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PSN*4.0*10001 & PSN*4.0*10002: Port PSN*4*513 to be in a reasonable shape for the VistA Community
Revision: T6
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The purpose of this project is to port PSN*4*513 to be in a reasonable shape for the VistA Community. The package was released for use in the VA with several shortcomings:

Extensive use of vendor specific invocations in non-Kernel code (sftp, mv, rm, stat).
Reliance on a remote SSH server to download data files from.
A post install that displays error messages.
Inability to apply downloaded patches if they were downloaded outside of VISTA.

The new patch, PSN*4*10001, uses code in XU*8.0*10002 in %ZISH that allows for syncing remote https directories via wget. In addition the calls for mkdir, stat, and the like have been encapsulated into the new %ZISH. The post-install has been partially, but not completely fixed. See the sample installation below to see what to expect.
Revision Version
Submitted By
Submission Date
PSN*4.0*10002T3Samuel Habiel02-21-2019Level 4Previous KIDS build was incorrect. T3 fixes that.
PSN*4.0*10002T2Samuel Habiel02-15-2019T2 contains one major change: It includes a fix from CRH/David Whitten which prevents the loading of similar looking files in the directory. This--combined with a defect in the original software that was fixed in PSN*4.0*565--can result in your old GCNSEQNOs being deleted.

Documentation updates and clarifications.
PSN*4.0*10002Samuel Habiel01-07-2019Add PSN*4.0*10002, which is an overlay for PSN*4.0*563 and PSN*4.0*565.

The routines updated are:

T6Samuel Habiel06-07-2018Level 3This version adds Cache/Linux and Cache/NT support. The previous version had a syntax error for Cache and did not support Cache/NT.
1Samuel Habiel05-03-2018

Reviews (Phase: Complete)

Peer review by Joe Snyder:

Topic Completed
Compliant - Product Build Checklist
Compliant - Installation and Post-Installation
Functional - Before Patch Installation
Functional - Installation and Post-Installation
Safe - Installation and Post-Installation

Final review by Joe Snyder:

Topic Level Comments
Name/Number Space
Open Source License
Code Review
Test Installation
Regression Testing
Functional Testing
Recommended Certification Level3



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