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VA Code in Flight Submission - Community Care Electronic Data Interchange (CC EDI) v1.1.17 Sprint 32 to 35 Build 9
Revision: 2
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Veterans will experience reduced wait times for care as a result of automated (i.e., expedited) referral certifications and authorizations. Veterans will receive more accurate explanations of benefits within shorter timeframes. Veterans will benefit from provider efficiencies resulting from certified compliance in the end-to-end claim and payment processing, and they will gain confidence the VA has enabled ease of care from non-VA providers.
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5OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office04-25-2019Adding updated code and docs.
4OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office04-02-2019This revision provided the in flight source code for v1.1.17 which is currently under development.
3OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office02-20-2019Adding Code and Docs
2OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office11-20-2018Adding updated code and docs.
1OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office11-15-2018

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