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VA Code in Flight Submission - Existing Product Intake Program (EPIP) Patches.
Revision: 3
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PSD*3.0*84 provides the following enhancements to VistA:

- Enhances the Outpatient Rx’s [PSD OUTPATIENT] option in the Pharmacist Menu [PSD TRANSACTION MENU] to require users to enter the current on-hand narcotic medication count without seeing the VistA computed count. The existing option displays the VistA narcotic medication count without asking users to enter the actual on-hand count, which does not ensure that an actual count was performed to confirm that the number shown in VistA matches the true count. The modification ensures that an actual count is performed and compares the user's input against current VistA totals. If the balances entered by the user do not match the VistA count after three attempts, then an e-mail message is sent to the new CS BALANCE DISCREPANCY mail group for further investigation. The mail group is populated by each site with pharmacy supervisors who can address balance discrepancies.

During the post-installation phase, routine PSD84P checks to see if there is a pre-existing CS BALANCE DISCREPANCY mail group. If it does not exist, the routine creates the new mail group and displays an on-screen confirmation. Routine PSD84P is deleted automatically at the end of patch installation.

This modification serves as a failsafe against narcotic diversion.

- Enhances the "Daily Activity Log (in lieu of VA FORM 10-2320)" [PSD DAILY LOG] option in the Production Reports [PSD PRODUCTION REPORTS] menu and the "Daily Activity Log (in lieu of VA FORM 10-2320)" [PSD DAILY LOG TECH] option in the Technician (CS Pharmacy) Menu [PSD PHARM TECH] to group all Schedule II drugs under one group name. The existing option allows a user to print all activity using the [^ALL] group selection or requires a user to manually input the name of each individual drug in the group every time a Daily Activity Log report is run. Manually inputting this information is a significant time burden and increases the possibility of data entry mistakes. This enhancement allows the user to enter one group name [^ALL CII DRUGS] that selects all Schedule II drugs instead of requiring entry of individual drug names. This group name must be typed in full; there is no shortcut or auto-complete.

This modification ensures a more accurate report, thereby helping to monitor for drug diversion patterns and aiding staff in troubleshooting when the electronic supply count does not match the number of items on-hand.

Patch PSB*3.0*103 adds new option Report for Respiratory Therapy Medications [PSB RPT RESP THERAPY MEDS] to the Medication Administration Menu Pharmacy [PSB PHARMACY] menu in the Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) package, enabling Respiratory Therapists to create a report that identifies patients who need administration of orderable items that have been classified as Respiratory Therapy drugs. These patients are located throughout the hospital in critical care areas, medicine areas, surgery areas, and Behavioral Health. Currently, Respiratory Therapists must go bed-to-bed to find their patients. The new report provides the order number, patient name and location, medication name and dosage, and administration date and time, thus allowing the therapists to easily identify each patient so that they can administer treatment.

Note: Orderable items are classified as Respiratory Therapy drugs in the Pharmacy Data Management package using the Edit Orderable Items [PSS EDIT ORDERABLE ITEMS] option.

During the post-installation phase, routine PSB3P103 attaches the new option Report for Respiratory Therapy Medications [PSB RPT RESP THERAPY MEDS] to the Medication Administration Menu Pharmacy [PSB PHARMACY] menu. Routine PSB3P103 is deleted automatically at the end of patch installation.

Patch PSS*1.0*225 adds the new RESPIRATORY THERAPY DRUG? field (#15) to the PHARMACY ORDERABLE ITEM file (#50.7) to store the classification of drugs for use in Respiratory Therapy. The patch modifies the Edit Orderable Items [PSS EDIT ORDERABLE ITEMS] option in the Orderable Item Management [PSS ORDERABLE ITEM MANAGEMENT] menu to include a prompt for users to designate an orderable item as a Respiratory Therapy Drug. This classification is used to identify which medications and patients are included in the Respiratory Therapy Medications report in the Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) package.
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3OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office08-29-2018This revision makes available patches PSD*3.0*84, PSS*1.0*225 and PSB*3.0*103 which are currently under development.
2OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office08-15-2018This revision provides additional patches that are currently under development.
1OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office07-31-2018

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