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VA Code in Flight Submission - Existing Product Intake Program (EPIP) Patch FH*5.5*43
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Submitted by OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service on 10-17-2017.
FH*5.5*43 implements VistA Dietetics Report Queuing to automatically
queue Nutrition and Food Service (NFS) reports and labels to run daily,
or as often as necessary, without requiring Dietetics staff to manually
queue them each day. With many standard reports and labels currently
available to NFS staff, it is inefficient and time consuming for users to
manually set up and run reports daily.

This enhancement enables an a Clinical Application Coordinator (CAC),
Automated Data Processing Application Coordinator (ADPAC), or Office of
Information & Technology (OI&T) staff member to set pre-defined options
for printing NFS reports and labels automatically, including the routine
name and the setup of variables required for the reports to run
unattended. Three new files are added with this enhancement to store the
pre-defined values for each configured report.

Additionally, three new options enable this functionality. The option
FHQUE passes the configured reports and labels to TaskMan to be executed
and printed at the scheduled time. Typically, FHQUE is scheduled to run
once per day, soon after midnight. The second new option, FHQUE OPTION
EDIT, displays a list of available reports. From this list, a report can
be selected and configured to run at a specified frequency and to send
the job to a specified printer. The third new option, FHQUE TEST, is only
accessible to users with programmer access and is used to immediately run
a test report to validate selected options.

The three new files that store information required for printing NFS
reports and labels automatically also store the values required for the
reports to run unattended. The FHQUE AVAILABLE OPTIONS (#117.0243) file
stores values such as the time the report is scheduled to run and the
printer to which it will be sent. The FHQUE QUEUED REPORTS/LABELS
(#117.024) file stores a meaningful description for each of the available
reports that displays when FHQUE OPTION EDIT is selected. The FHQUE
REPORT DAYS(#117.0241) file stores the days of the week to enable a user
to select the day to run the report.

The patch also adds Diet Order to the Patient Supplemental Feeding List.
Sometimes diet orders are changed in the computer after the supplemental
feeding was prepared by the food service worker. This modification allows
a quick double check supplemental feeding orders against most recent diet
order prior to delivery of the feeding. This patch utilizes "up to date"
data available in the computer system to prepare a list which includes the
patient's current diet order next to the supplemental feeding order.

The patch adds three new fields to the Nutrition Person file#115,
Breakdfast Flag, Noon Flag and Evening Flag and an option to create
and edit the flags. The Flag on Bottom of Tray Ticket, prints the flag at
the bottom of the tray ticket as a simple and consistent way to
communicate between team members at each meal, with individualized
instructions for the Veteran. These flags are located specifically in an
area best suited to communicate meal to meal instructions to the nurse,
occupational/rehab therapist, etc.

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