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VA Code in Flight - Real Time Location System (Code)
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Submitted by OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service on 09-03-2014.
The RTLS Enterprise Systems Engineering project is comprised of many components. It develops the enterprise-level standards, common data model, systems architecture, systems engineering analysis, and national interfaces for the RTLS Program. The systems architecture is comprised of both the “front end” RTLS solution of tags, readers, servers, and associated technologies, as well as all of the “back end” IT infrastructure required to support the solution.
The project scope also includes the development of interfaces between the local RTLS servers in the medical centers and five VA national databases of record. The set of national interfaces in the scope of this project are as follows:
• Automated Engineering Management System/Medical Equipment Reporting (AEMS/MERS)
• Cardiovascular Assessment, Reporting, and Tracking For Catheterization Labs (CART-CL)
• Employee Interface
• Generic Inventory Package (GIP)
• Patient File

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