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VA Code in Flight Submission - Mobile eBenefits app (SDD & RSD only)
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Submitted by OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service on 08-19-2014.
The MeB capability can play a decisive role in realizing the Veteran Relationship Management (VRM) initiative’s goal to “transform Veterans’ interactions with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) by using innovative 21st century technologies.” Self-service technologies such as the eBenefits portal are essential for reducing wait times at VA call centers and increasing customer satisfaction by allowing a faster and more convenient access for common activities such as checking the status of claims. With the dramatic surge in the popularity of smart phones and other mobile devices such as tablets, traditional web page use is declining. Redesigning web pages to display properly on smart phones is not enough to increase widespread mobile adoption. Instead, it is necessary to provide the Veteran with a family of integrated mobile apps that can provide the “one-stop shop” experience and take full advantage of capabilities of mobile devices.

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