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VA Code in Flight Schedule Update Q1 CY2014
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This quarterly report provides a list of the projected Code in Flight releases by VA Office of Information Technology (OIT.) The releases are currently being reviewed and redacted by the Product Development (PD) Open Source Configuration and Tools Management division (OSCTM).

Code in Flight is defined as software project deliverables currently either in development or dormant and which have not been released to their intended deployment sites. It includes source code, executable, associated software engineering documents (draft or final), test cases, and test scripts.

Code in Flight will be Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) redacted to remove security/privacy content and Copyright/licensed content from the software, data and documents. It will have a VA General Counsel Disclaimer watermark and cover attachment included and then shared publicly through serializing entries in the Technical Journal, one entry per product, with multiple builds accumulating in the Journal as they are shared.

The products listed in this report are projected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2014. These projected deliveries are subject to change based on competing priorities and may not reflect actual Technical Journal submissions posted.
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