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Non-Kernel Fixes to FOIA VistA to enable it to run outside of the VA
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Submitted by Samuel Habiel on 06-22-2018.
This repository provides minimal fixes to FOIA VISTA code, in order to allow
for a functioning VistA instance. These fixes are needed for both Cache and
GT.M. This repository covers only non-Kernel routine; see the Kernel-GTM
project ( for Kernel infrastructure

Fixes are under Apache 2.0 where applicable.

List of fixes/Change Log
* ICDEXA2 (passim): Don't convert codes to numbers. Codes may exceed implementation defined limit for numbers.
* GET1+3^ORWORR1: Replace && with commas for if, to enforce 'and' with no side effects.
* EN+16^DGRPD: Errant space needs to be removed.
* PATIENT^MPIFXMLP: Change to ZPATIENT so that it won't be found by patient registration. We can't use MPI outside of VA.

Install Instructions
These routines are not intended for installation. Instead, a patch generated by
`git diff $(git rev-list --max-parents=0 HEAD)..HEAD -- Routines/` is intended
to be applied to OSEHRA VistA in order to fix the routines.

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