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Problem List Refactoring
Revision: 16
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As part of the Open Source EHR Refactoring project, we have worked on refactoring the Problem List code. This document is to describe what we have done in term of code changes for all interested stakeholders.
The source code passed the M-Unit tests, automated functional tests and manual CPRS GUI tests attached to this publication.
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16Catalin Branea02-09-2013Level 2
15Catalin Branea12-08-2013
14Catalin Branea08-08-2013
13Catalin Branea11-30--0001
12Catalin Branea04-06-2013
11Catalin Branea11-30--0001
10Catalin Branea11-30--0001
9Catalin Branea04-04-2013
8Catalin Branea11-30--0001
7Catalin Branea11-30--0001
6Catalin Branea11-30--0001
5Catalin Branea08-11-2012
4Catalin Branea11-30--0001
3Catalin Branea11-30--0001
2Catalin Branea04-07-2012
1Catalin Branea05-29-2012

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