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Drug Accountability Fix for bug #R17623029FY18
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Submitted by Samuel Habiel on 03-23-2018.
# Introduction
Drug Accountability Fix for bug R17623029FY18

# Detailed Description
Bug assigned: R17623029FY18

## Problem
PSA DISPLAY LOCATION already has code to not print drugs that have been
inactivated and have a balance of zero. The problem is that a balance of zero
was not achievable since drug accountability still kept processing orders for
the inactivated drug from Outpatient, resulting in negative balances. Routine
PSAOP3 was modified to mirror the existing logic in PSADAI to exclude
inactivated drugs for the Drug Accountability location. This very same change
also prevent transactions for inactivated drugs being recorded. This patch does
not address the potentially similar issue that could be present in Inpatient
Pharmacy--this is left for future work.

While testing, it was noticed that [PSA DISPLAY LOCATION] did not display
active drugs with a balance of zero--leading to the wrong impression that
the drug was not active for this location. This turned out to be another bug.

## Resolution

Reviews (Phase: Peer)

Peer review by Joe Snyder:

Topic Completed
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Functional - Before Patch Installation
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Safe - Installation and Post-Installation

Final review by Joe Snyder:

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