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VA Code in Flight Submission - Community Care (CC) Referral Documentation (REFDOC) v2.3
Revision: 4
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The Community Care (CC) Referral Documentation (REFDOC) project is focused on the enterprise implementation of a web application that is being used in local VAMC’s to allow VA Staff to quickly pull information from VistA and the Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW) based on an individual’s health record and place that information into a PDF that can be shared with Community Providers for care coordination when a Veteran will be utilizing CC.
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4OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office06-22-2018updated code and docs for v2.3
3OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office01-31-2018This revision makes available the source code for Release 2.2 Build 4 which is currently under development.
2OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office11-09-2017Adding updated code and docs.
1OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office08-30-2017

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