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Victory Programming Environment (VPE)
Revision: 14.2c
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VPE consists of a number of integrated programmer utilities that will increase productivity and decrease the number of key strokes required to complete normal programming tasks in the VISTA environment. Contrary to its name, VPE is not only for programmers. Many people perform technical tasks from programmer mode because it is so powerful. Think of VPE as enhanced programmer mode and then you will see that it is ideal for anyone who regularly operates in programmer mode.
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14.2cSamuel Habiel10-04-2017Level 3Minor fixes for Unit Tests so that they run on Cache.
14.2bSamuel Habiel09-28-2017Tiny fix to the testing script.
14.2aSamuel Habiel09-26-2017Forgot to push testing code corrections in the Github release + testing instructions + VPE 14.2 RSA attached to this journal article.
14.2Samuel Habiel09-25-2017Support for Unit Testing via Pexpect using the OSEHRA testing framework.
14.1Samuel Habiel08-16-2017Changes for version 14.1

- Code implementing backspace/delete dichotomy in VPE parameters did not work correctly. This is what Kevin found and fixed.
- Fileman files automatically installed without any questions being asked when you run VPE via ^XV.
- Relicensing code to Apache 2.0.
- Tiny changes here and there to please XINDEX. Almost all of VPE now passes XINDEX.
1Samuel Habiel07-25-2017

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