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VA Code In Flight Submission - EPIP 2.0 Patch SD*5.3*705 Test Version 3
Revision: 3
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This patch will include code changes for several routines for two NSR's
that were approved by the Software Modification Waiver Committee
associated with Scheduling Package in VistA.

The following will be addressed in this patch:
1) Add A Blank Line Between Appointments in Print Scheduling Letters
[SDPRLETTERS]. This is an optional feature which can be enabled if the
site wants to use it.

2) Modifications were made to VistA Scheduling Option Display
Appointments [SDDISPPEND] to allow a site the ability to included
additional header text which could include Station Name, Station
Address, Station Phone Numbers, etc. Changes were also made to display
the Primary Care provider, Associate Provider and team, as well as the
physical location for an appointment. Clinic appointments were screened
for administrative clinics, and finally, output of Social Security
Number (SSN) was truncated to four digits instead of outputting the
entire SSN.

Note that the following features are optional and can be enabled if
the site wants to use them:
Add additional header information to the Patient Scheduling Letter
Exclude clinic appointments for administrative clinics.

3) Modifications made to menu option SCHEDULING PARAMETERS [SD PARM
PARAMETERS] to enter/edit new fields Additional Header Text,
Exclude Administrative Clinics and Enable Blank Line fields.
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3OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office11-20-2018Adding Docs and Code
2OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office11-20-2018Adding Docs and Code
1OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office10-12-2018

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