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VA Code in Flight Submission - Existing Product Intake Program (EPIP) PSGW*2.3*19
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Submitted by OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service on 10-18-2017.
PSGW*2.3*19 provides the following enhancements to VistA:

- Displays the maximum allowed ward stock level when using the Enter/Edit Nurses' On-Demand Request [PSGW ON-DEMAND NURSING EDIT] option in the Auto Replenishment/Ward Stock Nurses' Menu [PSGW RN]. Since the Pharmacy will fill an order for no more than the allowed stock level, nurses need to know the amount of stock that they can receive at one time. Currently, the allowed stock level displays only when a request is placed for more than double the allowed amount. This modification always displays the allowed stock level, thus preventing delays and frustration when trying to reorder stock.

This modification also displays the maximum allowed ward stock level when using the On-Demand Request Report by Date/AOU [PSGW ON-DEMAND PRINT] option. This option is used by Pharmacy staff to review nurses' ward stock requests. The allowed stock level is not currently displayed on the report, so Pharmacy staff must look up this information to determine whether a request exceeds the allowed amount. This modification always displays the allowed stock level on the report, which allows Pharmacy staff to easily compare the allowed and requested amounts.

This patch adds a system-level parameter WS_LVL_ON in the PARAMETER DEFINITION (#8989.51) file to turn the display functionality On/Off.
Initially, this parameter is delivered as null and is treated the same as No, which is OFF. A Clinical Application Coordinator (CAC) or Automated Data Processing Application Coordinator (ADPAC) at each site will need to set this parameter to ON (Yes) to activate this functionality at the site.

- Adds the ability to automatically print ward stock medications on a designated printer within a pharmacy. Currently, pharmacy technicians do not have a quick way to determine which ward stock medications need to be delivered to the various wards and clinics. This enhancement provides a new DEFAULT PHARMACY PRINTER (#32) field in the PATIENT SITE file (#59.4) that allows the pharmacy manager to select a default printer. To use the new functionality, a CAC or ADPAC must populate this field to display a printer from the DEVICE (#3.5) file. If the field is not populated with a printer, then the auto-print functionality is effectively turned off. For sites with multiple location entries in the PATIENT SITE file, managers can select a default printer for each location.

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