT components.

The PHIX is designed to:

• Enable patients to receive information from and share information with a variety of providers
• Serve as the trusted repository for a patient’s integrated medical history
• Relieve patients of the burden of carrying historical information from provider to provider

Stage 2 of the Meaningful Use criteria for electronic health technology prescribes more patient control of data as a fundamental goal. The Amida Personal Health Information Exchange platform places the patient at the center of their health data. It enables two-way communication between patients and primary care physician, pharmacies, labs, and other specialty care providers. This means that patients, for the first time, will have a coherent view of all their health information.

The PHIX is a full solution for patient-centered health data management. It includes the Amida Trusted Identity Platform to support a trusted authentication model, and the Amida DIRECT Secure Email offering to enable secure data sharing. It also includes a scalable and secure repository for storing patient data, a rich set of APIs for data access, and an elegant user interface to allow patient’s to easily explore, understand, validate, and share information.

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