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VA Code in Flight Submission - RSD/SDD for Pharmacy Product System (PPS).
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Submitted by OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service on 04-02-2014.
This submission is for the RSD and SDD only. No code is being delivered at this time.

Pharmacy Re-engineering (PRE) was originally scoped to replace all VA legacy
pharmacy applications with a system to meet current and future VA needs. The legacy
applications with mid-1980s technology are obsolete and expensive to maintain and
enhance. Initial increments focus on critical patient safety issues with legacy
systems by providing three clinical decision support tools to crosscheck drugs/doses
in medication orders to reduce frequency of adverse drug events and save lives.
These three clinical decision support tools are:
1. Medication Order Checking Health Care Application (MOCHA) cross-checks
drugs/dosing data against a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) database for industry
1. Pharmacy Enterprise Customization System (PECS) lets VA expert pharmacists
use VA custom data to improve order checks.
2. Pharmacy Product System (PPS) uses automation to replace slow manual
inclusion of new drugs in medication ordering and management. Once found, new drugs
are near instantly included in orders instead of waiting on a 60 day manual process.
PPS retires the legacy National Drug File System. PPS will help local sites ensure
locally defined drug variants trigger order checks to improve patient safety.
These three tools enable up to date order checks, reduce adverse drug events, save
lives and align PRE with VA's mission for better business and customer results by
reducing healthcare costs and employee workload while improving care for Veterans.
These three PRE systems also leverage the following two utilities, MOCHA Server and
Data Update (DATUP) for data synchronization and integration with commercial
database drug information.
1. MOCHA Server is an intermediate HealtheVet application utility that
integrates the Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture
(VistA) application requests to then be able to send order checks against a COTS
database and services as well as against VA customized data and services (provided
by PECS).
MOCHA Server utility should not be confused with MOCHA VistA though they do
interact. MOCHA is composed of MOCHA Server utility and MOCHA VistA application.
MOCHA VistA is a VistA Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming
System (MUMPS) application that pharmacists use in coordination with Computerized
Patient Record System (CPRS). MOCHA VistA submits order checks to MOCHA Server,
which then checks against the commercial database and against the PECS customized VA
1. DATUP is an application utility that synchronizes data across the MOCHA,
PECS, and PPS applications. All three applications can cause needs for code updates
2. A fourth project, PRE Interoperability, planned for an FY14 start will make
these three tools available as a service to VA and others.
PRE depends on projects like CPRS, Standards and Terminology services (STS), and
Pharmacy Legacy Enhancements. Sustainment of Pharmacy National Drug File (NDF)
Monthly Update depends on PRE. PRE is expected to interact with the integrated
Electronic Health Record (iEHR)/VistA Evolution components either as a prototype
that leads to standardization of data and processes, or as a component in the final
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