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VA Code in Flight Submission - CPRS 30A Follow Up Patches OR*3*398 and IBD*3*66
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Submitted by OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office on 12-12-2014.

After the installation of the IBD*3.0*63 patch, sites have reported
extended wait times when entering a new encounter. The purpose of
this patch is to update this process to utilize a faster more
streamlined API to return the status of each diagnosis in the
diagnosis list for a clinic.


Shortly after the release of several ICD-10 patches (LEX*2*80, ICD*18*57,
IBD*3*63, etc.), several sites reported that the encounter form dialog in
CPRS was taking an average of 1-2 mins to load. This was unacceptable and
impacting patient care.

It is important to note that certain encounter forms will take a little
longer to load than others due to the varying data intensity levels of the
forms. This is particularly true for the National Primary Care FY14-Q4
form, which consists of some 1331 diagnoses and over 120 procedures.

The six sites who reported the issue include: Asheville, Beckley, Salem,
Northern Indiana, Dallas, & Omaha. After some investigation, it was
determined that half of these sites were still running on VMS servers and
the other half a mixed OS environment (VMS back end with Linux front
end). Some metric tests were performed and it was determined that running
on a slower VMS system did contribute to some of the performance issues,
but not entirely all.

After further research, it was concluded that several API's that are
called to retrieve encounter form information during the load could be
optimized for improvement. One of the API's is DIAG^ORWPCE which is
modified in this patch. The associating API, CHKLST^IBDF18A2 is updated in
the IBD*3.0*66 patch. These two patches comprise of the short term
solution and serves to provide immediate remedy while a long term
solution is being developed.

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