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VA Code in Flight Submission - PSU P2 (Pharmacy Safety Updates Phase 2) v2 Build 4
Revision: 5
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Patch PSB*3*106 will enhance Bar Cod Medications Administration (BCMA) by
adding alerts for Hazardous to Handleand Hazardous to Dispose drugs in
the form of two new icons on the Virtual Due List (VDL) tab displays.

Patch PSJ*5*364 will enhance Inpatient Pharmacy by adding modifications
for Hazardous to Handle and Hazardous to Dispose drugs for communication
to the Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) and BCMA Backup System
(BCBU) applications.

Patch PSO*7*524 will enhance the Outpatient Pharmacy by reporting Hazardous to
Handle and Hazardous to Disposemedications as identified in the National
Drug Files (NDF) system. Below are the detials of the change:
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Submitted By
Submission Date
5OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office12-07-2018Adding updated code.
4OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office12-06-2018Adding updated code and docs.
3OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office08-27-2018Updated Code and Docs for Build 2 and 3
2OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office03-30-2018Adding Docs and Code
1OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office01-29-2018

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