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Victory Programming Environment (VPE)
Revision: 15.1a
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VPE consists of a number of integrated programmer utilities that will increase productivity and decrease the number of key strokes required to complete normal programming tasks in the VISTA environment. Contrary to its name, VPE is not only for programmers. Many people perform technical tasks from programmer mode because it is so powerful. Think of VPE as enhanced programmer mode and then you will see that it is ideal for anyone who regularly operates in programmer mode.
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15.2Samuel Habiel08-29-2019Authors for version 15.2: Sam Habiel (SMH) & David Wicksell (DLW)

Major Improvements in 15.2:

- In ..E/..VRR, provide a dynamically updated [TAG+OFFSET^ROUTINE] display
- First line routine format update to comply with latest SAC
- Syntax Higlighting Caché Terminal Support and bug fixes
- XINDEX now indexes buffer copy, not saved copy, of routine
- Prompt (>>) does not get to timeout anymore
- ESC-G/VGL Fixes/Improvements
- ESC-R fixes
- UPGRADE^XV for automated upgrade of VPE between versions
- Lots of other fixes

For full details, see the file at the root of the repository.
15.1aSamuel Habiel06-24-2019Level 3Minor syntax highlighting bug fixes.
15.1Samuel Habiel06-20-2019## Authors for version 15.1
Sam Habiel (SMH) & David Wicksell (DLW)

## Changes for version 15.1
Changes with * have Integration Tests.

- Code to save routines is now VPE's own built in code. Previously code to save
routines was obtained from Fileman if it is installed. This was found because
Fileman had a bug in saving % routine on GTM/YDB. Use of Fileman in preference
to VPE is not in accordance with VPE's VistA indepdendent philosophy.* (DLW)
- Due to a bug in how a logical condition apropos De Morgan's Law, ZLINK was
not invoked on GTM/YDB when saving a routine. This bug was introduced in
v13.0; the code was correct in v12 (the pre-XV version).* (DLW)
- If a routine contained over 999 lines, the line counter at the top didn't
show the number correctly. This is now fixed.* (test not active as it takes
too long to run) (DLW)
- Syntax highlighting parameters have been improved: ESC key aborts changes;
selected colors can be seen in real time while selecting them.* (DLW)
- Parameter selection for width and height are limited at the lower bound of
80 x 24 as the routine editor is glitchy with a lower selection.* (DLW)
- Previously VPE had a facility for automatically stripping spaces, but only
when the backspace key was pressed. This interfered with Syntax Highlighting;
so this feature was removed; this aside from the fact that this behavior is
very counterintuitive and undocumented. Future enhancements may add stripping
of trailing spaces when saving a routine. (DLW)
- General improvements to Syntax Highlighting code introduced in 15.0. (DLW)
- New features and bug fixes of ESC-G to from 14.0: (SMH)
- As previously ESC-G at ^ will get you the full global reference until the
ending parentheses.*
- ESC-G at the opening parentheses will display the global data under the
global name only.*
- ESC-G at any comma of the subscripts will get you the global up to the
subscripts before the comma.*
- Fixed help text for ..E/..VRR to describe how to use ESC-G with these
- (bug fix): ESC-G resolves $ expression (ISVs, intrinsic functions, or
extrinsic functions) inside of global references. $J is kept, anything
else is discarded.*
- (bug fix): Expressions with nested parentheses inside a global reference
(e.g. `$P($G(RXFL(RX)),"^",0)`) are discarded correctly.*
- In all the above cases, ESC-G tries to substitute any expressions or
variables (with the exception of $J as mentioned above) with the
continuation character (:) when sending the input into ..VGL.*
- Removed upper limit on ID. Previously, in VistA instances such as the CPRS
Demo (aka VEHU), you couldn't log-in with users with DUZ in the billions
because VPE did not allow that. Fixes Issue #23.* (SMH)
- Upgrade and Uninstall instructions printed to the user upon installation were
not correct. They are now fixed. (SMH)
- Tell user about old VPE if it is installed during installation.* (SMH)
- Branched to routines didn't ZLINK when saved because they did not use the
correct entry point for saving. This is now fixed.* (SMH)
- Prevent ESC-ESC from exiting the routine save dialog. This is contrary to
VPE philosophy, where all dialogs are escapable using ESC-ESC. However, in
this specific case, many new users held the ESC key for too long when trying
to save a routine, with the result that they lost the routine when they
escaped from the save dialog. Fixes Issue #29.* (SMH)
- Remove VGL/VEDD drill down restriction. If you invoke VGL or VEDD from the
Menubar from ..E/..VRR after having branched down two routines, you were
prevented. Fixes #39. (SMH)
- In VGL, display global references being shown next to the session number; and
show the global if we are telling the user that there is no data. These
improvements were made to address the fact that ESC-G in the routine editor
auto-resolved what global it was by substituting variables, but it was not
obvious to the end user what did ESC-G finally select as the global to
search.* (SMH)
15.0Samuel Habiel05-01-2019Level 3## Authors for version 15.0
David Wicksell

## Changes for version 15.0

- Syntax Higlighting in editor and viewer (not turned on by default; go to ..PARAM to turn it on)
- Add key support for YottaDB/GT.M on Linux
- Fix bug with routine branching support
- Fix routine size support for YottaDB/GT.M on Linux
- Add new shell parameter documentation for screen sizing
- Add enhancements to auto margin screen handling in ..PARAM
14.2cSamuel Habiel10-04-2017Level 3Minor fixes for Unit Tests so that they run on Cache.
14.2bSamuel Habiel09-28-2017Tiny fix to the testing script.
14.2aSamuel Habiel09-26-2017Forgot to push testing code corrections in the Github release + testing instructions + VPE 14.2 RSA attached to this journal article.
14.2Samuel Habiel09-25-2017Support for Unit Testing via Pexpect using the OSEHRA testing framework.
14.1Samuel Habiel08-16-2017Changes for version 14.1

- Code implementing backspace/delete dichotomy in VPE parameters did not work correctly. This is what Kevin found and fixed.
- Fileman files automatically installed without any questions being asked when you run VPE via ^XV.
- Relicensing code to Apache 2.0.
- Tiny changes here and there to please XINDEX. Almost all of VPE now passes XINDEX.
1Samuel Habiel07-25-2017

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Peer review by Joe Snyder:

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Final review by Joe Snyder:

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