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VA Code in Flight Submission - VistA Immunization (VIMM) patches (PX1_200TEST_V7 & PX_1_203_TEST_V2)
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Submitted by OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service on 09-19-2014.
PX1_200TEST_V7 - The purpose of this patch is to create a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) that can be sent to store immunization data in the Patient Care Encounter (PCE) package. The RPC was written generically to allow other types of data in the future.
The patch also removes an obsolete RPC, NHIN GET VISTA DATA, from the broker option, NHIN APPLICATION PROXY, and replaces it with the PX SAVE DATA and VPR GET PATIENT DATA Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs).
PX_1_203_TEST_V2 - This patch remediates routine PXCEPOV1 to use ICR 3990 APIs CODEC^ICDCODE,
ICDD^ICDCODE and ICDDX^ICDCODE to pull in diagnosis description and category into the Provider Narrative and Provider Narrative Category fields. It also remediates routine PXAIPOV to pull in diagnosis description correctly when DATA2PCE^PXAPI is called from Event Capture by using CODEC^ICDCODE and ICDD^ICDCODE from ICR 3990. Similarly to PXAIPOV, routines PXBSTOR and PXCEVFI4 have been modified to call CODEC^ICDCODE and ICDD^ICDCODE to pull in Dx Description when CPT, Immunization, and Skin Test options enter in diagnosis data.
During IOC production testing of STS ICD-10 patches (LEX*2.0*80 and ICD*18.0*57), Event Capture, when it sends diagnosis data over to PCE, was populating UNKNOWN into Provider Narrative since Field 10 of File 80 no longer exists after STS ICD-10 patches are installed. The Diagnosis List routine PXBGPOV2 similarly had to be remediated for the same reason that File 80's Field 10 no longer applies.
Since this patch remediates this issue, it is imperative it be installed immediately after LEX*2.0*80 and ICD*18.0*57 patches are installed.

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