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VA Code In Flight Submission - CPRS National Utility V20 (OR*3*378, PSO*7*433)
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Submitted by OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service on 04-02-2014.
Product Development will release the order instructions clean up utility, commonly known as the national utility, in patches OR*3*378 and PSO*7*433. These patches have no dependencies on MOCHA 2 or on any CPRS patches currently in development. This summary will explain how the utility identifies problematic orders, how it corrects the problems, and the reports that the utility generates.
The utility will prompt the user for a cut-off date, which division(s) to examine (if the system is configured as multidivisional), and if the user wants to perform a dry run (in a dry run, nothing is changed but the reports are generated). The user is then prompted for the date and time to run the utility and for the device to output the reports on.

The utility will examine all non-supply item outpatient prescription orders entered on or after the cut-off date that do not have an OR GTX DOSE dialog response. For multidivisional sites, if the clinic where the order was placed (i.e., the PATIENT LOCATION field value) is associated with one of the selected divisions, the utility continues examining the order. If an order meets all of these criteria, the utility determines if the order is problematic.

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