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libcurl GT.M/YottaDB Plug-in
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Submitted by Samuel Habiel on 12-10-2018.
This C code provides an interface between YottaDB/GTM and libcurl. I developed it because it was getting to be too hard to maintain a performant HTTP library in M. I specifically needed it to provide all the newest features of TLS support.

The following features in libcurl have been implemented:

All HTTP verbs are supported
TLS supported
- normal
- With client certificates (w or w/o passwords)
- With addition CA bundles.
- All TLS versions that curl supports are supported.
HTTP Basic Auth support; none others right now.
Can send in different mime types
Can adjust timeout
Can get back output headers
Ability to reuse the same connection(s) for multiple HTTP requests

Reviews (Phase: Complete)

Peer review by Joe Snyder:

Topic Completed
Compliant - Product Build Checklist
Compliant - Installation and Post-Installation
Functional - Before Patch Installation
Functional - Installation and Post-Installation
Safe - Installation and Post-Installation

Final review by Joe Snyder:

Topic Level Comments
Name/Number Space
Open Source License
Code Review
Test Installation
Regression Testing
Functional Testing
Recommended Certification Level2



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