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Allergy/ADR Data not correct for Merged Patient resulting in Patient Safety Issues due to missed allergies
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Submitted by Samuel Habiel on 05-28-2019.
When two patients are merged, and a. the from merge patient has
allergies, and b. the merged to patient has no allergy assessment or
no known allergies, the resulting patient gets invalid data in the
ADVERSE REACTION ASSESSMENT file (#120.86). As a result, the merged
patient will not show previously recorded allergies in CPRS; and no
allergy order checks take place in CPRS.

The supplied patch fixes the underlying issue in the routine GMRAMRG
so that allergy/ADR data for future patient merges will happen
correctly. The patch also runs a post-install routine to fix the bad
data in file #120.86 as a result of the bad merge. This post-install
also cleans up issues resulting from running [GMRA ASSESSMENT
UTILITY], introduced in GMRA*4*48, which is supposed to clean adverse
reaction data--but it creates further problems.

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Peer review by Samuel Habiel:

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Final review by Joe Snyder:

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